Black Swan

Chapter 5- The green dress


I lounge around my dorm, bored of sleeping, bored of looking out the window at nothing by trees...and more trees.
I grab my back searching inside for my book.

FUCK, it's in the common room.

I huff, shoving on a baggy jumper and joggers, walking out my dorm to the common room to grab it.
Entering, I see Zabini and Malfoy, sitting drinking firewhiskey.

Lord please give me a fucking break.

"Clark! That doesn't seem like party wear to me!" Bellows Zabini, downing a swig of firewhiskey, his face screwing up.
"Not going" I reply, not making eye contact as I reach and grab my book.
"Awww cmon Clark, 6 years you've been here, and not once have you been a party."
I hold my book in my hand, finally looking at them both.
"Correct Zabini, I don't do parties, not my thing. But have fun."

They were both wearing suits, Malfoy wearing all black, he looked... handsome.
"Mudblood's don't go to parties Zabini. Especially not this one" Malfoy says, interrupting my thoughts

Dickhead, scratch my last thought. He isn't handsome, he looks like a toad.
I shoot Malfoy a glare, not breaking eye contact with him as i speak
"You know what Zabini, a party sounds amazing. Count me in."

"What the holy flying hippogriff was I thinking!?" I scream, tearing through my wardrobe as Sarah shifted through my shoes.

"Just magic up a pretty little dress and lets gooooo" she moans throwing me a pair of silver heels.

"I cant believe I would even say i would go?! I am fucking mental, psycho, a fucking nutcase!" I shriek, throwing my hands in the air sitting on the bed.

Sarah stands and groans, handing me the heels up off the floor and grabbing a green tank top that lay crumbled on the floor,
"Just magic this into a dress, put your makeup on, do your hair. And lets move! Ophelia don't you feel it? THIS IS THE YEAR. And, plus...Lucas is apparently coming..."

Lucas. Overly nice boyfriend, not very nice summer, followed by a breakup on my decision. And a whole load of heartache on his heart.

"Have you spoken to him? Is he okay? Does he hate me?" I word vomit everything out before I can stop myself, Sarah widening her eyes in shock.
"I mean..." She began, "he's sad Ophelia, and he misses you of course...But no, he doesn't hate you, he just, thats all. And then you can be friends again!"

I nod, looking down at the floor. "Yeah, i guess you're right. OKAY. Fine, let's do this."
And with that I wave my wand hoping for the best.

I stand at the common room door. I'm wearing a tight fitting green dress, a slit up the side showing off my legs and the silver heels Sarah chose. The top sat in a love heart neck line, showing off my cleavage and my collar bones.

I looked hot.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the door allowing the music and smell of intoxicated, dancing teens wash over me.
I walk forward, people glancing me up and down.

Jeez, this is going to be a journey.
I take a bottle of half drank firewhiskey from an abandoned table, wiping the rim and then taking a swig, the alcohol burning my throat as I cough.

"CLARK!! The one and only! You came!" Zabini swayed towards me, his suit slightly ruffled from an evening of drinking and dancing.

"Hey Zabini, yeah I came. Have you seen Sarah? She went ahead before I came down."
Zabini beckons me with his finger, slinging his arm around me as i walked forward.
"I do indeed know where she may be at this particular time. And call me Blaise Clark, I'm not your father...although i can be your daddy"
I elbow him hard in the ribs, emitting a laugh from him and a snort from me
"Okay you horny asshole, you can call me Ophelia. But if you ever ask to call me daddy ever again, I will castrate you."
I say, taking another swig of the firewhiskey.

"Aren't you drinking a TAD bit too fast?" Queries Blaise.

"Nope. I'm not, I'm enjoying the Blaise party experience" I reply taking the drink out of his own hand and slamming it down my throat.
He shrugs, deciding not to argue.

And with that we walk between the swaying and dancing teens, coming to a table where Sarah, Marcus Flint, Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy all stood. All of them taking a shot, Malfoy taking less than everyone else.
His suit was still freshly pressed, his rings relaxing against his big white hands.

Take me now.

Sarah spots me, beckoning me over as she grabs a shot glass filling it.
She wore a yellow jumpsuit, the garment holding her body in all the right places, her white heels making her slightly taller than me.

I walked over, giving her a half hug, and then downed the shot.
I cough and splutter, the liquid something i had never had before.

"What in Merlin's name is that?" I retch, grabbing the bottle examining the bottle.

Goblin juice: a drink to end all drinks.

Yeah and end lives by the sound of it.

I take another swig, gaining a cheer from everyone at the table... A cheer from all but Malfoy who gave me a beady eyed look.

We stand and talk, Malfoy ignoring my existence, me ignoring his. We talked, drank and welcomed the fuzzy swaying feeling that eloped everyone.
The music switches and Sarah screams, grabbing my hand

"It's our fucking song BITCH!!" She yells pulling me toward the designated dance floor.

We dance, swinging our hips and flipping our hair, grinding and grabbing each other, being sexy and hot.
I spin and twirl, the lights of the room turning into one happy rainbow.
A drink is shoved into my hand by a swaying Blaise as he winks and begins to dance with a group opposite us.
I drink it fast, placing the glass on a table, not breaking my dance moves.
I swing and butt, dip and sweep. The song pumping in my veins.

And then I see them.

Lucas and Fae.
I couldn't help and stare, his arm slung around her hip. Her navy blue dress sparkling as it shone in the lights, her hair curled and bouncy.

" I thought Fae wasn't meant to be coming back this year because of what happened during the summer?" I quizzed, Sarah shaking her head in reply.

"She wasn't, but I guess her mum let her..."
Tears well and I leave the dance floor, reaching the table and grabbing the firewhiskey I left there earlier.
I close my eyes and drink. Downing some.

"Woah, woah you're drinking too fast" And the bottle is snatched out my hand by no other than Malfoy.

I glare at him, seething and sad. Tears bubbling on the edge of my eyes threatening to spill over.

"Fuck you Malfoy. Mr Handsome, Mr oh so perfect!" Just because your life is all marble and gold. Just because you get whatever, or whoever at your beckon call. Because your stupid fucking life is so perfect, so amazing"

I grab the bottle out of his hand, downing the rest of the bottle and wiping my mouth, letting the burn rip through me, letting me feel something. Anything.

Malfoy just stares at me, he brings his back down to his waist and looks at me.
"Do you need to talk? Are you okay?" He questions.

Is he actually being nice?

I shake the thought away, shaking my head.
"No, i don't want to talk Malfoy, I want to drink so much I forget how to think. BECAUSE, my ex is shagging my close friend, who was apparently not coming back this year, but here she is!
And I'm about to lose someone i love. A lot. So no, i DON'T want to talk."

And with that I stumble away, knocking into people, taking gulps of discarded bottles that sat on tables.

Fuck this shit.
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