Are you guys just friends

chapter 12 yes mother

~George's pov~

2 weeks

I saw y/n and Cedric talking as they enter the great hall. In stead of y/n sitting with us she went to go sit with the ravenclaw's with Cho she seems more happier with the ravenclaw's then the gryffindors. I'm mean her eyes are literally lighting up.

After 20 minutes of y/n sitting with the ravenclaw's she finally came over to the gryffindor table and sat next to Hermione. And started talking to Hermione I couldn't hear what they were saying because of Fred so I just gave up.

~y/n pov~

You walked into the great hall with Cedric he was asking me if I could go see if Cho has a date to the ball. So instead of heading to gryffindor table you sat down with Cho and asked her if anyone has asked her to the dance. She said yes but there only going as friends. Yoi just told her ok and invited her dress shopping with me Hermione and Ginny. Then you sat down with your friends.

"Hey Hermione, Ginny, I hope you don't mind I invited Cho to go dress shopping with us next weekend." I say eating a pice of bacon. "Oh good. If she wasn't going to come we would have to deal with samantha." Ginny said. We all laughed.

Later on that day

You and Cedric was outside under a tree. Cedric was sitting down leaning on the tree. And you were laying down the opposite. so that your head was near his feet.

"Ok so what did Cho say." Cedric asked while you were looking in a book to see were you saw the egg at. "She said she going with a friend." You say flipping through the pages of the book.

"Well since shes going with a friend do you want to go to dance with me as friends." He says continuing to read his book. "Sure." You say as you scanned through the book.

"I am finding nothing in this book. Let's go to the library." He says and you guys started walking to the library.

You guys got there and found an old book. "Ced I think I found it." You say with a smile. "We need to place the egg in water." You say looking up. You saw Fred and George staring at you.

"Y/n come on, bring the book with you to." He says. We stood up and checked out the book. Then we ran out of the library. You told Cedric to go get the egg and met you in the 5th floor prefect's bedroom. In 5 minutes.

5 minutes later Cedric and you were in the prefect's bedroom. You turned on the water for the bath. "Ok Ced the book says go underwater and then open the egg." You say turning towards the door and looking down at the book. So that you could give him privacy.

A few second later Cedric came up from the water."what did it say." Yoy say turning back to look at him. "Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground, And while you're searching, we've taken what you'll surely miss, an hour long you'll have to look,to recover what we took." He says. Then goes back under water to pull the drain.

Then you cast a quick drying charm. His hair was still a little wet. Then you guys ran out of the bathroom and back to the library. "Ok write down the song or words you heard. Then you handed him the parchment and quill.

Just as Cedric were done writing the song Fred and George came over. "Oh hey guys." You say and then Cedric handed you the parchment. "What's up." You say looking at them. "Oh we just wanted to see what you guys were doing." Fred says. Your eyes turned yellow and you smiled.

"Oh we just found a hint for task 2." You say. "Oh cool." They said at the same time and then walked away.

"Ok will I think that's enough for to day. I'm getting tired. Let's meet up soon." Cedric says. You nodded in agreement. Then he grabbed the egg and walked out of the library.

At lunch

At lunch you went to your bother. "Hey do you have any money." You ask Jack. "For what." He says. "Because me Hermione, Cho, and Ginny are going dress shopping." I say. "Fine." He handed you his left over money. "Thank you." You say. "Wait y/n is anyone taking you to the dance asking for a friend." Jack says.

"Believe it or not yes I do." You say looking at his friends. They all kind off looked disappointed except for Victor. "Who is it." Your brother says. "Jack are we playing 50 questions. Or." You say laughing your hair kind of moving off your neck.

"What's on your neck." Jack whispers while getting up. Then dragging you out of the great hall. You start laughing. "Calm down I burned myself with my curling iron." You say. "I want you to say away from those boys." He says laughing. You could tell he's joking.

"What are you dad." You say laughing. He laughs along. "Ok but I'm serious y/n, I don't want you to get hurt." Jack says placing his hand on your shoulder. "Ok ok I know." You say looking into his eyes.

"Ok but I want to know who your going to the dance with." He says removing his hand off your shoulder. "Ok I'll tell you but if you tell anyone I will kill you." You say. "Y/n is that how you talk to your bother." A woman says as she approached behind your bother.

"Hello mother." You say as your bother turned around to look at our mom. Then she pulled you and Jack into an empty class room. "Y/n fix your poster woman shouldn't slouch." Your mom says then she straightens out your poster. "Yes mother." You say kind of backing away from her.

"Mom what are you doing." Jack asked. Her eyes flashed with hurt. "I came here to talk to Dumbledore about y/n and your powers and when you can start training to control them." She says.

"Also what are you wearing." She said in her angry tone."Mom leave it." Jack says. "Ok but the skirt makes you look like a whore." Your mom says looking at you up and down.

"Mom its just a skirt your acting like it's stopping were my ass is." You say in your annoyed tone. She gasps. "How dare you use that word." She says . " and what is that on your neck." She kind of tells you. "Mom i-" before you could say anything she cut you off.

"Did you get that from a boy. Wow you really are a whore." She says then she slaps you.

You ran out of the room. You heard your bother yelling at your mom.

You ran into the griffindor common room tears ready to fall. Fred and George just look at you. You just ran up to your room. You grabbed a book from your and Hermione's small book shelf and changed into some leggings and a new shirt. Them ran out of the room.

You heard the twins yelling your name you didn't stop. You heard them running after you. You turned the corner and lost them in a crowd of people.

You walked over to a tree and climbed and started reading. By the time you were half way done reading the first book it was night fall. You checked your watch to see it was 10 o clock. Shit its two late to go back I'll just stay here.

Then you put your jacket around your body. And fell asleep.

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