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It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts and a new student arrives with the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. To everyone's surprise she is one of Harry's relatives. //I do not own Harry Potter just the original characters featured. The timeline might be a bit off and details may be left out, I will be going based off of the movies. Once I finish the books I will edit this story quite a bit. Enjoy! :D

Adventure / Romance
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Harry made his way onto the train, ready to start his third year at Hogwarts. He was greeted by his best friends Ron and Hermione. The trio walked along the train carts, looking for an empty seat for the three of them. They stopped at a nearly empty booth with only two people inside. One was a man, most likely the new teacher, and a female. The female looked around their age, most likely a little older than the trio. She had light brown curly hair that draped down her neck, golden brown skin, and with a fit build for someone her age. She was staring out the window, until Hermione cleared her throat, catching her attention. She looked in their direction, her curls draped over her honey brown eyes.

“Excuse me, do you mind if we sit with you?” Hermione asked. The female smiled at them softly.

“No, not at all. There’s plenty of room,” she answered, her voice sounded pleasant to the trio’s ears, there was no way to actually describe it, but as soothing.

“Thank you,” Hermione said, sitting down beside the female with Ron sitting beside her.

“Never seen you before, are you new?” Ron asked, looking at the female.

“Yes, I just transferred this year, I was kind of homeschooled. I’m Jasmine,” she said, introducing herself.

“Nice to meet you, Jasmine, I’m Harry, and these are my friends Ron and Hermione,” Harry said, sitting down by the male stranger, who’s head was covered with his suit jacket. Harry looked at the male, a little bit of curiosity in his eyes.

“Nice to meet you all,” Jasmine said, before noticing Harry staring at the male, “He’s asleep. He had a hard time getting rest last night.”

“You know him?” Ron asked.

“He’s my legal guardian. Ever since my adoptive parents passed,” Jasmine said.

“What happened to your real parents?” Ron asked, earning an elbow nudge from Hermione.

“Don’t know. They disappeared when I was a baby. I was adopted at a young age by an older couple,” Jasmine explained.

“Sorry to hear that,” Hermione said, glaring at Ron.

“Yeah, sorry,” Ron said.

“It’s okay. Things happen. I seem to lose a lot of family,” Jasmine said, “Not everyone can live forever.” The trio nodded as the train began to move. “And we’re off," she said, “I’m kind of excited.”

“Yeah, you’ll love Hogwarts,” Hermione said.

“I hope so. I’ve never been to any other school until now,” Jasmine said.

~Time skip~

“Why has the train stopped?” Jasmine asked, before beginning to feel cold, “It’s freezing in here,” she said, rubbing her arms, her breath being visible from the cold. A shadow peered by their door and a bony hand opened their door slowly. The cart was dead silent, other than shallow breathing. A tall figure covered in a ratty cloak poked its head inside and looked at the five people. It then looked in Harry’s direction, getting close to him. Jasmine watched in horror as it began to feed on Harry. She kicked at the sleeping male's foot, trying to wake him up. After a few attempts, the sleeping male stood up in the train car, dropped his suit jacket, and cast a spell, sending the creature away.

“Harry are you okay?!” Hermione asked, growing more concerned. Harry laid back on the seat, losing consciousness.

~A little later~

Jasmine noticed Harry waking up and sighed in relief.

“Good, he’s awake. We thought we lost you back there,” Jasmine said.

“What happened? What was that?” Harry asked, sitting up.

“You fainted, eat this,” the male said, holding out a piece of chocolate, “That was a dementor.” he explained.

“Scary bastards they are,” Jasmine said.

“Watch your language, but yes they are,” he said, “Oh, forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself. Remus Lupin, I will be your new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor,” he said. “And you’ve already met Jasmine.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you. Thanks for the chocolate,” Harry said, taking small bites.

“No problem. Chocolate helps,” Remus said, “We should be getting off soon.”

“Great,” Jasmine said, brushing her bangs out of her face, showing her eyes. Remus smiled and pat Jasmine’s head. Hermione smiled, watching the two interact.

“You two seem to get along,” Hermione said.

“Yeah, I’ve known him since I was able to walk. He was close to my brother. Bless his soul,” Jasmine said with a sigh, “I never really got to spend time with him. He died when I was young.”

“That’s enough, Jasmine. You’ll spoil the mood,” Remus said.

“Right, sorry,” Jasmine said, sitting back in her seat, “I tend to talk too much.”

“Indeed you do,” Remus said, giving her a smile. The five of them continued to talk and make jokes for the rest of the trip.

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