Black Swan

Chapter 28- Let’s predict the future


"If I was on the wrong side...would you join me?"

The words rang in my ear for days when Draco left, his scent leaving the room of requirements forcing me to return to hell.

I would turn a corner and swear I seen him, glancing the the person again to only see that their hair was brown, or the wrong shade of blonde. Posture too slumped and jaw too circular.

Tidying up the room before I left, I folded the blankets on the couch, patting the side as a thanks when I seen it jammed between the two cushions, his black ring.

I grabbed it, twisting it around my fingers as I started at the design, the cold metal foreign without his finger being in it.

Pulling a thread off the couch I created a chain, linking the ring through it and then latching it onto my neck. I would give it back to him when I next see him...If? Will I never see him again?

"If I was on the wrong side...would you join me?"

I shivered, the words heavy and resonating around my heart. Would I go and join the dark side? If there really was nothing left?

A year ago if you asked, I would have said no and chosen death over living on the side that killed thousands. But suddenly things weren't so black and white, and instead had began to swirl into a muddy black lake of grey.

Simplicity suddenly a foreign concept that tasted bitter on the tongue, freedom seeming like a pipe dream as things hardened at Hogwarts and rules suddenly became laws.

My dorm was cold. Empty. A thin layer of dust settling over the chest of drawers and unit. Unloved and untouched. I could see the dust particles float around the room as the sun slimed its way into my room and over my bed, illuminating how empty it was and how empty it would continue to be for...god knows how long. Sleep suddenly consuming my head I groaned and lay down over the covers, my shoes still on as my face sunk into the pillow sleep engulfing me in its warmth mouth.

I sat in a carriage on the Hogwarts Express, the carriage filled with laughter as those around me laughed.

"You know, anytime we play that game Blaise it always turns into a argument!" Sarah scoffs, the smile wide on her face when Blaise mockingly gasps, placing a hand over his mouth before talking.

"Sarah I have never heard such lies come out your mouth. You know I really expected more. I argue during that game because you cheat."

"I do not cheat!" Sarah shrieks, throwing her hand against Blaise who slides away and then hits her back, both of them throwing into a fit of giggles as they slap each other.

"you know. You could just get it over with and fuck?" Draco says, his body clear beside mine as I looked between the three of them, Draco smiling at his friends before turning to me and placing a kiss on my cheek before turning to the window, drawing a long wiggly line, followed by two lines.

"A smiley face?" Says Sarah, leaning over the table and looking at the etched drawing, laughing as Blaise lurches forward and begins to draw too...only he draws a penis laughing as he etches the pubic hair over the balls, all of us breaking into a fit of laughter.

"I wonder if one day you too shall have hair on your balls Blaise" Draco queries, his smile cracking as Blaise splutters, the insult thrown too fast for him to throw back another, and instead kicking Draco under the table catching my leg instead.

"fuck sake dickhead" I groan, rubbing my shin as Sarah laughs, her smile bright and infectious. Her hair sprawling around her face and shoulders almost like a veil.

We sit in a comfortable silence, enjoying the company of each other as we look around the carriage. True friends.

"Okay. Right. Let's predict some shit" Sarah decides, laying her hands flat out on the table before ensuring everyone had adverted their attention to her.

"who predicts will be the first to get drunk this year" She asks, as Blaise shoots his hand right up and grinning.

"Already planning it love, year eight is gonna be amazing. Just wait. Gangbangs and orgies all round" he cheers high fiving Draco.

I glare at Draco before he smiles sheepishly, kissing my lips and turning back to Sarah her tapping on the table pulling us back to her gaze.

"Okay next one. Who do you think is gonna be the first to shag someone? She asks, my face going crimson as Blaise shot his arm out pointing straight at me and Draco.

"Ophelia is getting pumped the second they are in their dorms, who are you kidding. Me or you are getting punted out our rooms so they can squirt all about their four poster bed."

Draco coughs, pulling his shirt collar as I stare down at the floor, my face heating up as the two assholes in front of me burst out laughing, the sound eventually targeting me and Draco as we too begin laughing.

"okay. Okay. My turn, I want to ask" Says Draco eventually composing himself as our fits of laughter turn into quick giggles or outbursts of breathing.

"What one of you are giving up the dorm so we can shag when we get back" he asks, turning my face red. Again. And causing Sarah and Blaise to turn into a fit of debate.

"Ladies first so Sarah"

"Absolutely not you toad faced prick, your best friend asked the question. So therefore you can get out."

"And my best friend is shagging YOUR best friend, so really we are lost no matter what. So let me guide you into the land of the not lost, and inform you..that you will be leaving your dorm."

"Over my dead body Zabini, ill be busy"

"Doing what wanking, ill watch then.."

It was Sarahs turn to turn scarlet as Blaise laughed, her eyes wide as she walked into a pit of mockery, her eyes rolling as she scoffed.

"Whatever Zabini, you won this round, but ill win the war"

I shake my head and begin to move, deciding that a cup of coffee would go down a treat, the laughter drying my throat out.

