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*’friends’ with benefits* (d.m)


I'm currently sitting in the library trying to finish the essay that Snape assigned, we only had a week to finish it and I had my quidditch game in 2 days. I play beater on the Slytherin team, I'm one of the best on my team and almost get all the hits. We could win every single game but we can't because of Saint Potter, barf.
I'm just trying to aim to finish this before 9, right now it's 6 so 3 hours.


I finally finished the essay around 7:45, but I just stayed in the library until around 10 to continue study, I mean I do have a charms test in 2 days. As I'm reading my book I hear the door to the library open and slam shut.

I peak up from my book, I'm sitting all the way at the back of the library. I look and see the one and only, Draco Malfoy.

You see the thing about our relationship is that it's not exactly normal, we mostly just talk when we're in need of pleasure or when we need answers to our work. I guess you could say we are 'friends with benefits' minus the friends part.

I roll my eyes and go back to reading my charms book. As I'm reading I hear the chair next to me shift and someone takes a seat. I mind my own business and kept my eyes on the book, until a hand comes to my shoulder.

"Well hello y/n"

"Mhm, hi Draco" I say without taking my eyes off my book since I could tell it's him by his voice and his cold touch that I'm too used to by now.

"Wanna go to my room?" He states taking his hand off my shoulder. I finally look up from my book and look into his darken grey eyes.

"Nah, I'm good thanks, now if you don't mind I'm gonna go back to my book. Since I actually care about my grade."

"oh come y/n, don't you remember like 2 weeks ago?"

Oh I remember that very clearly, probably the best sex we had.

"Mhm no I actually don't, wanna remind me what happened?"

"Well for starters, we met up in the common room and we left to go to my dorm. Then we started to kiss each other like there's no tomorrow, you need more or can you remember it now?"

"I think I need a little bit more of what happened since I just can't recall what happened."

"Well alright, we started to take our clothes off, then you let me eat your beautiful pussy out.."

"Mhm," i can't help but start to feel a wetness pool in my panties.

"And then you went down onto your knees and put your pretty little mouth to work.. then once you finished that. I picked you up and bent you over my desk and I fucked you harder then I ever have."

"Oh I still can't remember what happened, wanna go and show me?"

Draco's eyes widened but he nodded his head and grabbed my hand, I quickly packed my books into my book-bag and headed out the library with him.

We started to walk down to the dungeons and we headed for the common room. Once we entered the dark green room we ran straight to the stairs leading up to the boys dorms since there were many first years studying.

We got to his dorm, he pushed me onto the bed and grabbed my throat by his large veiny hands. He pulled my head up to kiss him, he met me half way by leaning down him self.

He pushed himself against me, I felt his hard erection against my pussy and I couldn't help but moan into his mouth. He quickly un buttoned my shirt and threw it somewhere in the room, same with my skirt. He stood up and took his clothes off as well. I laid on his bed just in my undergarments, while he stood at the edge of his bed in only his boxers.

He came back down to meet my lips once again, his hands reached behind my back and un-clipped my bra, he flung the bra where ever my clothes were as well. His lips left mine and trailed down my stomach. He hooked his fingers onto my panties and slowly pulled them down while maintaining eye contact.

I gasped at the cold air that hit my wet pussy. "Damn y/n.. your so wet, and all for me?" I couldn't help but moan at his words, before I could respond he quickly attacked my clit with his mouth. He then added 2 of his long fingers into me which caused my hands to fly to his hair and tug on the ends of his white locks.

"Answer me y/n."

"Mhm, yes holy shi- yes Draco, all for you." I managed to get out as his fingers were curling in me and hitting my g-spot, even if half of the sentence came out as moans. "Good girl," he mumbled, which sent vibrations throughout my whole body.

"Shit- Draco.. I think I'm about to cum."

"Not yet, be a good girl and hold it in."

"please, I can't hold it." "You can and you will." Fucker, I can barley hold it.

After about a minute of me holding the burning knot in, Draco finally mumbles let go against my pussy which set my orgasm over the roof. He takes his fingers out and puts them into his mouth, "holy shit, you taste so good." He comes up to give me another kiss, allowing me to taste myself.

He breaks the kiss and stands up, " get on your knees, now" shit, his demanding voice just turns me on so much harder. But I get on my knees anyway, I pull down his boxers and gasp at his length, bro, did it get bigger from last time?

I quickly push my thoughts away and grab his hard dick into my hands and put my mouth on only the tip, I know how much he hates when I don't get straight into it but eh. I suck on his tip but Draco's hand find their way into my y/h/c locks and he pushes my head all the way down to his base.

I gag and choke at his length, tears are streaming down my face but I continue what I'm doing. I push his hands away from my hair and bring my mouth away from his dick to catch a quick breath, i then put my mouth back into him and using my hands i pump the part of his dick that my mouth can't reach. After a while of sucking and pumping his dick, I feel a warm liquid spill into my mouth, i swallow all of the liquid then stand up while wiping the sides of my mouth.

He look at me with his grey eyes, which have darkened from seeing me on my knees for him. He grabs me by my throat once again and pushes me onto the bed, he comes on top of me and takes his boxers off all the way off. He lines his dick up with my pussy and looks up at me, I gave him a quick nod and with that he thrusted into me. Making the both of us moan and groan out at the feeling.

He starts to pound into me with all of his force once we both get comfortable. I just kept on moaning at this feeling that I was receiving. He looked straight into my eyes, " look at me while I'm fucking you y/n," I open my eyes to see him with his white locks of hair sticking to his forehead and sticking all over the place. He looks like he just finished playing a game of quidditch. He then licked his 2 fingers and reached them down to my clit to start rubbing it.

"I'm about to cum Dra- holy fuckkk."

"Go ahead, make a mess for daddy."

And which that last word I came, hard. For the second time tonight, while he spilled his hot liquid onto my stomach. And just when I thought we were done he picked me up and walked about 6 steps to his desk and bent me over.

"Wait, what are you doing?" I pant out as I'm still recovering from my 2 orgasms. "You thought we were done?" I nodded " you did say that you wanted me to show you what happened that night so that what I'm going to do." Shit, I forgot all about that.

He picked up my left leg and put it onto the desk, he smacked my ass so hard that my body jolted forward. He then rubbed the part that he smacked, then without warning he slid into me. I gasped, but that gasp got cut off with Draco's hand reaching around to grab my neck. He started to pound into me with all of his force once again, but this angle made it so much better for me to feel him, all of him.

After a while of this 'new' position, I felt that burning knot tie up in my stomach for the 3rd time that night. I clenched around Draco to signal I'm about to cum since I can't get any words out of my mouth due to the pleasure. He just mutters a go ahead under his breathe, and with that I let go once again but this might just be one of the hardest orgasms that I've had.

He pulls out and cums onto my back, he walks over to his walk-in washroom while I'm still catching my breath, still bent over his desk. He comes back out with a towel and wipes his cum off my back and stomach. Then he picks me up since I can't walk straight due to the fact I just got railed so he sets me on the bed and give me a extra shirt of his that reaches my knees and goes back into the washroom. He comes out wearing some black sweats.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, Draco I'm perfect."

He comes into the bed with me and cuddles me from behind me. He snuggles his head into my neck and just lays there.

"Goodnight y/n."

"Goodnight Draco."

I turn around placing a kiss on his head then cuddle up into his chest and we both fall asleep.
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