Our Years at Hogwarts


What if the Dark Lord never returned, never created the Horcruxes, or even knew how? Hermione and her two friends, Harry and Ron, go back to finish off their last year as normal, unpopular, unspecial kids-besides the fact that they attend a school full of magic. No 'Chosen-One', no Golden Girl, no Potter's sidekick. She experiences the highs and lows of being a teenager, filling her life with drama, petty remarks, and even causing her to take a dip in the muddy waters most known to others as the "wonders of teenage romance". *More of a modern-day approach to teenage life* ⚠Notice: contains underage drinking, drugs, mature language, and smut ⚠ ~All credit goes to J.K. Rowling for her ideas included in this story: such as the characters and basic settings~ ~Edited cover is mine :) ~

Drama / Romance
Anna L
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hermione took a deep breath, allowing her lungs to expand and inhale the busy air. The chaos around her was both exhilarating and calming all at once, causing her emotions to run wild. Her brain fought the ideas of whether this moment could be considered melancholic with a pinch of fulfillment or joyful with the pit of longing for this point in time to never cease.

The train let out a long, high whistle, breaking her from her trance. Her hand began to ache due to the heavy luggage she held, gripping it tighter than needed. She finally took the first step and entered the express, the inside both familiar and warm.

Hermione walked around and eventually spotted two faces, one with flaming red hair and freckles she always tended to admire, and the other with vivid eyes that continually reminded her of a vast forest on a summer's day. The boy with the vivid eyes, more commonly known to her as her dear friend Harry Potter, walked over to her as his face stretched into a welcoming grin. She entered the compartment where her two companions sat and began talking about their summer as though no time had passed since the last time they saw each other.

"You two really need to write back more often, I swear I wrote over a dozen letters a month and received less than a handful from you both combined," she said as she rolled her eyes, releasing the ginger cat which was previously laced in the arm opposite to the other carrying her trunk. Her feline, one she got during her third year, was named Crookshanks, who she mostly called Crooks as it was a cute and convenient alias.

"Mum had us work around the Burrow all summer, I probably had to de-gnome the garden a million times, my arms feel like they're about to fall off," Ron Weasley chimed in as he ran his long fingers through the fire which laid upon his head. He began stretching out one of his lengthy arms and it made a few crackling sounds, causing Harry to make an uncharming yet humorous expression.

"Well, I'm sure you could've taken less than five minutes out of your overwhelmingly busy schedule to send me a short letter letting me know you're at least breathing," Hermione added, giving off a sarcastic huff, causing both the boys to snicker at her remark. "And you, what's your excuse Mr. Harry James Potter"

"Well, I recently moved in with Sirius and Remus so it's been a bit of a wild ride," Harry said, scratching the top of his head while turning his gaze towards Hedwig, who cooed happily in her cage.

The train started to move and their long embark towards the beloved school they each attended for six, going on seven, years was waiting to welcome them home.

Home was an unusual term to Hermione Granger, she knew her technical home was at her muggle house, with her loving muggle parents, in a muggle world, but her heart and comfort always resided in the magic school, with her magical friends, participating in the magical classes she tended to excel in. She always perceived the divide between the two very different worlds but felt forced out of one due to her "dirty blood," as she got called nasty names from many who hated her kind—for no logical reason may she add. She figured it was mostly due to their fear of the unknown, the fear that they wouldn't and could never understand people like her, how she was raised, how she was ignorant to the world she was introduced to with a single letter at age eleven.

A friendly, older woman came by where they each sat and offered them the sweets off her trolley. Harry ended up treating Ron and Hermione to a handful of them since, as he put it, "We might as well go all out, it's our last year, after all, so let's cheers to it..."

The bitter hours seemed to fly by faster than any previous year and they found themselves on the carriages, ones which led to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They bumped into a few warm faces, such as Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, as well as not so friendly ones, mostly directing towards Draco Malfoy and his notorious goons. He slipped out the occasional "Filthy Mudblood" as well as "Scar-head" and "Fire Weasel" to them all as they tried their best to ignore him while his loyal accomplices let out rough snorts.

There she was, standing at the entrance to the ancient, captivating castle she was lucky enough to call her school for the next year, with her two closest friends. Despite not being the most popular, or most appreciated, they always had each other, and that's all she ever needed.

The castle was swarming with students, all ages eleven to seventeen, most with colored robes that represented their houses. Everyone flooded into the Great Hall and the annual Sorting took place, after which they were presented with heaps of food and she allowed herself to fill up to her brink. A few seats away, Hermione saw a flash of familiar ginger locks and their eyes joined in each other's line of sight. Her best friend's younger sister, Ginny Weasley, gave Hermione a small smile, glanced at Harry, then shot her eyes in the opposite direction. The two had a messy breakup, resulting in unwanted tension—Hermione was never one to enjoy the thrill of dramatics.

She started heading over to the Gryffindor common room, Ron to her left and Harry to her right, when Ginny ran up to her and asked for a chat.

"Bollocks, everything is full of bollocks," Ginny started, obviously annoyed, as she adjusted the red and gold tie of her uniform. She took another glance at Harry, who was chuckling at a comment Ron muttered, both walking to their dorms.

