Black Swan

Chapter 4- when the road looks rough


The week it took for Sarah to arrive at Hogwarts dragged.
I couldn't get the image of Yasmine and Malfoy out my head, their moans, his groans.

Jesus take the wheel.

Potions. Charms. Herbology. They all jumbled into one, long, agonising day. With Malfoy being SMACK bang in the middle of it.
I turned a corner? There he was.
I went to the library? There he was.
I would go up to the common room? There he fucking was.
Why did he decide to return my purse? 6 agonising years of him being a halfwitted smart arse. Calling me a mudblood at any opportunity. Laughing and mocking, flaunting around his fortune and his life long spoilt treatment.
And now for the last 2 years, he'd been flaunting his "moves"
I huff down the corridor, hungry and fed up. Thank god it's Friday.
"Opheliaaaaaa!!" I hear her before I see her. Sarah. Thank fuck for this girl. She runs into my arms her brown hair nestling under my nose, the smell of pineapple wafting around us. I hug her tightly, squeezing my eyes shut.
"You bitch. Don't ever leave me for this long ever again, you would not believe the week I had."
She laughs linking our arms together walking me towards the great hall.
"Well im hungry. So you can tell me about it while I stuff my face."

Sarah has been my best friend since our sorting ceremony in year one

✨ Ophelia sat at the Slytherin table, the long oak table filled with enough to feed a village. People were clapping, she was a Slytherin. The scum of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
"But I'm not scum" she thought wringing her hands in her lap.
"Slytherin are known as being ambitious and resourceful, and that's what I am!" I decided.
I looked around the table, eyeing up those around her.
A young girl no older than 12 sat applying lipgloss to her lips she talks smugly and introduces herself around the table as Pansy Parkinson.
The boy beside her has stark blonde hair, and he talks about his dad with a smirk on his face. Entitled asshole.
He turns and makes eye contact, the smirk widening.
"What are you looking at mudblood" he sneers causing a few laughs.
I cringe ready to throw back an insult. But the girl next to me beats me too it.

"Shut up Malfoy before I shove my hand so far up your ass, I'll use you like a puppet. Just like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named used your father!"

I turn to the girl mumbling a thank you as she grins back at me extending her hand
"The names Sarah, Sarah Kingsley.
And that blonde boy is Draco Malfoy, son of Lucifer Malfoy, the dark lords personal fisting puppet."

She places a piece of carrot in her mouth, chewing and then swallowing looking at me.

"I cant be best friends with someone that wont tell me their name" she states

I laugh shaking her hand... "Ophelia Clark. And best friends huh?"
"Yes. Best friends. And I don't care if you are a mudblood. Malfoy just has a stick up his ass." Sarah said sticking a finger in her mouth and fake gagging.
"I'm not a mudblood" I reply. "A half-blood yes. But not mudblood. My father works in the Ministry of Magic."
Sarah nods taking in the information
"A half blood in Slytherin, the house known as all pure....interesting, I knew you'd be a cool best friend" she slings her arm around me.
And we talk and giggle the rest of the day.
And I knew right there and then, that we were going to be best friends.


We sit at the table, Sarah filling her plate with different colours of meat and vegetables, her eyes bigger than her stomach.
"So. Tell me oh wise one. What did I miss"
She pressed, pulling a pork chop apart with her fingers, popping it in her mouth.
"Well I had to share a carriage on the Hogwarts express with Zabini, Pansy and fucking Malfoy for starters."
She stares at me, eyes wide opening her mouth to speak-
"Oh I'm not finished yet." I butt in. Taking a piece of pork chop from her plate.
"AND THEN. I forget my purse on the train. And who drops it off? None other than Malfoy. Yes. Exactly. Knobhead Malfoy.
AND THEN!!" I screech, Sarah forgetting about her food and staring at me.
"AND THEN, I go to potions class, and I'm forced to smell that stupid Amortentia love potion, and what do I smell? Apples and tucking DOIR! Which if you do the math Sarah. Is Draco!"
"Then, oh I know. It gets fucking worse Sarah!
When I think I can get some peace and quiet from everyone, I find him shagging Yasmine Anderson in the library! Like full on. Thrusting and moaning and all. Honestly I need to wash my eyes out with bleach. And now, anywhere I go. He's there. Corridors. Classrooms. Common room. Heck it's like he's my ghost or something!"
I finish ranting... I cringe allowing the events to seep in to her brain.
She laughs, loudly and then covers her mouth trying to disguise it.
I glare at her.
"For a best friend. You sure aren't being supportive" I spit pouring myself a drink.
"I'm sorry! But i'm away for one week. Just ONE. And suddenly Draco Malfoy is following you around like a little lost puppy...! And by the sounds of that Amortentia, you like him!"

I blush. Looking down at the table. "I mean. He's attractive. But I could never. It's Malfoy! You know him!"
Sarah nods. "I do know him. And I agree, I think he's bad news. But. A heart wants what a heart wants. And your heart Miss Ophelia Clark. Wants Draco Malfoy's dick!"
She laughs hysterically as I throw a piece of meat at her, her laugh catching the attention of people around us.
"Fuck off. Mine your business" I spit causing them to turn back around.

"Ophelia you're so funny. I can't handle you. Look. I won't say anything to anybody. AND I won't act upon it if you don't want me too! Cross my heart" Sarah says, dragging her finger across her heart in a "X" motion.
I roll my eyes. "Fine."
We eat in silence for a while, the scrapping of cutlery against plates echoing around the hall.
"So. How's your dad" Sarah asks, the tension filling back into my throat.
"He's um. Still in hospital, apparently Harry Potter was the one who saved Arthur Weasley and everyone, but we don't know if he's going to be okay. It's still....early days" I gulp putting another piece of food into my mouth to stop the crying.
"I'm sorry Ophelia. I really am." Sarah says, rubbing my back.

"If it makes you feel any better, Zabini is having a party tonight, to mark the start of year 6. Maybe you should come along, enjoy it. Take your mind off things"

I shrug, my appetite deflating.
"Maybe. I'll see how I feel. I gotta head back to the dorm, I'm super tired, I'll see you later" I hug her goodbye and stand, leaving the hall.

I just want to sleep for a week.
I turn towards the Slytherin common rooms
Not noticing that Draco Malfoy was watching my every step.

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