Are you guys just friends

chapter 10 birthday

Ginny,Fred and Hermione all followed you to the quidditch field.

You had every one sit down in a circle. "Ok I have every one here because I have 2 important things to say." You say. "Ok I'm going to start off easy. I am a metamorphmagus." You say

"So do your eyes or hair change color." Fred asks. "My eyes." I say. "Ok now on to the more serious topic. I want your honest opinion since two of you are his sibling and Hermione's my younger fake sister." You say. "Do You guys think I should forgive George." Everyone immediately started talking at once.

"Ok everyone one at a time Fred first." I yelled over. "I think you should forgive him the only reason he was with Angelina was because he thought you and Cedric were hooking up." Fred says. "Why would he think that." You asked "Because you guys hang out all the time." He says. "So girl and guy friends can't hang out. We hang out all the time with out George." You say Turing you eyes red.

"Hermione what do you think." You say looking at her.

"Well now hearing what Fred said I honestly thing you should forgive him." She says looking back at me. "Ok Gin what do you think." You say looking at her. "I agree with them even though my brother is stupid. Also I don't regret throwing my drink at him." She says you guys all started to laughing. "Ok guys I'm hungry let's go get lunch. I'll race you all." You say getting up and started laughing.

Every one got up and started running after you. Fred was the closest to you. You guys stopped running once you reached the outside of the great hall. You stopped all of them before they could walk in.

"I'm going to prank Ron. So no laughing no matter how much you want to." You say and then you change your eye color to purple.

Then all of you guys walked in. George looked so miserable he was just starting at his plate. Ron was just stuffing his mouth with food. And harry I honestly don't know what harry was doing.

"Hello boys." You say. Ron immediately looked up from his plate. "Y/n what wrong with your eyes." Ron look terrified. That caused George to look up from his plate. Your eyes turned yellow. "See she did it again." Ron said. You guys all started laughing except George harry and ron.

"Ok you guys are no fun I was just trying to play a prank on you guys." You say. Then turned your eyes back to gray. "It wasn't a good one" George mumbled under his breath. You just ignored him.

"Umm y/n the boys at the slytherin table are looking at you again." George says. You stood up. And started walking over to were your bother was sitting.

"Hey can I talk to you." I say grabbing jack by the arm. You walked out of the great hall. "Why are your friends staring at me its getting weird." I say. "They think your cute." He say with a with a smirk.

You just gave him a confused look. Then he just walked back into the great hall and sat back down. "I'm not done talking to you." I say following him back to his set. "Hey did you hear about the party that's going to happen after lunch at the black lake." He says. "Yeah." I said and then grabbed a pices of lettuces off his plate. "Hey get your own." He says slapping your hand away.

"Hey don't treat the lady like that." One of your brothers friends says. "I have a name." Then you felt someone slightly hit your shoulder with there arm. Of course it was ferret boy.

"Malfoy really." You say turning my eyes red. "What's wrong with your eyes." He said looking scared. You just smirked and then turned your eyes back to gray.

"Nothing." I say and then turned back to my brother friends. "Ok I'm going to the party as long as malfoy isn't there." You say grabbing a slice of tomato off of Jack's plate. "Ok stop taking my food go get your own." He says swatting your hand away.

You just started laughing. All of his friends staring looking at you. "Ok back of guys. She's my sister. Not a piece of meat." He says giving them a warning look. They all looked down. You just smiled.

"Can you go somewhere." Draco says looking back at you. "Ferret boy i am just trying to talk to my brother. Shut it." You say and then smacked him lightly on the back of his head.

He stood up. Hes face red with anger. "Oh your going to regret that." He says walking over to you. You just stood your ground and crossed your arms and smirked.

"Oh like I'm scared of you. I'm shaking in my boots." You say with a sarcastic tone. He held his wand up to your neck. "Ok malfoy chil." My brother said stand up. You could feel eyes on you.

"Malfoy I am so tired of your shit." You say he prest his wand into your neck more. You could feel a lot of eyes on you. You just stood your ground. "Ok malfoy chil. Leave her." Jack says. Trying to pull you back.

"Jack calm down hes not going to do anything. He's to much of a coward." You say. Then with one quick move your took his wand out of his hand. And pointed at him.

