Black Swan

Chapter 34- The end


I sat in silence as a cluster of people passed and attended to my injuries, their actions of shoving potions and waving their wand for healing spells fell on blurred eyes as I replayed Fae over and over again.

"This is for Sarah you bitch"

As much as I know people I love in my life would be so disappointed. The bigger part of me couldn't help but feel proud. Happy almost, that it was me who had finally caved and become a true Slytherin.

I couldn't bring myself to feel upset, my final words to Fae real and true. No sugarcoating. No lying. And my fight for survival had overtaken her fight to kill me.

In the end, the best witch won.

Draco walked me to the great hall before disappearing without getting caught, hiding in the shadows as he went to find Zabini. A quick peck on the lips and he was gone. The remnants of Voldemort's speech whispering around the air like a ticking clock.

Everything was so different. Both for me and everyone else. Soon, good versus evil would fight for final this time, and one of them was going to win.

The only question that really stuck with everyone however, is who would win?

I looked up from my lap and looked around, noticing that Pomfrey had left me bandaged up, the rip in my top showcasing the white bandage like a grin from a Cheshire cat.

I cast my eyes around the room, the sound of wailing and sobbing coming into focus.

I had forgotten that others had lost loved ones today.

The Weasley family huddled around a makeshift bed, their mother red in the face as she clung to her children, the others clambering over a dead body.

one of the twins weren't there


I looked away out of respect, casting my eyes to further down the line, professor Lupin coming into view: hand reaching out to the woman on his left.

Even him?

It felt like Voldemort was slowly but surely taking the childhood of every young person in this school. Picking them off like sitting ducks until we all snapped.

Like me.

Every time my mind wandered over the snapped part that laid in my brain, crackling and fizzing: I wanted to smile. As sadistic as it sounded, I was glad that part of my brain had left, the events of today marking me forever. Perhaps like a snake shedding its skin: I was shedding mine. Throwing away any holy water I owned and accepting venom instead.

Suddenly the ground rumbles, causing people to look up from their beds or fallen loved ones. Some clutching on the wall as it rumbled a second time. A voice making its way through the holes in the walls.

"He is dead"

I hear gasps. Standing and inhaling sharply as my ribs hiss.

I ignore it.

I turn and begin to follow the stream of people as we file out into the yard. The voice getting nearer and beginning to laugh manically.

Black tar begins to seep into the far end of the yard, the big frame of Hagrid evident as they got closer, the white dot floating and dancing around.

"Harry Potter is dead!"

People scream and cry, Ginny letting out a howl as she lunges forward. Shouting a sludge of profanities towards Voldemort as George holds her back. Hermione sinking to the ground covering her mouth.

I feel a hand graze my shoulder. And without having to look I know it's Draco.

People scream and throw insults, some aiming their wand only to lower it again. What can they do? A side has won today. And for once, it wasn't like in the books: the bad guys won.

"Harry is now dead. The boy who lived...dead. He died pleading for his life, screaming and begging for us not to kill him. And now he lies here, nothing but a corpse of bones."

voldemort turns. Looking down at Harry, his body rigid and contorted.

"place him down there" He waves to the floor in front of him, giving Hagrid a second to lower him before the giant steps back and begins to sob.

Voldemort doesn't speak. He doesn't move. He stands with his feet touching the rested out arm of Harry. Watching the motionless boy as a smile slowly curves its way around his lips.

"advara Kedabra"

And he shoots the spell once more, the green light hitting the chest and then dispersing. The shock causing his body to rock sideways a little: allowing everyone to see the gaping wide eyes... Of a dead Harry Potter.

Screams erupt again as Voldemort reaches down, using his wand to create a slice in Harry' stomach. Blood spraying out as he begins to bend his hand down and dig into his stomach. The squelching noise making my stomach churn as his hand moves around INSIDE Harry.

Before long he pulls his hand out, the small intestines of Harry are looped around his hand. Voldemort effortlessly drops them around his neck like a scarf. The odour of decaying flesh and bowel wafting through the air.

Some witches and Wizards can be heard vomiting. The crying of Ron, Hermione and Ginny growing louder as Voldemort digs back in.

He pulls out the big intestines, followed by the liver where he licks , his tongue sliding down up the organ and pulling away with a string of bodily mucus. He smiles and then tosses it to Greyback before going back in and retrieving his kidneys, throwing one to Dolohov and another to Yaxley.

They both seem shocked, unsure on what to do with this organ. This meat. They stand with it in their hands. Before clasping it in their fists allowing the pop of it exploding echo around the broken school. Greyback munches happily. The feast on Lavender clearly not sufficing.

"Leave him alone!" Hermione sobs. Clawing at Ron's arm as she tries to get away. Her eyes furious as she watches the dark lord tear her best friend apart. She pulls her arm and within a second manages to grip free tearing up and towards Harry's dead body, wand raised as she spits out a curse.

