One drunken mistake- a Fred weasley fanfic


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Fantasy / Romance
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Home finally

You are finally home, as you get up
From the ground and brush yourself off you start to see the burrow come into view.

You have just got back from staying at Hermiones for a few weeks because her parents are in France, you run into the kitchen to see Arthur and molly playing a game of wizards chess.

" I win!", molly exclaimed as she threw her hands up In joy. "That isn't fair you cheated" whined Arthur as he stares at the broken chess piece in front of him.

"Actually Arthur molly did win fare and square" you whisper quietly as molly turns around she realises who said that.
"Y/n oh how much I've missed you" she says as she wraps her arms around you.
"I've missed you too molly, where are the others?"
"oh dear they are upstairs, I will shout them down if you like"
"It's okay molly, I think I will go and surprise them"
"Okay dear have fun"
"I will molly".

As you wave to Arthur you run up the stairs to Fred and George's room as they are your best friends. You knock on the door and say "house keeping" in the best elf like voice possible. You hear someone get up as the door handle turns slowly. Suddenly you see to gorgeous faces smiling at you, you don't really have much time to take it in before to strong pairs of arms are wrapped around your body.

"Y/n! I have missed you so much!" Said Fred and George in union.
"I have missed you to, I'm so glad to be back"
"We are glad to have you back".

You start to walk into the room before you hear a loud screech saying "y/n! When did you get hear!!" You recognise that voice anywhere it's Ginny. You turn around and say "Ginny I have missed you so much" and then you run up to her and give her a massive hug. She starts to drag her up to her room whilst saying "come on I have to tell you everything!"
You give a petty wave to Fred and George before you disappear around the corner.
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