Are you guys just friends

chapter 14

As you were walking down the hallway you ran into Cedric. You guys started started talking about the clues that Fleur gave you.

Cedric had his back to the great hall. Then George and Fred walk out of the great hall and stoped a few inches behind you. They were probably in ear distant of us.

Then Cho walked bye she said hi to you and Cedric she even gave him a wink and walked past Fred and George.

You could tell Cedric was looking at Cho's ass.

You hit him on the arm. "Stop looking at her ass." You say. He could tell you were joking and you guys start walking in the same direction as cho. "Oh come on I was not starring at her ass." He says right when we walked passed Fred and George.

You could feel some major tension between them. "Sure." You say then you guys turned right to sit down in the court yard and started working on homework.

You worked on your muggle studies homework for 10 minutes then you realized you only have 2 more questions and it's due in a week. "Dude I'm done." You say looking at Cedric.

"Ok. Hey are you ok you are kind of acting different." He says closing his DADA book. "Remember summer filing." You say then you put your homework in your bag.

"Is that what were calling this mistry guy." He says then holds out his hands. You do the same thing to play red hands. You hands were hovering over his hands palms facedown. While his hands were facing up.

"Yes. Anyways he asked someone else to the dance in front of my face also it was the same girl that I caught him snogging with. Then had the audacity to say that we were dating." You say as he tries slapping your hands you pull away.

And the. Placed them back to how they were before. You guys just started laughing. "I think he is just trying to make you jealous. Like if i was in his shoes I would do the same thing. Also I don't blame him we have been hanging out more." Cedric says and slaps your hands.

"Ow." You say and you guys began to laugh. You guys played hot hands for 2 more minutes then you heard some foot steps. You looked up to see your mother your father Dumbledore McGonagall and Snape walking towards you.

"Hello Mr. Diggory I hope if it's ok I would like to have a word with miss y/l/n." Dumbledore said. "I dont mind professors." Cedric says. You look at him rolled your eyes. Then stood up. You didn't realize but it was passing period of a lot of people were in the hallways.

You walked behind Dumbledore Snape and McGonagall. Your mom and dad on the right of you. Every thing was moving in slow motion. You looked to the left to see the twins they were giving you an confused look then you looked stright infront of you so that all you were looking at was Dumbledor's back.

Every one was watching. You could hear whispers. You mom placed a hand on your shoulder you moved slightly and she took her hands off of you. You didn't admitted but you were scared.

You finally reached Dumbledore's office. He told you to take a seat with my parents on the couch. "You are probably wondering why I bought you here." Dumbledore says as he and the other two professors sat down across from you.

"Your not in trouble." He continued your eyes shifted back to its original gray color. "As you already know your a metamorphmagus." McGonagall said as she poured tea into her tea cup.

"But you also need to know this." She continued. "This thing is very rare in whiches and wizards." She says. The suspends killing you.

"You need to take the information that we are about to give you seriously because if you don't people can get hurt ." Your father says. At his wordes your blood ran cold. "Just tell me." you say your voices shaking.

"You have the power of legilimency which means you have the ability to read and control minds." Snape says in his regular boring voice. "Snap here is going to train you with controlling your powers." Dumbledore continue.

"But why am I now just finding this out?" You question looking at your parents. "Well when you were 5 you were showing signs of mind control. For example when ever your bother would make you mad you would always yell at him to go somewhere else and he would always go even if you guys were in the middle of the argument. But then when ever you guys weren't fighting he would never listen to you." Your dad says putting a hand on you soulder just like how your mom did just moments ago but this time you didn't shrug off his hand.

"But then there was this one day were you had enough you yelled at and you told him to go break his arm. And he tried but your mom stopped him. Then that's when we decided to go talk to Dumbledore. And he confirmed that you have mind control powers. So we decided to make a plan." Your dad said then looked at your mom.

"The plan was when you turn 17 we were going to tell you. But until that time came me and your dad went from witch to wizard to make you special jewelry and that's why we every year on your birthday we get you jewelry." Your mom said you finally looked at her.

"I understand." You say looking at everyone. "Ok y/n your training with snape will begin soon You must not take that piece of jewelry that you have on until you train with snape." Dumbledore says looking into your eyes. "Ok I will." You say.

It has been an hour since you first came up here. Dumbledore McGonagall and Snape stood up so did you your mom and dad. The all started talking about random things and started walking out the door except for Dumbledore.

You weren't paying attention but you saw snape smiling.

~George's pov~

Me and Fred were just talking about random stuff and it was passing period for everyone that has class. Then Dumbledore McGonagall and snape walked into the hallway there were people behind them. It was y/n and her parents following behind them.

Y/n looked at me her eyes were pink she looked so scared. Everyone was in the hallway was looking and whispering. Then they despaired down the hallway.

Fast forward 1 hour

I wasn't able to focus in class y/n still wasn't back. Fred could tell I was breaking down by every minute. Finally class was over. Thank good it was my last class.

Me Fred and lee were the last people out of the class room. When we heard laughter. We all turned around to see Y/n her parents Snape and McGonagall were laughing. It must be a good day if Snape was laughing.

Then Fred and Lee pulled me away we were hedging turds the griffindor common room. Onec we walked in we were immediately met with commotion. Every one was yelling and questioning what going on with y/n.

"Everyone shut it she is on her way here." Fred says everyone claimed down and sat down.

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