Are you guys just friends


Fred and George have been your best friends since you first met them. that's until something happens and now you don't know if you and George can just be friends A/n: authors note, This story is 16+ there is a lot of serious topics so if you are sensitive to (look further down in the text to see what I'm talking about) don't read this story. y/n: your name (I might change your name I don't know yet) y/h/c: your hair color: dark brown with light brown highlights y/e/c:your eye color: gray/hazel y/f/c: your favorite color characters: George Weasley Fred Weasly Ron Weasley Genny Weasley Luna Lovegood Hormione Granger Harry Potter Cedric Diggory Draco Malfoy and more that I'm to lazy to write Started writing 11/3/2020 I don't own these characters except for the ones that I make up all credit goes to J.K.R for the characters and for the story line don't read if your sensitive to underage drinking, and sex started:11/3/2020 Ended:

Romance / Drama
Bella White
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Burrow

" Y/n you're going to be late if you don't stop looking at yourself in the mirror" your mom yelled from downstairs.

For the next 2 weeks, you get to stay with the Wesley's at the burrow because the twins invited you to the quidditch world cup. And of course, you said yes how can you pass that offer.

"MOM, I'm not looking in the mirror. I look at my checklist," you yelled back. "Oh whatever y/n. You need to go now if you want to get there in time." She was in your room.

"Ok ok mom I'm done," you said

Next thing you know you're already out the door and saying bye to your mom and brother. (Oh yeah I forgot to mention you have a brother)

Time skip 1 hour

By the time your dad got you to the burrow, it was 10 PM. You knew everyone would be asleep well except for Molly Weasley she was expecting you so of course, she'll still be awake.

You walked into the burrow and immediately met with a hug longest by the one and only Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh dear I thought you weren't going to make it," Molly said in that worried mom tone. "To be honest I thought I wasn't going to make it as well I bad with time." You said with a laugh "ok dear it is late you should get to bed. You will be staying in Charlie's old room since he's not here right now" said molly. Then she leads you to his room trying to stay as quiet as possible.


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