"Want anything form the trolley?" I ask the room, Draco and Blaise shaking their head.

"Chocolate frog and a liquorice wand" Sarah shouts as I stand turning towards the door.

I pull the handle, confused as the handle doesn't budge suddenly realising its cold to touch.

"Guys why the fuck is this door lock-" I spin around facing the gang, my voice catching in my throat as my lungs crush in a vice.

The carriage had grown in size, suddenly becoming dark and gloom, the cold air creating little hot air puffs as I breathed in and out.

"Guys? Hello? I shout, my voice sounding unlike my own as it echoes around the carriage.

"Ophelia why are you shouting, I'm right here!"

Blaise stands in front of me, as if he never left. Arms outstretched as he smiled, teeth white against the dark room.

"Blaise where is everyone" I ask, drawing my head back as he shrugs.

"Never anyone here darling, just us."

"No Blaise, Draco and Sarah where here..they were just standing over there" I signal towards the space where the table once stood. Glancing back at Blaise, biting my tongue as his figure begins to change.

Contorting and shifting, his eyes rolling back into his head as he begins to melt, a gargling sound erupting from his throat as his skin begins to drop form his body, swirling around his feet before he crumbles bones remaining, the black sludge shifting and then staying still.

I take a step forward and then gasp jumping back, the black sludge moving again...pulsing?

It groans and moves moving up onto its hands and knees as it stands. The eyes of Marcus Flint staring back at me, the feeling of his teeth on my body suddenly clear and plain.

"You are so pretty Ophelia. Nobody could keep their eyes off you that night. Even me...Even Draco Malfoy"

He slurs, stumbling forward and grabbing my wrist as I scream, turning towards the door and rattling the door as I feel him press against me and begin to bite me, teeth grating down my neck and shoulder. Hand over my face as he pulls me against, mouth smelling like alcohol and rotten flesh, his lips cracked and rubbery.

"So fucking pretty. So sexy. I bet you taste so good"

I gargle out a cry as he intertwines his hand in my hair. I scream out again.

"Get the fuck off me!" And I shove against him, setting him off guard as he fumbles back and then falls onto his back, crashing with the floor and dissolving into black smoke, almost as fast as he came.

"Well well well, look who we have here."

My heart stops, the shadows peeling out from the corner of the room, Bellatrix Lestrange coming into view from the moonlight streaming through the window.

I reach behind me and try the door handle again.


She sways towards me her eyes wild and uncalculated, wand spinning between her fingers as she cackles, the change in laughter sending my head spinning on its axis.

I'm going to die. She's going to kill me.

"I don't think you learned your lesson little witch." She sneers, leering to the side before steadying and aiming her wand. Licking her teeth and smiling, yellow and fractured.

She steps forward again, cat playing mouse as she preys on me, her brain churning with ways on how to kill me.

My throat is closing up, the air escaping my lungs in small dashes of pants, sweat building on the back of my neck wetting the back of my hair, the strands sticking as I turn each way, praying that a door appears signalling my escape.

She laughs hysterically, a mirror of the laugh she created before she tortured me at Hogwarts.

She begins to move towards me, fast, calculated. Anger in her eyes as she began hissing, her approach fast and skipped: walking on a tightrope.

15 paces.

I'm gonna die

12 paces.

She's gonna kill me

7 paces.

She's gonna make my blood spill

4 Paces

I can smell her breath

2 paces

I close me eyes, feeling her breath on me as her hissing echoes into my hear screaming as I fall to the ground, the room silent as I open my eyes.

Blood. So much blood.

I stare down, my body lying in a pool of sticky blood, my hair matted and my hands sliding on the floor as it coats them. A lurching in my stomach making me sit up.

"Ophelia help me"

I look up, Sarah.

"Sarah oh my god. What happened"

I crawl towards her, slipping on the flood as she comes into my vision slowly, her shirt drenched with blood and she convulses and twitches, the blood oozing out across her body, her eyes rolling and then glazing over before she coughs and blood splatters onto my chest.

"My my. What are you going to do."

I look to the side. Fae leans against the wall.

"Fae I swear to god"

"Swear to god what hm? You gonna eyeball me to death?" She sneers standing up and walking over.

"My god I am gonna love watching you die." She laughs.

"God fuck. Sarah stay awake- Cmon, don't- no keep your eyes open"

I press my hands into her chest, trying to slow the flow of blood as I look her up and down.

I frantically feel in my pockets, quickly placing my hand back onto Sarahs chest when I don't gain my wand.

Where the fuck is my wand.

"Sarah stay still. You need to keep your eyes open- God I cant find the fucking bleeding!" I shout, pressing onto her shirt as she groans and twitches again, blood spilling out between my fingers like treacle.

She gargles and spasms, head twisting to the side as her eyes roll and skin grows grey.

"My god. So pathetic. This is gonna be easy killing you." Fae says, stepping closer again almost like Bellatrix. "Maybe I should slit your throat?" She giggles, slowly stepping behind me and taking another step closer.

I look around, adrenaline racing as I push further into Sarahs chest.