But Hermione Granger. As smart as she is, is not fast enough. And Bellatrix steps forward in a flash, her black bushy hair billowing as she engulfs Hermione in a lock. Forcing her face to stare straight at Voldemort.

"Ah Miss Granger, how nice of you to try and be heroic. Always a sentiment with you Griffindor folk. But I am afraid you are too late." Sneers Voldemort, taking a step towards her as he watches her gag at the stench of his neck attire.

He straightens and walks away, waving a hand "Kill her Bellatrix"

Bellatrix doesn't think twice. She pulls up her blade from her hip and goes to glide it across Hermione's throat.

She stops. Staring at Ron.

"You. You can do it" She declares. Motioning for him to step forward.

Ron stays put.

Bellatrix sighs and lifts her wand. "Imperio"

Ron moves. His legs like branches as they are forced forward, his eyes screaming out in fear as Hermione screams and struggles against Bellatrix.

"Please stop"

Ron moves closer.

"Please stop this. Please"

Hermione is silenced with a sharp knee to the side, Bellatrix turning back to Ron as she extends her blade to him.

"Slit her throat blood traitor. Then you can be next."

We all see Ron fight it, we all see him clasp the dagger and we all see him scream and cry. His arm outstretched as he wraps it around Hermione's front, encasing her between his chest and arm. Her sobbing weak but pleading.

We all hear her beg for her life. Her boyfriend gripping harder and moving his arm to grab her hair.

"Do it!" Bellatrix shouts.

"Ron please don't" Hermione pleads again.

"Do it now blood traitor"

"Ron please"


"Ron fight this"

Bellatrix tightens her wand and Ron's eyes glaze over.

The blade moves scarps Hermione's throat like the sun splitting the clouds, her throat tensing as Ron howls out in time with the cut. Her throat opens in time with the beat of her heart as it pulses out blood. Her eyes rolling and mouth gaping as it seeps down her chest and onto her top.

Her body hitting the cobbled path with ease.

She begins chocking, watching Ron as her blood trickles down the stones. A puddle forming in a cluster of upturned mud. Mixing together to form a metallic brown paste.

"see Mudblood. Now you are finally taking your name seriously" Spits Bellatrix. Turning and ignoring the shuddering mass that is Hermione. Lowering her wand.

Nobody notices her body stop and turn grey. Nobody notices her body become stiff as the cries of the students around me begin to wither away while Ron and Ginny continue to scream.

Nobody speaks for what feels like hours, but it was only seconds.

Voldemort looks up.

"So who is next?" He drawls out, waving his wand between Ron and Ginny. Each of their faces red as spit flies from their mouthes in a rage.

"Go to fucking hell!"

Ron you should have stayed quiet. If you pretended to be under the curse, maybe you would survive.

Voldemort's eyes hone onto the ginger, the crowd going silent as he beckons for Lucius to step forward.

The feeble man walks towards the dark lord, Draco tensing beside me as the man looks at Ron.

"I feel like, for you to show your commitment of yourself and your family. You should dispose of him. But don't destroy his body. That will be used as a beckon of warning to others."

Lucius nods, removing his wand in time with Ron running with his raised, a synchronised dance that only one would get full marks on.

Lucius dodges the hex Ron sends, and in a second whips out his wand.

"Demergat aquatas"

Ron halts and clutches his chest, his breathing gargling as he swivels to watch.

Water spouts from his mouth, eyes red and bloodshot as it chokes spits out his mouth. His face looks unmatched. One eye bigger than the other as his nose flares and his lines contract into a line before his mouth opens and water spills out again.

He looks like a painting I seen when I was younger: Sleep by Salvador Dali.

He slams to the ground eyes bulging out his head as water continues to suffocate, the water splashing onto the floor and melting into the stones within seconds, almost like they were recycling themselves back into Ron's lungs. An invisible prison as he continued to spurt and shudder, Molly Weasley and Ginny being heard screaming as they beg for it to stop.

It doesn't stop. Ron kneels and chokes, begs of help being lost to a new wave as he drops to the ground onto his chest as the water continues to pour out of his mouth.

I wonder if it was water from the forbidden lake.

I watched with a stone face as Ron suffocates. The knowledge of his burning lungs and convulsing heart tearing too close for comfort as I flickered over my time in the forbidden lake. The one difference is that I had no intention. Ron? Ron was going to die with everyone watching, unable to swim to the surface.

My head whipped to the side as Ginny let out an animal scream as she upped her wand and cried out, running out the grasp of George. But her wand went flying out her hands in seconds as Dolohov grabbed her in a arm lock, smelling her air as she tossed her head to the side.

"Draco. Draco come here"

My mind freezes as Lucius chimes up. Draco tensing around me as his eyes click onto his father, Narcissa behind him, hand by her side silently beckoning for Draco to come over.

"Draco. Come over here." Lucius hisses.

Draco doesn't move. He stands staring at his father, Voldemort turning towards him and opening his arms, the air tense and filled with spilled blood and severed organs.