"See." You say putting my arm down. And then handed draco his wand. "Ok everyone shows over." You say turning to look at everyone that was watching. You looked at the gryffindor table to see all of my friends whispering.

"I'll see you at the party." You say and then walked back to my table.

"Damn y/n that was bad ass." Fred says as you once you sat down. "How were you not scared." Neville says shoving chips in his mouth. "Oh its malfoy he not going to do anything." You say eating a chip off of your plate.

They all started laughing. "Y/n can I talk to you." Cedric says. You didn't even notice him. "Sure." You say getting up and then looked back at your friends. And then started walking back to Cedric. You didn't really know were you were going.

"I was wondering if you could help me out with the challenges." He says while you were exist out of the great hall. "Sure. But you owe me." You say. "Yeah yeah. Ok so the first task is in 3 weeks. Then the the second task is in February. Then I don't know when the last task is." He said at this point I noticed that people were wearing I hate potter pins.

"Ok wait what is up with the pins." You say looking at his chest to see he had one too. "Oh do you what one." He say laughing. "NO.I DON'T WANT ONE." You say taking the one he had in his hand and throwing it on the ground.

"Ok chil." He says putting his arms up. "Sorry, today is just not my day. I just need to drink all my problems away." You say. "You can't just drink every time your life isn't going to plan." He says looking into your eyes.

"Ok I know. But how would you feel if your summer filing was snogging some else and you found out on your birthday." You say before he interrupts you. And then you broke eye contact.

"Ok yeah, I would what to get drunk if I was you." He says laughing. You just nodd your head. Then people started walking out of the great hall. Some of them started walking out side some of them started walking back to their common rooms.

"Come on y/n our party is starting." Your brother said and then grabbed your arm and started leading you out side.

When you got there you saw all of your friends except for harry. And you saw some of your brothers friends and then some other random people for the other school's and some people in your year.

Your brother led you to the group of boys that you saw at lunch. "Ok its time I introduced you to my friends." He says and then wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

"Ok this is viktor." He say pointing to a guy. "Hey you played at the quidditch world cup. Me and my friends were there." You say as you reached out to shake his hand. In stead he kissed you hand. "Ok this is Robert." He says pointing to a blonde guy. He just waved. You waved back. "And this is Kevin." He says pointing to a guy with brown hair.

"And everyone this is y/n." He says and you just waved. Then you guys just started talking about random things. "Ok guys I'm going to go find my friends. It was really nice meeting you." You say and then walked away.

You whent over to a table it had a bunch of drinks you grabbed one. Once you took a sip of the drink your throw started to burn a little bit. Then you saw all of your friends sitting by a bonfire.

You sat next to George and started swaying to the music. "Hey." George says after taking a drink from his cup. Just then you heard people singing happy birthday. You couldn't help but smile. Your brother sat next to you. Once they were done singing you two blow out the candles at the same time.

Then you guys turned to each other. Hooked your pinky's together closed your eyes and made a wish. Then you guys opened your eyes. Every one was starting at you guys.

"Its a twin thing." You say every one smiled and then started dancing and talking again. Then your bother and his friends all walked away.

You took a few more sips of you drink then turned to George. "Hey. I'm going to get a refill." You say he stood and started walking with you. You pored some fire whiskey in your cup. "Y/n I'm sorry." He blurted out.

"Look I don't want to talk about it. I just want to get drunk." You say looking up at him. He just nodd his head and you two walked back to the bonfire. By this time every one was sitting down around it. It was around 6PM the sun was completely down. And you guys had 2 hours in till dinner.

We were all just listening to music and laughing. "Guys I'm bored let's play truth or dare." A random ravenclaw boy said. Every one agreed. "Ok let's start with the birthday girl." The ravenclaw boy said. "Ok truth or dare y/n." The ravenclaw boy said. "Truth." You say. "Ok what's your body count." The boy said.

Your brother leaned in waiting for your response. "One." You say telling the truth. Every one was drunk so you didn't really care.

After a few more rounds of truth or dare it was your turn to go again. You choose dare. What you were feeling epic. "I dare you to kiss anyone one here." A random guy say. You looked at George and started full on making out with him. Every one started cheering. You pulled away and started laughing.

I'm not sure what just happened.

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