My wand. I need my fucking wand.

There. Lying about 3 paces away in the blood, almost invisible against the dark and maroon colouring.

I peel my ears back, hearing Fae take a step closer. Biding my time and lubricant forward, gripping my wand and spinning onto my back, shouting out the first spell I could muster.

"Advara Kedabra" I scream. Green light ejecting from my wand and hitting her square in the chest, my body not waiting to see if she drops before I jump back to Sarah, pressing my hands into her chest.

"Sarah you stay fucking alive you hear you. You will not die, not while I'm he-"


I look up, pressing my hands onto Sarahs chest.

"Draco oh my god, you have to come help"

"Ophelia help what, what did you do?"

I look at Draco, confused and bewildered.

"What do you mean? It's Sarah she needs help shes not-"

My talking stops as I look down. Sarah is gone and instead my hands are pressed into the cold floor, hands still covered in blood.

"Draco I swear it, Sarah was here a second ago she-"

"Ophelia what did you do?" Draco asks again, fear in his eyes as he takes a steady step back, shaking his head as I raise my hands towards him

"Draco I didn't do anything, Sarah was-"

"Ophelia how can you say that. Look what you done you...your hands. Your wand its...Ophelia I"

I look down, hands now covered in dried blood, wand positioned in my hand like I had just cast a spell. The end still smoking and the magic still zapping in my fingertips.

"Ophelia you killed all those people. Slaughtered them. You- You murdered them all, for what?"

'Draco I didn't kill anyone?!"

"Then explain them Ophelia. What do they look like to you?!" He shouts, pointing behind my shoulder.

I turn. And gasp. Masses of bodies lay behind me, each one covered in blood. Some with their eyes wide glaring straight at me, bodies contorted and lying over each other. Streaks of ginger, blonde and brown etched across them like stars.

Sarah lies at the front, her eyes black and vacant. Soulless as she is crumpled on the ground shirt red and hair matted. Fae lies a few meters away. Her body lying in an awkward angle, hair covered her face. But her eyes can still be seen through the trails of hair. Ghostly. Dead. Murdered.

The smell of dark magic hung strong around everyone as the hum of death cripples its way into my body.

"I didn't kill these people Draco please I"

"You're a murderer. You're worse then Bellatrix. You ARE Bellatrix Ophelia. You are a monster."

I choke back a sob as his words pierce my skin, digging into my nerves and chewing them up.

"You are nothing to me. We are over. You are a psychopath, you are disgusting. You're the next dark lord and you won't even admit it."

And with that he turns and begins to walk away, blonde hair beginning to fade.

"Draco wait please!" I scream, running towards him and grabbing his shoulder as he dissolves into a flood of water, soaking my front in ice cold water.

I jump and scream, the water splashing to the ground and growing in volume, the rush of it all coming from in front of me: but there was no where it could come form.

It swirled and splashed into the room, reaching my ankles as I spun and ran towards the carriage door that had reappeared, pulling the handle and shouting, begging for someone to unlock it. Let me out.

"someone, please. Help me. I'm in here. Please. I'm going to die please."

The water was at my thighs now, filling up fast and cold. The ice biting at my skin as it soaked through my robes and weighing me down.

I banged on the glass of the carriage door, the echo only sounding like the noise you would get from hitting an aquarium water tank, loud and jutted. The water swallowing the noise as it reached my waist.

I unclipped my robes and let them sink below the surface, swirling down, down, down before I couldn't see them.

I looked up, searching for a door or loose ceiling panel, banging on the walls for a secret passage to let me out: nothing.

The water was half way up my ribs, the coldness seizing my breath in my throat like a snake coiling around its victim.

Up to my chest now.

I'm going to die.

Soaking my top.

I didn't kill Sarah.

Up to my neck.

I didn't meant it.

water in my throat.

I didn't kill they people.

Kicking my legs trying to swim.

I'm going to drown.

I take a deep breath

It was Fae.


I'm going to die.

I kick at the door.

I didn't kill those people.

The water is muddy.

It was all Fae.

It's so cold

I never killed Sarah.

My lungs are burning.

I don't want to die here.

My throat is tightening.

I cant drown. I cant.

Water pulling me down.

Draco will save me.

Water in my mouth.

Draco left me.

The water tastes like acid in my lungs.

I didn't kill Sarah.

My vision fades.

I didn't kill anyone.

My heart lurches.

It's all Fae's fault.

I scream, bolting upright in my bed. Wrapped in my blankets as my body heaves.

I'm covered in sweat, pools of it on my bed as I wipe my forehead, my hair plastered to my face as I flash my eyes around the room. Double checking the shadows

No Blaise. No Bellatrix. No Sarah. No Draco.

I breath out a shaky breath, leaving my bed and staggering to the mirror.

Splashing my face with water I look back up at the mirror, my face melting into Bellatrix's for a second before I turn away sharply. Screwing my eyes shut and walking out the bathroom.

"It is all Fae's fault" I say, locking eyes with my wand that sat on my night stand.

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