Are you guys just friends

chapter 11 Task 1

You didn't even know what happened. But the one thing that you did know was no one was going to remember this probably not even your self.

The next day

You woke up took a shower with your signature scent of vanilla. And curdled your long hair. In the process of that you ended up burning your neck. So you just decided to leave your hair down.

It looked like a really bad burn. So you decide to let Hermione take a look at it in the common room.

"Hermione how bad does it look." You say moving your hair to show your brun mark. You heard people walking down the stairs. You quickly moved your hair over your neck so that no one could see it.

"In my opinion its definitely going to leave a scare." She said with a fake smile on her face. You frowned. "What's going to leave a scare." Fred says sitting on the couch. "It's nothing." You mumbled.

Then you all exist out of the main door to go to the great hall. You could tell a lot of people were hungover. You walked to your usual spot at the gryffindor table. "If anyone has a hangover. Make sure you hydrate and get some rest." You say to your friends.

Fast forward 2 hours

Cedric and you were walking around and talking about the first task. Harry had menton to you that the first task had something about dragons.

"I don't get why you can't just tell me about the first task when all you do is talk about." Cedric says fake laughing.

"Ok Ced I'll tell you what the first task is if you can catch me." You say and then you stared running and laughing. Cedric wasn't far behind you though. You turned your face to the side to see out of the corner of your eye to see that Cedric was slowing down.

Than you ran into someone. Well someone's. It was Fred and George. "Omg I am so sorry." You say standing up. In the process of falling your hair ended up behind you shoulder revealing your burn mark. The both stared at it.

Then you turned around to see Cedric was catching up to you. You immediately started run. You could hear Cedric yelling. "Y/n get back here and tell me." You just started laughing. Then you felt some grab you. It was Cedric.

You guys were almost in the quart yard. "Ok ok I'll tell you. Just let me go." You say laughing. He put you down. Then all of Cedrics friends came up to you two. They just started talking about harry as you guys started to set down.

Harry came over to were you and Cedric friends. "Cedric can I talk to you." Harry says. Cedric immediately got up and followed harry they stopped walking a few seconds. "Cedric stop wasting your time on potter he's a cheat" One of Cedrics friends says.

You stood up and started walking towards Harry and Cedric. "Y/n were are you going." Asked another one of Cedrics friends. "I'm not going to sit hear and listen to you guys talk about my my friend like that." You say turning to look at them. You felt someone grab your shoulders.

"Y/n calm down I'll talk to them." Cedric said and then you heard harry yell "I don't give a damn what your father thinks." You turned around to see malfoy and his goonies walking towards harry. Then out of nowhere professor moody turned malfoy into a ferret. You couldn't help but laugh.

McGonagall came over and yelled at mood which made you laugh even harder. That made Cedric elbow you in the ribcage. "Ow." You whisper. "You didn't stop laughing." He says and then started chuckling to him self.

He saw something in you hair a picked it out in the process of doing that he saw your burn. And touched it. "Ow don't do that." You say slapping his hand away. "Y/n what's on your neck." He says moving you hair to get a better look.

You saw Fred and George staring at you. "I burdened my self with a curling iron. So now please don't touch it." You say as you hit his hand away again. "Oh I didn't notice you curled your hair until now." He stared laughing then pulled your hair.

"Dude what the hell" you yelled he stared running. And you started chasing after him. It took you 15 seconds well what seemed like 15 seconds to catch up to him. And when you did you slapped him on the back of his head. You heard the twins laughing.

"Oh do you guys want some to." You say and then hit them lightly on the back of there heads. "Ok it's not funny when you do it to us." George says laughing.

Then you guys all started laughing.

3 weeks later day of the first task.

"I'm going to go talk to harry." Hermione says as we all started walking to our sets. "I'm going with you." You say and then started walking with Hermione.

"Psss, harry is that you." Hermione says getting her ear close to the tent wall. "Yes." He says Hermione opened the tent and gave harry a hug while you ran over to Cedric and gave him a hug.

Then you saw a bright light flash and a camera clicking noise. You immediately let go of Cedric. Hermione did the same thing to harry. It was this news girl. God I hate her ever sense she posed that article about harry.

"What are you doing in here this tent is only for champions." Victor says you hadn't realised that lady was talking to you and Hermione. all of the professors walked in you and Hermione stated right were you guys were. "Ok ot time for you guys to choose your guys dragon." Dumbledore said. "Ms. Granger, ms. Y/l/n what are you guys doing in here." Dumbledore says. "Oh we were just about to leave" Hermione says grabbing you arm. You waved to harry and Cedric and then walked out.

Dumbledore explains what the 4 champions will need to get to the next challenge. "The 4 champions will have to grab there egg that heavily protected by there dragon." Dumbledore said and then the challenge began.

Fleur went first. Besides her skirt catching on fire she did pretty well. Then victor went next he did really good to but he had to get points removed because apparently he hurt the dragon. We all just laughed about it.

Then Cedric went he got burned pretty badly on his right arm and face. George started laughing. You looked at him. Then harry went he had it a lot worse.


In the common room Fred and George told harry to open the egg. It made a high pitch sketching noise. But it also sounded familiar. But then you recognize the egg. You read something about about it.

Ok but in other news Harry and Ron made up. So now they were back together I couldn't really hang out with Hermione and who knows what Ginny is doing. You though. And then you stared laughing under your breath.

"Ok I'm going to call it a night." You say and then you hugged the twins and ron and harry and then when to your dorm and went to sleep.

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