Black Swan

Chapter 3- Dont go wasting my time


I'm not one for enjoying potions, despite the common myth that Slytherin's are good at it. I hated it. I found it pointless, pour this in, crush that. Hey presto! You have...soup, that may or may not work.

I sat in potions near the back, dozing off while professor Slughorn droned on about the magic affect of the Amortentia potion, a sting substance, that when ingested by the victim...causes them to fall in love with the perpetrator.
"Now. Everyone is going to take turns taking a smell of the Amortentia, and tell us what you smell!" Slughorn said popping the cork off the bottle and proceeding to the giggling girls at the front of the class.
Kill me now and kill me fast. I thought, glancing out the window as giggles and groans were heard around the classroom, some happy about their smell, others (the guys) groaning when the pretty girls of the class didn't smell them.
Chatter echoed around the room, excitement about finding their "true love" hung in the air:

-"Some say Harry smelled Luna"
-"No that's bollocks! I heard he smelled Hermione and Ron got pissed!"
-"No he didn't."
-"Did so"
-"I heard Malfoy smelled peaches and strawberry"
-"That's so strange. Who wears anything peach?"

"Miss Clark. Your turn to take a smell my dear" Professor Slughorn said, placing the the vial on my desk.

Everyone was staring.
I groan. Picking up the vial and taking a whiff.
"Apples and Dior" I reply half heartedly passing the vial back and staring back out the window.

Slughorn didn't press, catching on that I wasn't in the mood to smell my "one true love"

Load of bullshit.

The bell rang soon after, signalling my sweet release.

Library here I come.


The library was quiet, students more occupied with food.
Me? I wanted fucking peace.
I popped my earphones in, letting the cheesy tune play around my ears as I started my Herbology paper.

A fucking book? Where the fuck did that come from?

Smack. Bang. Pages tumbling around me.

I look up. A shelf in front of me rattling. Sighing I stand up, my earphones abandoned, song still faintly heard over it.

I rounded the corner, and then stopped.

Draco Malfoy was leaving against the library shelf, grunting.

With Yasmine Anderson underneath him, both of them grunting and panting while he pounds into her.

Oh dear god

She moans, panting emitting from her blood rushed lips, her head thrown back as she grips onto his back.
Malfoy biting her neck as he bucks hard. Books shaking and vibrating underneath their actions. Her breasts bouncing under her shirt.

Malfoy's hair hung over him, his hand gripping onto the shelf, rings pressed into the wood while the other one is tangled in Yasmine's thick curly hair.

Yasmine looks forward, catching me standing behind them.
She smirks, planting a kiss on Malfoy's neck and nibbling his ear.
"Harder Malfoy. Fuck me harder" she breathes into his ear, making him grunt and buck harder books falling from the shelf onto my feet.

I turn and leave, not wanting to look anymore. Not wanting to hear anymore. Unplugging my earphones I shove them in my bag, shoving everything into my back and closing it.

I need to bleach my fucking eyes.

"Like what you seen?"
I turn.
"Could have a shot if you want, just tell me what you want and how you like it."
I glare at him, seeing Yasmine strut out of the library, her hair a mess as she fixed her tie closing the door behind her.
"Ugh. Piss off Malfoy."
I grunt walking towards the library exist, not wanting to look at him.

He grabs my wrist. "You know. A little bird told me that you smelled Apples and Dior in your Amortentia, I wonder who that could have been"
He smirks, pulling me towards him.
"Take a sniff darling. Sauvage is my favourite one"
I shove him away, a blush creeping onto my face.
"Fuck you Malfoy" I stutter leaving the library as his laugh echos throughout the room.

I stop in the bathroom, looking into the sink, cheeks flushed and my eyes wild.
What am I doing!? I think brushing my hair out my face.
Why did that make me blush?

And better yet, why is my heart racing.

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