My mind turns white, flashes of an open-eyed blonde boy dead at my feet creeping into my head. The feeling of his breathing against my shoulder fading until I don't feel it. My heart gulping and skipping a few beats as I wonder. Will his blood be red or black? Because of how much dark magic he's done.

My hand slithers around my side and grips onto his, squeezing it before pulling it forward. His eyes snapping to mine.

"Just survive. Somehow"

And I pull him forward. Gasps going around students and teachers like whiplash. Both of us crossing over and walking towards Voldemort.

We walk. Burning the bridges and displeasing people that we called friends for years.

The dark snake that had hatched in my stomach when I killed Fae coiled itself and hissed. Moving up towards my lungs, hitting them with its tail making me gasp when Voldemort takes Draco in his embrace. My eyes training forward as his hand slithers down my shoulder and under my chin pulling it up making me look at him.

"And who do we have the pleasure of converting" He asks, looking back at Draco before watching me again.

"Ophelia Clark. Slytherin" Draco motions, watching for a reaction before continued.

"She killed Fae my lord. With her bare hands." He states.

I hold my breath for what feels like days, the dark lord processing the information before clasping his hands together and nodding.

"You have a fire in you it seems. You might be useful. But let me state that one move out of line and I wont even hesitate feeding you to my men."

"Yes my lord"

"lets me make this very clear Ophelia. You will follow my command and follow my order and directions. If I tell you to kill. You raise your wand and make sure their body drops. I tell you to hurt people, you bring them to the brink of insanity."

I nod. "Yes my lord" I state. Looking him dead in the eye.

That's funny. Feeling your morality snap makes it easier for you to look this man in the eyes.

We both walk forward. Not talking to each other before being separate by Bellatrix who takes a step in between us both. Her snarl evident as she glances at me out the corner of her eye before looking back to the dark Lord.

I glance forward. Oh look. Ron is dead.

Voldemort stands infront of us, motioning a pattern with his wand, the air tightening for a second as a stone cross sprouts form the ground, before stilling as he motions at Yaxley.

"Put him up their. Let him bleed out. Put the mudblood underneath it. Let everyone see"

Yaxley obeys, and soon Ron Weasley is glued to the cross. His wrists split and his stomach exposed as blood streams in a steady flow onto Hermione. His head bowed down as Molly screams again and Ginny is gripped harder by George.

The image, although harrowing. Is almost poetic. The memory of visiting a Salvador Dali exhibit with my father wandering into my mind for a third time this evening. The painting of crucified Jesus always being steel in my mind even all they years later. And it felt like I was almost looking at it in person.

Christ of Saint John of the cross by Salvador Dali.

It happens quickly. Neville bursting from the crowd screaming as Ginny flips sideways and takes down Dolohov, her eyes trained on Voldemort as Neville raises a sword, taking aim at the snake.

Draco steps forward this time, a coldness to his eyes evident and new as he moves his wand without even thinking and the spell hits Neville directly in the face. His body erupts into flames as the fire licks at his skin and his screaming is engulfed in smoke and pain. Quick. Painful: but it is quick.

Luna jumps forward, a pawn taking the place of the last, her hair wild and red as she looks me in the eye. Pain emitting from her eyes as she turns back and fires a jinx towards a crowd of death eaters, one of them being on the receiving end before Marcus Flint fires a crucio towards her. She drops down screaming and Marcus twists his wand and mutters a spell under his breath. Luna stops moving.

He broke her neck.

The deaths changes the atmosphere. The smell of burnt flesh now causing people to turn a green colour like when Harry was gutted and the dead body of Hogwarts most innocent lies distorted. The crowd are too distracted and they don't notice Ginny race forward and fire a killing curse at Voldemort. The spell missing by a fraction as he turns and blocks another, my wand meeting my eyeline of straight forward as it slips off my tongue almost like the black magic snake finally made its escape.


It hits Ginny in a second. Her body exploding as her blood splatters around the audience watching, a large amount of her guts and flesh smacking into the bodies of her mother and George, both of them screaming out as others wipe her blood from their eyes in fear. If they cant see, they might be killed next.

I don't think, I turn back and shoot a stunning spell at a student coming into my view. A fight breaking out as people fire spells back and forth.

Molly comes into my view as a killing curse comes shooting out her wand, Bellatrix being on the receiving end as she freezes to the ground eyes wide.

Well then, there goes her.

Dolohov now finally takes action and shoots a spell at Molly and it catches her shoulder, blood erupting from her ears as she falls back towards George, his eyes wide as his mum dies at his feet.

He looks up and roars out, the splattered blood of Ginny skidded across his face. Almost like an abstract painting.

The face of war by Salvador Dali

"The order will rise!" And he grabs Molly, his body disappearing and apparating away.
The yard is filled with more pops and shouts of agreement as teachers and students flee. A divide now clear in the Wizarding world.

I watch the people around me erupt in laughter and cheer. The dark side won.

I place my hand around Fae's dagger. My eyes meeting with Draco's.

Yes I know Draco.

Just survive. Somehow.

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