Unexpexted (James Phelps x reader)


"The hardest part of makin' love, baby, is breakin' up So if you don't mind, I think we should stay in love"

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I was standing by the wall in a loud crowded club. I never liked clubs. Never planned I'd be going to one during our trip to Birmingham. But since (your best friend's name (will only be f/n)) was crazy extroverted, she insisted. So I was there. Standing by the wall trying to overcome a small panic attack I was having. I mean.. what could possibly go wrong. It's just a club. They are just people, right?

I still haven't managed to join the crowd but turned the other way instead and walked into the ladies room. It was closer and possibly calmer than our table. F/n was having good fun even without me. She was currently dancing with a cute (I must admit) Asian guy. I was supposed to make sure she wouldn't cross the line with anyone there since she had a boyfriend back in Slovakia. But dancing was okay I guess.

In the restroom, I quickly checked my makeup and took a few deep breaths. "I think I'm fine now." I said to the mirror and walked out the door.

I quickly walked through the dancefloor and managed not to fall, which was pretty impressive. Looking down onto the screen of my phone, I sat into our box and wanted to grab my virgin mojito. Yes, I was (your age whenever you feel like having a trip to England and meeting the twins lol (later only y/a)) years old and I didn't drink alcohol. So what?

The mojito wasn't where I expected it to be.

"What the..?" I said angrily and finally looked up to search for my drink. I realised this wasn't my table. Of course, something like this had to happen to me. I was looking into sparkling brown eyes of a man with brown longer hair a bit of a short beard on his face.

"Hi," he said with a mischievous grin. "What can I do for you love?" I realised I was staring at him, panic in my eyes. He looked so familiar. "Oh.. hi... eh. Sorry. Wrong table." I got up quickly and started to walk away.

"Hey wait it's okay." He laughed. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm James." He stood up and offered me a handshake which I awkwardly accepted. He was now towering over me being at least 1,90 m tall. "Y/n" was all I could say looking up at him.

The realisation hit me like a train. This was fucking James Phelps. I have to fucking stay calm.

I smiled a little.

"That's a beautiful name. Do you come here often?" "Oh. No... Not really. I... I don't live here." I answered quietly.

"I'm sorry. Am I bothering you? I didn't mean to." He started apologizing as he could sense my discomfort. "No it's okay I'm just a little... antisocial. But I know I should be working on it." I laughed nervously.

"Well, if you'd like to have me help you with your anxiety I'd be very happy if you joined me." He offered and pointed to the spot where I was sitting a few minutes ago. "Are you offering me therapy?" I laughed. "I'm offering you an uncomfortable situation to overcome. Sorry, I'm not licensed to give therapy." He laughed too. "Well .. okay... I guess." I walked to the spot and sat down.

I looked at James with a nervous smile wiping my sweaty palms into my trousers under the table. Another tall brown-haired man with a shorter cut came to James's table.

I knew it was Oliver.. obviously. But I didn't want to make them uncomfortable. So I just sat there playing dumb taking all the awkwardness to myself.

"James have you met the new bartender? She'd really like an autograph..." James gave him a murderous look. "Wha..? Oh!" Oliver finally noticed me.

"Sorry. Hi. I'm Oliver and you are?" Oliver gave me a smile and straightened his arm to shake my hand. "I'm y/n. Hi." I smiled.

I noticed a drink further on my side of the table and realised that was Oliver's place. "Oh.. sorry I'll let you sit down." I stood up quickly. "No no. Don't worry." Oliver placed his hands on my shoulders to push me back down, slid behind my chair to grab his drink and left the table.

He and James gave each other a look, Oliver playfully winked at me to which I awkwardly smiled and he was gone.

Omg, I must have just ruined their evening.

I said to myself looking into the crowd where Oliver just disappeared. James noticed my terrified look. "Don't worry y/n. He won't get lost. He's a big boy." He said reassuringly and I instantly remembered a certain line from my favourite franchise.

