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For Infinity ~ Fred Weasley x reader

2- YEAR 5

I was excited. Excited to see the great hall, Ron had told me so many amazing things about it. About how the ceiling resembled galaxies, how there were floating candles everywhere and most importantly; he told me about the sorting hat. How it tells you what house you're in... merlin I hope I'm in Gryffindor.

As we passed through the wall between platforms 9 and 10, I saw the express. It was amazing, better than Fred and George has described. I was in awe as we said our final goodbyes and stepped onto the already packed train. Fred helped me put my luggage away as George went to find a free compartment.
"Are you okay?" Fred asked me, after he put my last bag up on the shelf.
"Are you kidding! I'm more than okay Freddie. This is finally happening - I'm finally going to Hogwarts" I said as we left the station.
"HEY Y/N, FRED" George shouted from the other end of the train gesturing drastically to the empty compartment. Fred grabbed me by my hand as we swiftly made our way inside.

One hour had past and the trolly witch was getting closer to us. "Oo y/n you have to try one of the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, they just released five new flavours"
"Okay George, gimme 5 sickles" I said standing up and holding out my hand.
"Um what? No!"
"Well how do you expect me to pay for them... I have no money" I said sitting lazily next to him with a sigh. He looked at me then at Fred, then at the witch who was nearing our door.
"Ugh fiiine but you owe me" he said handing me the money. Earning him a kiss on the cheek as I walked through the door, closing it behind me.

Walking up to the trolly, I could see Harry exiting his compartment. He was probably sat with Ron and Hermione like always. Once we both got our sweets, I walked with him so I could say a proper hello to Hermione before all the chaos of school started. "Hey guys what you talking about?" I asked quietly as it looked like Harry and I interrupted a heated conversation between the two of them.

"Ugh she's just pissed because she LOST at wizards chess FOUR TIMES in a row, Hermione not. Two. FOUR!"

"Ugh I only lost because it's a stupid game that's way more complicated that it NEEDS TO BE! Merlins beard Ronald you couldn't have just brought a pack of cards instead?"

"No Hermione, do you know why? It's because-" Ron began as I glanced over to Harry to see if he was listening to my surprise he was already looking at me brows furrowed. I shuck it off and mouthed 'I'm going to go' as I slowly stood up and exited the cramped room with a sigh of relief.

I was glad to see that George was already asleep as I walked back to the twins. I sat down next to Fred and told him the new 'gossip' on romione. He laughed hard, reaching for his bag as he pulled out a small box labelled 'pranks'. As I looked up from the box, I saw his smile. The smile that told me nothing good was going to come out of this small, light brown box and I loved it.

We talked for hours purely about who we were going to prank, when and how; until eventually I fell asleep with my head on his lap and his hand absentmindedly playing with my hair.


I awoke suddenly to the train coming to a halt. "Are we here already?" I asked tiredly, getting up to look out the window.
"No we shouldn't be there for another hour yet, hey why don't you sit back down in case the train starts again. I wouldn't want you to fall over, love" I smiled at the nickname. It wasn't he first time Fred used it but every time he did, it game me butterflies. I felt a small pull on my jumper as I stumbled backwards, over George's feet finding myself on the floor. I felt my cheeks heat up slightly praying they wouldn't notice as I joined in with their laughter.

I sat back down next to Fred as he pulled me closer checking if I was okay.

Not long after that, the train started moving and nobody seemed to know what went on during that half an hour. The weird part was that nobody acted any different. They all acted as if what happened- what ever happened- was normal.

We arrived at the station in no time. Fred kindly carried by luggage off the train as I was trying to wake George who had fallen back to sleep extremely fast. "George?" I whispered, no reply. "Oi pisshead!" I heard from behind the window of the train, I looked out to see Fred banging his fists on the glass to wake his brother. It seemed to work as the once sleeping George rolled off the booth in a not so graceful manner. I tried to hold back my laughter, I really did but with Fred cackling loudly and George trying his best to laugh it off, it was hard not to join in.

Eventually, I made it to the big wooden doors standing between me and the rest of the school. Because I was a new student, I had to be sorted into my house just like the first years. Unfortunately, being the oldest doesn't always work out for the best. Me being a 5th year, I was the last to get my name called.

Taking one last glance around the tables memorising where they each were so I could walk to the right one. The Gryffindor one.
"Y/N Lupin"
As I walked up the steps, the rest of the students fell silent, only for a moment or two until they erupted with murmurs and questioning glances towards Professor Lupin himself who was sat on the far end of the professors table. I gave him a subtle nod as I sat down ready for the hat to be placed on my head.

As Professor McGonagall lowered the ragged hat down, the hat itself didn't waste a second. Before it came into contact with me, it knew.

Word count: 1059

A/N: sorry if the first few chapters are a bit rushed, I want to get all the boring starter information out of the way first.
Also why 1059? I just need one more word 😭
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