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The long-lost black

Getting to Hogwarts

Today was the day that you were transferring to Hogwarts, you woke up ecstatic you quickly put on some clothes that were scattered on the floor and headed downstairs. "Morning Mother and Father" you say in an excited voice."Good morning sweetie did you sleep well last night?" asked Narcissa."Yes, very well. I'm so excited to start Hogwarts and make lots of new friends," you replied."No one must know that you are a death eater Y/N. Understand?" Lucius said in a stern voice. "Yes father, I understand." you replied, exasperated. What your father had just said had ruined your good mood because whenever you were happy your father would ruin it. He was one of those people who whenever they spoke, the atmosphere in the room completely changed.

"DRACO COME ON YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!" Narcissa shouted from the bottom of the very long staircase.

"COMING MOTHER!" Draco shouted back down."Draco, I swear to merlin if I'm late because of you I will personally ask Voldemort to murder you!" you shout up the stairs."JEEZ Y/N CALM DOWN I'M COMING!" Draco shouted to you Lugging his trunk down the stairs.You gather your robes up. As you leave the house your father calls out after you, "Look after your brother Y/N." "I will father don't worry." The door shuts behind you.You only just make it to the train station on time because Draco as stopping at every window to check his hair. You walk up the aisle of the train to find a compartment when you spot an empty one."Draco I'm going to sit here you go and find your friends.""Okay and before I go, you know to ride is 7-8 hours, right?" Draco asked."I know I read a book about Hogwarts during the summer, so I came prepared." Once Draco had left two red headed boys approached the compartment you were sat in.

"Do you mind if we sit here?" one of them asked. "No not at all" you repiled. "What's your name? We haven't seen you around before. Are you new?" asked one of the red heads. "Yes, I am new, I have just transferred from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. And my name is Y/N. What are your names?" you asked. "I'm Fred Weasley and this is my twin brother George Weasley." Fred replied

"Weasley... by any chance have you got a brother named Bill?" You asked." "Wow that's freaky how did you know that?" George asked. "Well Fleur wasn't exactly quiet about her relationship with him," you joked, "and she also mentioned his last name a few times," you said. "Well Bill hasn't shut up about Fleur all summer its honestly annoying." George admitted."Since your from Beauxbatons can you speak French?" asked Fred. "Yes, it does. I can speak it fluently. Why?"you questioned the boy. "How do you say, 'my name is George'? I really wanna know." George said. "Je m'appelle George." You said.

"That's so cool, just so you know we are going to consistently ask you to translate things into French from now on." George said.

"Oh no I should have never said anything, should I?" you asked. "Yep you shouldn't have said anything." Fred said trying to keep a straight face but failing misrably.

You pull out your sketch book and start sketch Fred and George. "What are you doing?" asked Fred. "I'm drawing.""OoOo! What are you drawing? Let me see," George said in a funny voice." For a matter of fact, I'm sketching you two." you said as you continued your sketch. "Why?" asked Fred. "Because why not?" you answered, "And....Done!" You hold up your sketch book to show the boys. "WOW that's amazing!" the twins said in unison.

"Thanks, it's not the best sketch that I've done but it's still good." You replied. "Y/N you do know that me and George can't draw so anything like that is amazing." Fred explained. "I'm sure your drawing skills aren't that bad! Here have a go." you pass him your sketch book and a pencil. "If you insist Y/N" George said snatching the sketch book off of Fred and beginning to draw. "And... done!" George announced excitedly. "Right let me see," You say taking the sketch book off George. He had drawn well, attempted to draw rose. It didn't turn out great, but it was still good. "George this is good considering that you said that you couldn't draw." As you said that a massive smile grew on his face. "Here let me show you how it's done," said Fred taking the sketch book from your hands.

"Okay Mr show-off!" George said angrily at his twin brother. Fred turned the page and started to draw. You watched him from your seat opposite them. His face change expression every 2 minutes as he tilted the page to draw the next part. You and George found this very entertaining and started laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Fred asked. "You keep changing your expression every 2 minutes." George managed to say whilst he was doubled over laughing. Several minutes later Fred had finished his drawing. "DONE!" Fred announced very pleased with himself. "Right let me see then," you said. You didn't know how you ended up judging Fred and George's drawing skills but you did anyway.

Fred had drawn a lily flower, which was very impressive saying he was a beginner. "Wow, Fred this is amazing." You said shocked. "Why do you sound so shocked?" asked Fred. "Well you said you were a beginner and you've just drawn something that would take most people at least a month to learn how to draw," you replied honestly aware that George was becoming more annoyed. "George your drawing is still good, now next time you have a drawing competition I'll teach you how to draw a lily flower George don't worry," your words had made George calmer but he was still mad that Fred had just showed off.
You looked at the clock above the door to the compartment on the wall and realised there was still 4 hours to go and you were tired from judging the competition. You yawned quite loudly which caused the twins to laugh.

"Tired?" asked Fred.
"Yeah, very," you said. "Lie down and sleep. We'll wake you up when we're there," said George."Okay," you said laying yourself down on the seat. Before you knew it, you were being woken up by Fred. "Psstt, sleepy head wake up we're here." Fred said in an almost whisper. "Okay I'm up" you said sitting up. You got out of the train and followed the twins to the great hall.
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