Are you guys just friends

chapter 9 the note

Time skip 1 week

Dear diary,
Alot of people ended up putting there name in the goblet. Including Cedric. At the goblet ceremony to see who won. Cedrics, flur, and Viktor Krum names got pulled. Also Harry's name got pulled now a lot of people are mad at him including ron because he thinks harry cheated. So Hermione has been hanging out with me and Cedric.

Anyways George has been acting really strange though. It's like every time me and Cedric hang out like just the two of us he always acts weird and starts flirting with Angelina.

For example I was helping Cedric with his DADA homework and talking to him about how he needs to make a move on Cho. Then at dinner every time I would try to talk to the group he would just talk over me.

I don't know what's wrong with him. Anyways I heard from my bother who heard from a professor that we are going to be having a ball. That's probably why the twins needed dress robes.

Also tomorrow is my birthday. I kind of hate my birthday but love it because all of the attention goes to my brother. But at least tomorrow is Saturday. Ok anyways I'm really tried.

Wright in you soon diary.

The next morning.
You woke up and got dressed in a red and black skirt and put on a white shirt then put on a black sweater over it. Then Hermione walked into the room.

"Happy birthday." Hermione said as she closed the door. And ran over to give you a hug. "Don't remind me." You laughed hugging her back. "Ok I need to go ask fred if I can get can get my back." You say letting go of her. "Ok oh. And while you're out there can you go her cat food we ran out." She says as you walk out of the room."will do." You say.

You walked over to the boys dorms. And went to Fred and George room and opened the door. "Hey Fred d-." You were cut off because you saw George and Angelina in his bed snogging. " I am so sorry." You say then closed the door.

You walked down to the common room and walked out of the door you were on the verge of crying. You pushed all of what you saw to the back of your mind. Then you headed to the pet stand. "Hi can I get a bag of cat food ordered to the gryffindor girls dorm room 20 please." You say and handed him 3 gallons.

You went back to the common room. Angelina and George were sitting on the couch. Ugh just the people in wanted to see you though. You just ignored them and went to your room. "Did you get the food." Hermione said as you closed the door. "I just saw George and Angelina kissing each other." You say. Hermione runs over to you to hug you.

The next thing you know you were on the ground crying into her arms. Someone knocked on the door." Just a moment." Hermione yelled as you wiped away your tears and whent to go sat at your desk to look in the mirror.

Your eyes were kind of red. Then Hermione opened the door. "Hi professor McGonagall what's to see all of the 4th years after breakfas." A random 3 year said then walks down the hallway and knocks on another person's door.

"Come on let's go to breakfast." You say putting your hair in a ponytail. "Are you sure you want to go." Hermione says. "Yeah come on." You say and grabbed her hand. And you started running. You guys started laughing for some reason. Until you guys got to the common room. Hermione rapped an arm around your shoulders and you did the same thing even though you were an inche taller than her. And gave George a dirty look. Then led you out of the room.


You guys sat were you usually sat. For some reason the twins switched places so that fred was setting across from you and George was sitting across from Ginny. And Thank the wizardry world for that. Then Dumbledore made his speech he never makes speeches at breakfast.

"Before we start eating I just wanted to remind you all. After breakfast you must go to your common rooms then you will get further information from there." He says every one gave him a confused look. Then walked to were all the teachers are setting. All of your friends wishes a a happy birthday as mail came.

You got some envelopes but not as much as your bother. The first one that you picked up was from molly. She was wishing you a happy birthday. After a few more envelopes you notice mom didn't give you a birthday card she gave you a jewelry box.

After opening your gifts you went back to listening to your friends conversation. "Y/n why are you so quiet today." Ginny asked. "No reason I just hate today." You say. They all looked at you. "What type of person doesn't like there birthday. It's your 17th birthday you should be happy" Ron said shoving toast in his mouth. You pointed to your bother that had a mini pile of gifts then you pointed to the 4 birth day card and jewelry box.

"See that's why I kind of hate today." You say. Then Hermione whispered something in Ginny's ear. Ginny grabbed her drink and threw it into George face. "Your such a dick." Ginny said to George and then stormed out of the great hall. That caused the gryffindor table to look at were you guys were sitting.

You ran after Ginny. When you finally found were she was she was outside under a tree. "Y/n I am so sorry about my brother he doesn't deserve you." Ginny says as you sit next to her. "Gin you don't need to apologize. He was the one kissing Angelina." You say.

"Come on we need to go back to the common room." Ginny says and stands up. She grabbed your hand and pulled you onto you feet. Then you wrapped your arm around you shoulder and you guys started walking to the common room.

When you two entered George was in different clothes. You and Ginny were one of the last people in the room. You started talking to some of Ginny's friends. That was until you felt someone tap your shoulder. It was George.

"You left this in the grate hall." He says and hands you the jewelry box. You grabbed it then turned back to Ginny. "Y/n you should see what's in there." Ginny says grabbing the box. "Will I mean its probably a piece of jewelry so you can open it." You say.

She opened the box there was a note and a ring. Ginny hands you the box. "Will are you going to read the note or are you going to just look at it." Ginny say laughing. "Ok I read it."

To my daughter.

I know today is going to be a weird day. And a few things are going to change. First things first your emotions are going to take over. Your eyes will start to change color. Second, were the ring it will help you get your body with calming down when your emotions get to strong to the point of putting your life and others on the line. This is going to be hard. But you need to tell them that you are a metamorphmagus. I'm sure Hermione will know all about them.

Ok my love I hope you have a great rest of you birthday.

Right when you were done reading the note you put on the ring. Then McGonagall walked in. "Ok everyone follow me." She says and then walked out every one followed her. We made it to a random room that had chairs on each side of the room.

"Boys on the left girls on the right." She says and everyone went to were they were supposed to go. Unfortunately you ended up directly across from George. He won't stop staring at you until you mad eye contact with him. He finally stopped looking at you.

After what seems like an hour of McGonagall telling us about the yule ball. And how there is a lion in every guy and a flower in every girl. And Ron getting embarrassed having to dance with McGonagall. We finally got to dance. And just your luck you had to dance with George. But good thing Ginny and Hermione were around you.

"So do you what to lead or should I." You say to George just as he was putting his hand on your waist. "You can." He says. You guys start to dance.

"Hey gin when you get the chance can you tell Harry, Hermione, and fred to meet me at the quidditch field after before lunch I have a good idea." You say with a smirk while dancing with George. "Ok can I come to." She said continuing to dance with Neville. "Uh yeah." You say. "Ok less talking more dancing. Every body switch." McGonagall said.

Somehow you ended up with fred. Fred hovered his hand over your waist out of respect for George. George just looked at us dancing. "Hey Fred before lunch meet me at the quidditch field." You say as he opened his mouth to talk. "You should forgive him." Fred said ignoring what you just said. "Can you just meet me on the quidditch field." Ignoring what he said. "Sure but is George going." He says "maybe." You say before McGonagall yelled for everyone to switch.

You ended up with Neville. He hovered his hand on your waist just like Fred. He was a pretty good dancer when he was nervous about stepping on your feet and he did a few times. "Y/n I told Harry and Hermione." Ginny said "Ok I told Fred." I say then I heard an ow. "Omg Neville I am so sorry." You say and then covered your mouth. "Oh y/n it's ok it doesn't even hurt." He said.

"Are you sure." I say looking down at your feet. "Yah I'm sure." He says. "Ok everyone you guys can go." McGonagall says.

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