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For Infinity ~ Fred Weasley x reader


DISCONTINUED!! [Fred Weasley X y/n Lupin] ~ Friendship to relationship with Fred Weasley, ~ Honestly it's not as slow burn as you think... i might eventually get bored of the friendship and just move things along.. we'll see, {UPDATE: it’s like 5 chapters in and got bored of the friendship lol} ~ Set in Fred and George's Year 5 (golden trio Year 3), "Joining Hogwarts half way though Year 5 was tough, especially when you're the daughter of the DADA Professor; But as always, I had Fred and George to keep me grounded and Hermione to keep me in control of my... temper" "For as long as I can remember, I have been spending my time away from Hogwarts at the burrow. Ever since my farther - Remus Lupin- met Nymphadora Tonks - my step mother - ; Mr and Mrs Weasley have taken me under their wing, if you like, keeping me out of harms way and other people out of mine." Disclaimer! ~ I do not own any of the hp characters, they strictly belong to J.K R*wling.

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I was 5 when he met her. Instantly in love with each other. Utterly disgusting. My farther left me not long after that, alone at the Burrow. Being so young I had no idea what to expect when I knocked on the partially open front door. I remember standing in the door way as a welcoming hug became my new home. My new home, with my new family, the Weasleys.


At the age of 10, I had gotten 5 letters from him, 5 letters in 5 years. They lay there unopened, on my bed side table. I couldn't bare to open them. To read them. To let him back into my life.

As I got older, Fred, George, Ron and even Ginny, were able to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I wasn't. You see, Remus Lupin quickly became Professor Lupin and to save an awkward family reunion, Mrs Weasley or rather Molly decided we should wait to send me off. You should know, my farther is different, he isn't what you would call... human. Therefore neither am I.

Every month, when the moon lights up the sky I, against my own will, transform into a hideous wolf. Mr Weasley has created a seal around my room to keep me inside and most importantly keep the rest of my family safe.

With Hogwarts being a boarding school, we figured it was best to keep me at home until I had enough understanding and control over it as possible.

But now I am 15 and ready start my 5th year with Fred and George.

Word count: 272
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