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Black Swan

Chapter 2- Kamikaze


I skipped the great hall welcoming ceremony. I wasn't hungry, and Malfoy's comment annoyed me so much that sitting at the same table as him would have sent me over the edge.

I turned up my music and continued to unpack, moving my hips as I placed things in their drawer. Dancing around the room I sand lyrics occasionally, allowing myself to move to the beat, arms swinging.

"Do you always dance or is this just a new school year special?"
I help and jump only to see Draco, fucking, Malfoy standing in the doorway of my room- my purse in his hand.
"What the fuck are you doing? Don't you know what knocking is?! Asshole!"
He chuckles and throws my purse on my bed, change tumbling out.
"Relax. I was only returning your purse. You left it on the train after you sped off. I was going to give it to Sarah but she wasn't at the dinner table...and neither were you"
I walk over to my bed and pick up the contents of my purse, putting it back and sitting on the bed my back to Malfoy.
"Sarah isn't coming until next week. Her mum has some stuff to set up before she can come back to Hogwarts. And...I wasn't hungry." I replied, turning to face him my legs crossed as I sat in the middle of the bed.

He stares at me for a moment longer, and then nods towards my speaker
"Is this what you were listening too on the train, when Zabini asked?"
He queried folding his arms, his muscles stretching through his shirt.

Jesus fucking Christ. Get a grip Ophelia. Look AWAY!

I jump up from my bed slamming the speaker off
"Em no. No. It's is just a song, I, uh...well I." I stop mid sentence. There is no point trying to excuse this. Especially from Draco Malfoy.

Silence emits the rooms, nobody talking

Why is it so tense? And since when did Draco malfoy wear rings?

Malfoy breaks the silence: "so. What were you listening too then?" He pushes looking at me with curiosity.

I glance out the window sighing "I was listening to Ophelia by The band. An old song from the 70's." Brushing my brown hair out my face and tucking it behind my ear
"It's my dad's favourite song. I was named after it, and I actually really like the song. "
He raises an eyebrow close to saying something, but I interrupt.
"I know it's silly listening to a song with your name in it. But it's a good song. You should listen, you might like it"

Malfoy laughs. Like, an actual laugh. "Why did he choose Ophelia? What made him enjoy—"

I step forward and shout at him "just because okay! Why ask if you then find the answer silly! Fuckhed!"
I say staring at him, trying to match his height.
He stands up away from the doorframe and walks towards me, annoyance plastered across his face. He rolls his tongue on the inside of his cheek.
"I was just asking. Mudblood. Forget I said anything. You're welcome for the purse by the way."
And before I could stop myself. I slapped him. Hard. Right across the cheek.
"Fuck you. And your mudblood. Call me it again and I'll make sure you regret it Draco Lucius Malfoy."

Malfoy stands. His head still snapped sideways. His breathing deep. And even.
Fuck. I'm fucked. Oh Christ this is how I die. This is how I go. I'm going to be murdered by Malfoy!

Malfoy looks at me, his eyes stone cold. Black. Empty.
He shoves me hard, and I stumble falling onto the bed.
"What the fu-" I explain. But he talks over me.
"If you ever. Lay a hand on me again Clark. I will wipe that pretty little smile off your face. Is that clear?" He states. And I nod, unsure of what else to do.

"Next time I drop something, or forget something, or lose something. Leave it Malfoy. I don't need someone running around after me picking up my things."
A laugh echos around my room Malfoy eyeing me up and down.
"I don't follow you around Clark. And I certainly don't pick up after you, it should be YOU picking up after me, after all...you would look better on your knees"
And with that he leaves the room. Leaving me stunned and in silence.

What the fuck just happened!?

***********Draco's POV*********

I storm out her room furious.

Disgusting little mudblood. Who does she think she is.

I round into the Slytherin common room heading straight for the table.
"Paxton. Here, look this up for me. You know how to work they muggle things."
I write it down over his homework, earning a groan.
"Do it!!" I demand. Standing over the table.
The young boy takes the paper and raises an eyebrow, clicking it into the thing.
And then clicks a button.

And then "Ophelia" by "the band" plays, the tune dancing around the room.
It was Ophelia's song. The one that birthed her.

And it was perfect.

I stand again. Walking away towards the couch.
"Parkinson. Here. Come. Follow" I bark not looking back but smirking as I hear her stand, the sound of heels clicking against the floor.
We walk into my dorm, Pansy sitting on my bed. Me in-front of her.

Unbuckling my belt I hold her hair away from her head, allowing her to pull my pants down.

"Take all of me" I demand as she looks up at me.

And she does. Her mouth wrapping around my length, her tongue flicking my head, making me jerk and groan.
I push her head further down. The back of her throat contracting.

"Good girl. " I cooed, rolling my head back.
I needed something to distract me, someone to make me feel something, something that wasn't linked To Ophelia fucking Clark.

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