Are you guys just friends

chapter 13 MIA

~y/n pov~

The next morning you woke up in the tree you checked your watch it was 6:30 ok good your first class start at 9:30. You looked in your pocket mirror you looked good for sleeping in a tree, your hair was kind of mess so you brushed your hair with your fingers. Then you grabbed your book and climbed down the tree.

You saw fleur running toward you. "Hey y/n can you help me with something." She said in English with her french accent coming through.

"Yes sure." You say as you put your hair in a ponytail.

~George's pov~

I walked to the great hall with Fred and lee. I sat down and notice Hermione and y/n wasn't there. They are always here before us. Just then Hermione ran into the great hall she seemed worried.

"Hey have any you guys seen y/n her bed looks like it hasn't been slept in. Like her bed isn't made she always makes her bed." Hermione says kind of pacing back and forth. Then i start getting worried so I checked the map.

"I'm sure she just forgot." Fred says looking at Hermione like she was crazy. Then y/n's brother walked over. "Hey has anyone seen y/n our mom said some pretty fucked up shit yesterday. And I want to see if she's ok." Jack says kind of worried.

"Yeah I also noticed that she's missing." I says now I'm getting nervous. "Have you guys tried the map." Harry chimed in. "Yeah I just tried that she didn't come up." George says trying not to sound worried.

Then Cedric walked over. "Hey has anyone seen y/n I need her advice." Cedric says. "The golden boy needs advice." Fred says with a smirk. "Girl troubles." He says kind of laughing. Then he walked away before anyone could question him.

~y/n's pov~

"Yeah sure." You say putting your hair in a ponytail. "Ok I need help with the second task. I put it under water and got all of the hints except for 1." Fleur say as we start walking towards the school.

"Ok can you tell me what the other clues are." You say as you made your way to the great hall. She told you everything thing about the clues. "But I just need to know what they are going to take." Fleur says as we reach the great hall. "I'm not sure about that but I'll let you know soon." You say looking up at the girl that is 4 inches taller than you.

Than she hugged you and says thank you. You told her no problem. Then she walked into the great hall. You made your way to your room so that you could shower and get dressed.

30 minutes later you were dressed in a yellow and black plaid pencil skirt. And a black cropped sweater and then you but on your dr martens. And your griffindor robe on.

You grabbed your books and your back pack and placed the book in your bag. Then you put on a necklace and the ring your mom gave you. Dang i already hate this ring. You though as you grabbed your keys and walked out of the room.

You looked the door and went down stairs no one was in the common room. You looked at your watch it was only 7:00.

When you got to the great hall all of your friends were gone so you just sat with Neville and asked him who he is going to the ball with. He said Ginny but they are only going as friends.

~George's pov~

"Say to her." I say as my hands curl into fists under the table. "I dont really want to say. It was just something you shouldn't say to your own daughter." He says and then walks away.

"Well we have to go find her." Fred says and then he stands up. Every one follows him out of the great hall and we all started looking for her.

By the time we searched almost all of the down stairs we had to get to classes. Damn why does this place have to be so big. "Hey man cher up she's probably already in class." Fred says and then he picks up a news paper from a first year that was passing them out. "We don't have the same class with her until study hall." I say then look at the news paper too.

The news paper showed Hermione and harry hugging as well as y/n and Cedric hugging. Then I read the caption.

It seems like Hermione Granger and Harry Potter might be a thing as well as y/n y/l/n and Cedric Diggory are too. I wonder how the students of Hogwarts feel about these power couples.

My i feld with anger I started walking to the trash can and threw it away then I stared walking to class.

3 hours later in study hall
~your pov~

You meet up with Hermione and she asked you what happened and were you went. Then you entered study hall snape was running it.

About 1 hour into study hall ron stared complaining about not having a date to the dance. You and Hermione were rolling your eyes at Ron. You could feel lee that was all they way across from you trying to copy off of you. Then George threw a piece of paper at ron.

Ron opened it then George started writing something on another paper. Then he threw it a Angelina. Well you go to the ball with me. He mouthed as he acted out the dance moves. Your heart felt like it was about to sink.

"Say Hermione your a girl right." Ron says and you smack your hand to you forehead. After that you just blocked out what he was saying. Then Hermione got up and started walking out.

"Great now we and Neville, y/n are the only ones that doesn't have a date you the bal." Ron says. "Actually Neville has a date and someone already asked me weeks ago." You say closing your ink. "I bet shes going with her boyfriend." George mumbled.

"I don't have a boyfriend." You say quietly. Then you closed your book got up and gave it to snape. He checked it and dismissed you.

You went back to the table you looked at George your eyes flashed red for a quick second then you grabbed your bag and walked out.

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