Black Swan

Chapter 26- seventh heaven


We stayed hidden and tucked away in the room of requirements for three full days. Pretending that the world outside didn't exist, that the world was free standing and pure again. The room slowly changed throughout the days, the clutters of junk dispersing turning into a lounge area with a bed: per Draco's demand since the couch became really uncomfortable.

We spent the hours talking and laughing, tangled in each other's body as we moaned in pleasure to the sways of the crackling fire and the setting sun. Engulfed in each other's scent and presence, needing only the heartbeat of each other.

"So beautiful" Draco moaned, kissing my shoulder blade and moving down my back as I sat lying on the bed, the book relaxing against my pillow, flipping the pages as he swept my hair to the side, etching art into my neck with his tongue.

"I cant read when you’re doing that" I breathed out, turning my head to face him, his lips catching my own as he grabbed my book and tossed it to the floor, my mouth opening in a smile as he twisted me around, placing himself between my legs: lips still locked onto my mouth before breaking away, his eyes looking deep into mine.

"I don't want you to read, I want you to sit back and let me love you. Let me kiss..". He moves and kisses my cheek "here" He moves and kisses my other cheek, my face scrunching. "I want to kiss here". He moans, kissing my jaw. "And then here" And he then kisses my neck, nibbling my skin as he brushes his hand down my torso, his hands gentle. Warm.

"Draco" I moan out, the fairy and castles of my book floating out my head as I curl against his body, his scent engulfing me as he commits his hands to my body, mapping out his plan of attack. His plan on how to make me unravel.

We found a record player amongst the rubble and junk, records of songs we each liked appearing almost like the room knew we needed them. Our small haven rumbling with different music and chords, each one changing between slow and sweet, to jumping and electric.

The record player scratched into action as Draco placed the needle on the record, stepping back as the song waltzed on, taking his spot on the couch, the piano gliding into action.

"Dance Ophelia, for me?" He asks, his arms stretching across the couch as he watches me poke the coal in the fire, setting stick down and turning to him.

"Why?" I ask, embarrassment suddenly leaking in. Nobody had watched me dance alone, Draco caught me that time...not intentionally.

"Please." He begs, tucking his feet underneath each other sitting cross-legged, placing his hands in his lap.

I sigh. "Only for you" I decide. Kicking my shoes off.

"Only for me" he repeats.

Shutting my eyes I extend my leg, letting my brain override my nerves as the whistling starts, turning my body in tight circles as I pirouette, feeling my body sing at being able to do something I thought I would never be able to do again.

Stretching up and dipping down, rolling on the floor and allowing the music to decide what way I went, throwing my hair back as I backtrack towards the fire on my tip toes, extending my arms and watching Draco. Letting him watch me be intimate with myself, letting my heart speak for itself as I bent backwards, my hair touching the floor as I moved my arms and then to the side as I moved back onto the floor. The song dancing around us creating a small bubble. Rolling forward and then sitting in the splits, regaining my composure and height as my feet barely touched the floor, dancing and then jumping higher than a bird, feeling the air lift me up higher, the fire a distance light at the bottom of a tunnel.

I feel peaceful, allowing my eyes to stay on Draco as my arms and legs do a synchronised piece, my eyes not leaving his as he watched me eyes trained on my body and movements watching me glide around the room like I was flying.

He doesn't change his sitting position, wringing his hands occasionally as I did fancier tricks, bringing my leg over my shoulder from behind or lying on the ground into the splits.

The music comes to a slow close as I bow and settle, my breathing raised and my cheeks red.

Draco sits silent, his eyes sparkling before he jumps and engulfs me in a crushing kiss, his hands gripping my waist as me dissolves himself into me.

"You are fucking stunning Ophelia. A angel. A fucking swan!"

I giggle, a blush rising over my chest and cheeks as he holds my cheeks with his, relaxing his forehead against my own.

"I haven't danced in a long time, not like that. Not since you caught me." I admit, wrapping my arms around his neck, feeling his breathing alter as if he had just danced with me.

"I wont let you stop. I will tell you to dance every day. And then after it I will fuck you until you're breathless." He groans, pulling my up around his waist and kissing me. His need pressing against my heat as he placed me on the table, his hands fast and calculated, removing my top and unbuttoning his shirt.

Hands roaming and I attack his belt, teeth clashing and tongues swirling and dancing, his hands wrapped in my hair in a pressure of lust and want. An adrenaline rush of sudden exhilaration. Like we both stood at the edge of a cliff ready to jump into the water, the seconds of waiting dragging out the known butterflies we would feel as our feet left the ground.

"I want to treasure you forever Ophelia. Never let it all go" He moans, pulling his trousers and boxers down, placing a finger in my heat as he pumps. My body leaning back against the hard table as he pumps in a rhythm, my moans echoing around the hall.

He doesn't do this for long, leaning forward over me placing gentle kisses on my lips as he lines himself up with my entrance and eases in, both of us moaning and gripping onto each other.

There was no urgency. No need to jump of the cliff just yet. His strides slow and detailed, our breathing heavy and mingled into one. Our bodies one as we made love. Love.

