Black Swan

Chapter 32- You can try, doesn’t mean you will


My hand had merged with Luna's both of us running down hallways and over the main bridge towards the main yard.

We turn sharply and come to a blockage, rubble and pieces of glass staring us back in the face.

We turn back, gasping for air as we take a small corridor west and run faster, hearing the zapping of spells being cast behind us, the receiver of these spells unknown.

We run until the corridor gets brighter, coming out towards the north corridor. The yard was right at the end of this corridor.

We run faster, lungs on fire as we stop and take a stance, a masked death eater turning the corner and facing us his robes formed to around his body, his black suit a contrast to the white mask that hid who he was.

He fires first, sending a jet of green towards us as me and Luna dive apart, falling to the floor as Luna shouts back with speed.

"reducto!" And the wall beside the man explodes causing shrapnel to fly into his face, my shield charm fast casted and both of us standing to our feet in a second. The death eater regains himself and shakes the dust off his arm and cracking his neck.

He jumps forward onto the heel of his right foot and fires a spell that sends the wax from the destroyed candles snaking towards us, remelting as it moved towards us. The wax sizzling as he twisted his arm and fed the wax towards Luna and me, reaching our shoes as we flicked our wand casting small spells at the wax.


I cringed as it leeched onto my leg burning my flesh as Luna yelps too. I have never seen this spell before. It's new. One probably created by death eaters while out killing innocent lives.

Luna fires a spell and it hits the death eater on the leg causing him to crumble and the wax to harden almost instantly. Traces of it lingering on our leg hairs, burn marks showing up quickly.

Just survive. Somehow.

"Come on!" And I grab Luna again, ignoring the stinging of the cuts on my hand and the fire on my legs from the burns.

We stick close to the wall, taking deep breaths as a rumble echoes from down the hall, pieces of rock flying out a death eater slumped amongst it all.

We reach the entrance and we scream as a spider rears itself onto its four back legs, its body facing away from us at is swings a foot forward and its pincers snap down towards Ginny and Seamus Finnigan. Both of their faces dirty as Ginny sports a cut face and Seamus has blood coming from his side, both unaware as they fire spells at the spider, the body shaking as their spells do very little to take it down.

I run and duck under one of its legs, whipping to the side and joining Ginny at her side as Luna slides in beside us, wands raised and each of us sending quick fire spells at it.

"Bombardo" Seamus' spell hits the spider in the side exploding three of its eyes as it raises three of its legs and crushes a stone knight to our left, and we jump out its way as it regains itself and Ginny takes the moment to fire a last spell.

"Advera Kedabra" And the spider contorts and dies. Lying wooden on its back as Ginny and Seamus turn to us.

"Jesus you guys came at the perfect time. We need to go find Neville. He was battling Yaxley before this fucker joined in" Seamus said, pointing to the spider making a shiver run down my spine as I nod, watching them turn and sprint, Luna standing by my side.

"I need to go find..." I stop talking. I doubt very much someone on this side would appreciate me going to find someone who is a death eater.

"You need to go find Draco. I get that."

Luna knew.

"luna i-".

" its okay. I knew for a while, I seen you guys after your date. It's okay. You can tell me it all later. Will you be okay on your own?"

I nod quickly, aware of our time and give Luna a quick hug.

"Ill be fine. Just go help Ginny and find Neville. Ill stick to the back ways, he's not here so he might be further in the castle."

Luna doesn't speak and only nods before turning around and running over rubble towards where Ginny and Seamus went too. Leaving me alone.

Just survive. Somehow.

I burl around and begin to run towards the east side, up steps and towards the Slytherin common rooms, my head reeling. Where the fuck would he be.

I turn to my right before watching the spell hit me in the side, sending me flying into the pillar knocking the wind out my lungs as I slide down and feel my ribs crack with the pressure.

I gasp and pant, turning my wand towards me as it lay on the floor, gripping it in my fist as I scramble up ignoring the suffocating feeling in my lungs, aiming my wand and firing towards the figure.

Dolohov. God damn it.

He shields it fast, wasting no time sending a spell back my way as I catch it with my wand and disperse it into magic, feeling it reel into my and rebound out in the form of stupefy, Dolohov standing to the left missing it and firing a crucio towards me. It misses by a fraction as I feel it skim my hair. My breathing stopping for a fraction of a second before I feel a second stupefy hit my shoulder hurling my backwards.

I gargle out a scream as my ribs break fully, stars flittering into my vision as he looms over me, pressing his foot stern into my throat.

I grapple it and try to pull it off, feeling my body get heavy as he crushes down harder, his snarl evident as my vision blurs.

"Expeliarmus" Dolohov lifts his food and I scramble up, breathing deep feeling the air hit my lungs as they scream at me.

Cho Chang stands beside Katie Bell, both of their eyes blazen as they raise their wands and cast quick and powerful spells. Dolohov blocks and dodges them, taking a step back and snarling, his arm clearly dislocated at is hangs useless and limp at his side.

I watch as they whiz spells like they were throwing snowballs, a reducto hitting the side of the wall and I duck and move away, watching as Dolohov casts a killing curse and the spell hits Cho in the chest, her eyes rolling and her body crumbling to the ground.

Katie screams and casts a spell back, my hand grabbing hers before I can think and pulling her away, shrinking behind a broken pillar and watching as Molly Weasley and Lupin both round the corner firing hexes at Dolohov.

"pick on someone your own size" shouts Lupin, and they jump into a duel, leaving Katie and myself a window to run.

I don't think. I just run. Gripping harder on Katie as we stumble and duck, dodging misfired spells, sticking close to the walls.

"Katie, go West! Ginny is there with Luna. Find them, stay with them!" I shove her forward and watch her high tail it away, turning in the opposite direction running.

Just survive. Somehow.


I slide along the walls, suit dusty and covered in soot as I swipe my hand through my hair.

I need to find Ophelia. I shouldn't have left her. I need to make sure shes okay. Every single death eater is here, from Greyback to Dolohov. Even Voldemort lurks in the Forrest somewhere. And Ophelia might be in the middle of it all.

I unstick myself from the wall and turn towards stairs, running down them two at a time and skid through another door, spells getting louder as I hurl down a corridor, smashed windows and debris littering the hallway.

I run faster, glancing down and glimpse the dead body of Lavender Brown, her hair red and eyes gaping open. Intestines spilling out of her stomach making my throat rise with bile.

I turn back and run faster. Catching Yaxley floor a fifth year student.

"Yaxley. Where is Lucius?" I shout, standing about four feet from him as I watch him remove his mask.

"Last I seen he was handing over that Clarke wife to Fae. You know, the wife of the bastard who ratted us out during the Ministry. Fae pleaded with the lord to kill her and he agreed, told her to make it a show and she agreed. Last I heard she was dragged to the west of Hogwarts."

I nod and spin around, running towards the west. Ophelia was walking into a trap and she had no idea. If she found out her mum was here she would go, and Fae knows that.

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