"So. Where are you from if you don't live here?" "Slovakia." I answered with a small smile trying to make myself comfortable which felt almost impossible. "It's a small country almost in eastern Europe." I added. "Yeah, I know where it is." James said with a weird look, which he instantly replaced with a smile.

"Ever been there?" I asked guessing what the look was about. "Never. But I'd really like to go hiking there someday." I nodded. "Yeah." "Ehm.. you look quite young. How old are you?" "I'm (y/a) and my friend.. oh! Sorry." I stood up quickly planning to go find f/n and check on her.

Standing up quickly, of course, gave me a head rush and I tripped almost falling down on the floor. Thankfully, James was quick enough to catch me. "Thanks." I said awkwardly and gained back my balance.

"Careful hun. Where are you going anyway?" "Oh. Sorry. I just remembered I was here with a friend and that I was supposed to be checking on her throughout the night. I really should go find her." I explained putting a strand of hair behind my ear already looking into the crowd instead of the guy I was talking to. "Oh.. okay. See you around I guess." James said. "Sure. Thanks for the chat." I smiled and walked onto the crowded dancefloor.

After a few minutes, I finally spotted the guy f/n was earlier dancing with.

"Hi. I'm sorry. I saw you dancing with a friend of mine earlier.. ehm.. a blond girl named f/n? Do you know where she is?" I asked the guy. "Oh. Hey. I'm not sure. She might be in the restroom or possibly upstairs. She turned me down saying she had a boyfriend about 20 minutes ago so I don't really know what went on with her since then."

"She turned you down? Okay, that's good. I mean.. I'm sorry. Eh," I laughed nervously. "I was supposed to be checking on her so she wouldn't do anything stupid while drunk and I've lost her. So it's a good sign that she turned you down because it tells me that she hadn't done anything stupid yet. I hope." I explained.

"But I'm sorry that she turned you down being empathetic with you because you probably planned tonight to go in a different direction... Oh my god, I'm talking too much. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your night."

The guy grinned at my nervous behaviour and stepped out of my way. "Bye!" I said and left quickly heading into the bathroom.

"F/n?" I shouted. "Y/n?" She answered from the toilet. Thank god I found her. "Are you alright?" "Yeah I'm fine I saw you with some guy and I didn't want to bother you so I went to pee and planned on going back to our table to wait for you so we could go back to the apartment." She said flushing the toilet and leaving it to wash her hands and reapply her lipstick.

"Oh.. yeah. He.. his name was James." "I said looking at the restroom door, smiling.

"Oh my god y/n!" "What?" I looked at f/n. "You like him! Did you get his number?" "Oh.. no I didn't." "Why not?!" She almost screamed.

"It was fucking James Phelps!" I shouted quietly through my closed teeth.

"Oh... I mean.. so what? You still should get his number if you like him, right?" "I was barely holding myself together sitting there with him not freaking out completely. How was I supposed to think of getting his number?" f/n laughed.

"What did he say when you were leaving?" "Ehm.. he said see you around. I think." "Good. You have to see him again." She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the ladies room through the dancefloor to our box where she made me drink my mojito.

We were chatting (mostly about James) for a few minutes when Oliver showed up. He noticed me on his way to get back to his brother. "Oh. Hi y/n!" He greeted me. "Hi." "Excuse me." He said and walked faster to approach James at the bar.

"Huh?" My sight followed him and my eyes met with James's. He smiled. I then looked back at f/n. "Was that...?" "Oliver. Yeah," I answered f/n's question.

Hi guys!
For a while now I've been uploading this story on wattpad, but it has changed its mature content policies and started removing mature stories.
I know my is not super smut or anything, but it will definitely get hotter than it is so far (on wattpad there is already 13 chapters) and since I have no idea what criteria wattpad has, I've decided to start uploading it here as well. Maybe it will even reach more people who might enjoy it. Who knows. 🤷🏽‍♀️
I hope you liked the first chapter. If so, please, let me know by liking and commenting.
Stay safe, happy and healthy.
ily 💖
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