"Who needs boys anyway," Hermione attempted to lighten the mood as they walked into their own room. The girls set up their sections of the dorm and awaited the other roommates, Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. Hermione was over the moon at the fact that Ginny was able to convince McGonagall, their head of house, to allow her to room with Hermione for her last year. She knew Ginny would push her to do more and end her year off with an exciting bang, starting out with:

"Hey, I heard there's going to be a 'Welcome Back to Hogwarts' party tonight... I'm dragging you with whether you like it or not"

"I wanted to get ahead in my studies Ginny, besides, we have a busy day tomorrow with classes starting" Hermione retorted, causing Ginny to let out a sigh and fall back onto her scarlet four-poster.

"You know, I promised to get you out of your normal routine so, being the incredible friend that I am, we're starting with that party—basically everyone's going... of course only fifth years and up are allowed"

"Fine," Hermione said as she raised her brows, "But you're at least letting me leave before curfew"

"You're so boring, Mione," Ginny teased as a smirk graced her features. She began throwing herself into her trunk, pulling out handfuls of clothes, throwing them into Hermione's arms. Hermione spotted a frilly dress, shiny tops, short skirts, and some shirts that were definitely designed to show a bit of skin. Ginny ordered her to try on a few and they held a mini fashion show.


"Definitely not"

"Merlin, you look like my great grandmum"

Finally, they settled on a two-piece which included a plain, white tube top, slick black pants that flared slightly at the ends, and a loose leather jacket.

"I mean you're doing a good job getting me out of my comfort zone, this is definitely not my style" Hermione commented, spinning in several directions in front of their dorm's full-length mirror.

"It's missing something..." Ginny said, rubbing her chin as she dived into deep thought. She rummaged once again and pulled out handfuls of gold jewelry as well as a black hair tie, a straightener, and a bag full of cosmetics. "We might as well go all out, it's your first official party after all"

Hermione scrunched up her face in protest but Ginny grabbed her shoulders and forced her to sit, plugging the straightener into one of the outlets nearby. She straightened and straightened every piece of Hermione's frilly hair until it finally cooperated, allowing Ginny to pull it back into a long, slick, high ponytail. She waved her wand to levitate the makeup from her clear cosmetic case and applied some onto Hermione's face with ease.

"All done!" Ginny said with a proud smile, placing her hands on her hips.

Hermione walked over to the mirror once again and her breath hitched—she looked like a completely different person—not that that was a bad thing in her eyes. She took a detailed gaze at herself as she pressed her face closer to the mirror, admiring Ginny's handiwork.

"I knew you'd like it." Ginny's voice came behind her, continuing to sport her happy grin.


A few hours passed and several students began proceeding into the Room of Requirement, which held most of the joint house parties.

Hermione started feeling a flush of nerves as she'd normally prefer to cozy up in her room and read a book instead of joining a large group of people and dancing around to, louder than necessary, music. She surprisingly saw Ron, and Hermione felt her stomach turn as she noticed he had a female guest, who was clinging to his arm as though he were her's.

Hermione knew that Ron and she were never official and had a hot and cold relationship, but that didn't mean she had no feelings towards him. Seeing Ron laugh with the beautiful Ravenclaw girl hurt her, even just a little.

Ginny knocked Hermione out of focus as she, quite literally and keeping to her word, dragged her through the doors.

The music blared, the room swam with colors, and the voices of all the students present filled the air. She already felt overwhelmed, but Ginny touched her shoulder as a way of encouragement.

"Seeing as you're not used to this type of thing, we might as well go get a few drinks to loosen up" Ginny suggested as she immediately began walking away to where, Hermione guessed, the drinks were.

She was alone, surrounded by dancing bodies and drunk teenagers. She turned to the side and witnessed a couple making out, causing her to shield her eyes as it wasn't the prettiest sight.

There he was, golden hair, dark clothes, pale skin. The hated Draco Malfoy stood to the side, holding what looked to be a lit blunt. He saw her staring and glared at her with an unwelcoming look; his grey, hazy eyes attached to hers. She automatically swallowed as she felt increasingly uncomfortable due to his invasive gaze. Finally, she felt a nudge at her side.

"I got the good shit," Ginny said in a loud voice, trying to help Hermione hear her above the music.

His gaze continued to linger until a girl with short hair and a fringe, named Pansy Parkinson, pulled at his sleeve and redirected his attention onto her. She seemed to be a bit intoxicated as her movements appeared sloppy and slow.

Hermione never allowed herself to get drunk so the burning sensation of the alcohol on her throat came as a surprise, Ginny made sure to give her something strong. She saw her friend's long, red hair bounce around as she danced freely to the tunes—a wide smile plastered onto her inebriated face. Ginny wasted absolutely no time in indulging in the fun but Hermione stood a little off to the side, simply bobbing her head to the music.

Due to her anxiety, Hermione kept sipping her drink as a way to keep herself busy and, before she realized, the whole bottle emptied into her system. She knew she was a lightweight as she usually never drank but her vision started to blur, and her body felt a bit looser. She allowed herself to walk up to Ginny and grab her hands. They started bouncing to the music together and for once in a long time, Hermione felt every ounce of worry slip from her mind as the liquid confidence took over.
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