Making a memory, gentle and filled with admiration. No need to rush it, only wanting to feel each other. The room of requirements being our little secret. Our small time of haven.

I glanced over at Draco, his brow knitted in a frown as he poured over a book, his hands large against the front over, flipping each page after about three minutes, breathing in a sigh as he then delved into the next page unaware that I was watching him.

His muscles were taunt, one hand over the arm of the couch, moving the book to sit on his lap as he stretched his neck out. His blonde hair catching the light, the blonde tipping almost into being white, like the white spots I seen when he helped me climb my climax and tumble down into his arms, shuddering and moaning as he traced my chest with his mouth, his release coming seconds after my own.

"Don't stop Draco. Keep going" I moan out, bouncing on him faster, straddling him as he kept his arms wrapped around me, his tongue dancing around my nipple as he gripped my waist with his hand, keeping me locked down as I rode him.

"Keep going like that baby, keep moving- god Ophelia like that" He groaned, his breathing hitching in my ear making me shiver in anticipation. He was also close.

I arched my back against his, riding him fast and steady, moaning and swearing, each curse sliding off my tongue like silk at each heartbeat. His name melting into my words.

"Draco. Please don't sto- God Draco yes. Yes. I'm so close. Draco please"

He pushes my waist further down, taking him fully feeling his tip hit my cervix as we ride each other. Sweating and panting.

"God Ophelia I'm gonna-" And he groans loudly, gripping my hair and pulling my neck back as he sinks his face into my shoulder, biting my skin as I toppled over the edge into the water, seizing and shaking, swearing and pleading as the heat roared up over my body.

We watched the sun set and the moon rise, watching the world start and sleep. Inhaling and exhaling. Both of us happy in each other presence.

We would lie and cuddle, chasing our dreams as we lay tangled in blankets by the fire, naked and stuck to each other. Hair ruffled and teeth not brushed.

"Do you reckon that when this is over, we can live in a small house?" Draco asks, sweeping my hair back and kissing the top of my head.

"I don't see why not. But that means that when we have kids there wont be any place for you to hide"

I reply, looking sideways at him watching his eyes dance red as he studied the fire.

"Good. I don't want a big place. I grew up in a home so big that you could search for my father all morning but never find him...Although that could be down to him never being home, always out doing "missions" for people" he sighed, arching up on his elbow as he looked down on me, tracing the bridge of my nose down to the tip and then bopping it.

"Do you want children Draco?" I asked, sweeping the strand of hair as it fell onto his forehead.

"I think so. Two. But the boy needs to be called after a constellation. I like that tradition in my family, there's loads I hate, but that one I would like to carry on." He lay back down, reversing our positions as I then moved onto my elbow.

"Okay. Two it is. And then I can choose the girls name"

"Deal." Draco says, engulfing me in a hug.

"When this is all done we can move to a small home with a dog, and have children and dinners and sit around the table and tell jokes and laugh and be light."

We played cards and charades. Teetering on the cusp of the timer, knowing that we couldn't stay in here much longer. Aware that even though nobody was looking for us yet, the war was looking for those that didn't fit into the category that would win...the riddle being "who was going to win?"

The answer getting stuck in everyone's throat all too scared to mutter their thoughts incase it jinxed it.

"Draco, when the time comes..when you back. When you are told to fight, are you going to choose your side then or..?"

"I don't know. I really don't know. I keep glancing over the problem and them pushing it aside when it gets too ugly."

"You'll need to decide Draco. If not now then when the time calls. You-"

"Ophelia I know. You will also need to pick a side too you know."

I stop at his words. "Me? Why?"

Draco glances up at me from his cards, raising an eyebrow "you're a Slytherin, a known follower of Voldemort even if you don't want to be, your house decided that for you."

I thought back to my father, unsure on where to stand on it. I had little to none information about if what Fae was saying was correct, if he did snitch out Fae's family. If my dad really was against it.

"Tell me.." Draco began, pulling me out my thoughts. "If you had to pick a side, and the bad side had me on it- assuming I had to choose that for forced reasons- would you follow me?"

I gulped, my mouth turning dry and my brain turning like a clock around the question.

"I would choose the side that would keep you alive" I reply. Setting my card down in the Centre. "You're turn, either a clubs or a six."

Draco wrapped his arms around me, my eyes watching the trees below our window: the room fo requirements giving us a small piece of outside since we refused to leave.

Suddenly Draco hissed, his arms pulling away from me as my head throbbed.

"Shit Ophelia I need to go" he said, pulling up his sleeve and examining his mark, the snake coiling around the skill as it opened its mouth: his own personal landline, phoning him when deeds need done and trials needed executed.

"Find me when you're back?" I pleaded, wrapping my arms around him and inhaling deeply.

"I will. Stay safe. And stay out of trouble" he says, throwing his jacket on and groaning in pain clutching his arm.

"He's angry. I cant stay long, Ophelia I love you" he says, kissing my forehead and practically running out the door fixing his hair as we went.

"I love you t-"

But the door was closed and he was gone, leaving me alone..again...

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