Dracos whore


⚠️MATURE⚠️ Y/n Sharp and Draco Malfoy despise eachother until they realise they have more in common then what meets the eye.

Erotica / Romance
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first day back

i step onto the train and immediately find pansy waiting for me in a cabin. she smiles and runs up to me 'heyy i missed youuuu' she says pulling a puppy dog eyes face. 'atleast i wrote to you pans' i say before sitting down opposite her. then the cabin door opens and blaise walks in with him. draco malfoy the boy i hate the most on this earth. him and his pale blonde hair makes me wanna throw up. he can fuck off out of this cabin! 'hey ladies' blaise says sitting next to me. 'hey blaise how was your summer?' i say. 'eh.. the usual' he replies. i could see him looking down at my boobs.

since last year, i've filled out a bit, my boobs have got bigger and so has my ass but it's still disrespectful he's staring at them like that. 'blaise her eyes are up here!' pansy says pointing at my eyes. i begin to laugh and draco just rolls his eyes. 'how was your summer malfoy?' i say. he rudely says 'what's it to do with you sharp' 'wow okay i won't ask next time' i reply holding up my middle finger. 'anyways how was your summer princess' pansy says. we always had cute little nicknames for each other we came up with them 4th year. 'yes darling i went to Belgium with my mum' i say smiling. me and my mum never really had a good relationship and by the look on pansy's face she was happy we were getting along at last. pansy has also always been obsessed with draco and i always just went eww to her when she would tell me about it. but now he was whispering in her ear and she was giggling at him. what a twat malfoy was. he always knew how to make me mad which i hated.

'careful malfoy we can almost see you smiling' i say as he begins to smile at pansy's giggling. 'shut up sharp you filthy mud blood' he says. he likes to call me a mudblood because he doesn't lie to associate with mudbloods therefore i'm like one as he wishes to not have to spend so much time with him because of blaise and pansy but oh well he choses to be friends with my friends. 'don't say that malfoy i'm a half blood and you know it' i snarl at him gritting through my teeth.

we arrive at hogwarts and walk into the great hall. draco was mumbling about how potter is gonna get it this year and how he will beat him in the quidditch cup. 'quit saying that malfoy your not even better than potter when he has the firebolt' i say pointing over to potter holding his new broom in his hands. he huffed and puffed and ignored me. i smiled and walked out the great hall to the bathroom and then i hear footsteps behind me. great it's malfoy. i roll my eyes as he grabs my wrist and pulls me into a closet. 'hi...'
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