Are you guys just friends

chapter 15

-y/n's pov~

After saying goodbye to your parents you went to the gryffindor common room.

The minute you walked in half of the gtyffindor house were just sitting there wating. "Are you getting suspended." Ginny asked as she stood up to walk to you.

You sighed every one in the room gave you a worried look. "No." You say every ones mood shifted. The room felled with laughter.

"We should celebrate. Since class are canceled tomorrow." Lee says. "Celebrate about what." Said Hermione standing up.

"Umm classes are canceled and that y/n isn't getting suspended." Lee says half laughing.

The twins ran upstairs. 3 minutes later they came down with a few bottles of beer and fire whiskey. Then they sat it down on the coffee table. And you grabbed two small bottles of fire whiskey.

About 2 hours later every one except for George, Fred, Hermione, Ginny, Ron,Harry,Angelina, Kate,Lee, left to go to sleep or go to dinner.

By this time the rest of the gryffindors were coming back from dinner. "Guys we missed dinner." You say. Every one looked at you as you talked. That gave Ginny the chance to take a sip of George's beer. You giggled a little bit.⁷night." Ginny says then gets up and walked up the stairs and turned right to go to the girls dormitory's.

"Good night." We all said in unison and started laughing. "Guys I'm bored let's play spin the bottle." Kate said as she finish drinking the rest of her beer. Then she sat it on its side on the coffee table. We were already sitting around the table at this point.

You only had 3 small bottles of fire whiskey. You grabbed another bottle this time a little bit bigger then the other ones George just raised an eye brow. You just narrowed you eyes at him for a quick second.

Everyone agreed in the spand of a minute. Kate went first it landed on you. All you guys could do was laugh then she gave you a small kiss on your cheek. You did the same thing.

Then it was your turn it landed on Fred. You could tell George was kind of angry. You got up to were Fred was you grabbed his face a kissed him on the forehead. You could tell he was out of it.

Every one started laughing at his face expiration. Except for George. He just looked at you. "I think its so funny that you don't want to kiss someone on the lips." George slurs.

Everyone stopped laughing. "What are you talking about." You say half laughing. "Why don't you what to kiss anyone is it because your dating Diggory." George says. At this point the tension in the room is noticeable.

"What are you even talking about we are just friends." You say then you took another drink. "Then why dont you what to kiss anyone." He says you looked around to see everyone was trying to avoid getting into the crossfire of the bullets.

"Because there my friends." You yell. "Sure. You are lying git you know that. Like you think that your better than everyone." He says rolling his eyes. Every one gasps. You could tell that he's not going to remember this. Because of how he was sluring over his words.

You stood up walked over to Kate. She stood up. She knew what you were doing and she went along. You placed a small kiss on her lips. "There happy now." You say turning to George.

He didn't say anything. You walked over to your drink grabbed it and went to your room.

When you got to your room you took a shower. You felt geroges words really hurt your heart. And the words that geroge just said circled through you mind. "Is he just saying this because he cares or because he actually hates me." you question to yourself as you washed out the shampoo. Then cut off the water.

You got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around you. You smelt like vanilla but for some reason the smell was stronger than usual. Then you realized you used a different bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

You went back to the shoywer to realize your mom gave you a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner. You couldn't help but smile.

After that you walked to the toilet were you new clothes were sitting on top of the closed toilet lid and put on your clothes.

Then you took out your contacts and put on your glasses and grabbed your toothbrush to brush your teeth. You heard the main door to your room opened then closed and someone sit on a bed.

"Hermione I'll be out in a minute." You yell so that she could hear you through the bathroom door and the toothpaste. You spat out the toothpaste.

Then you turned off the bathroom light walked out of the bathroom and close the door. Thank God we have a bathroom connected to our room.

You sat down at the end of your bed as quietly as possible. Hermione was meditating. You sat there for a while just listening to the quite. Then you got on the floor to start stretching.

"Y/n go to sleep we have to go dress shopping tomorrow." Hermione says. You stood up and turned off the lights and went back to your bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next day

You woke up to see that Hermione's bed was empty. You sat up and got out of bed you looked at the time it was 7:30.

You looked out the window it was snowing so you decide to were blue high-waisted jeans and a white fluffy sweatshirt and a black belt. You took your hair of the towel letting your long curly fall down your back.

You walked into the bathroom washed your hands and put your contacts in. You grabbed a small bag to put your money in and tried the strings around your belt. Then you grabbed pet food and felled Lucie and Crookshanks food bowl. Then you grabbed your wand off of your dresser and walked out of the room.

None of your friends were in the common room so you decide to leave and go get breakfast.

As you were walking down the stairs you ran into Cedric and one of his friends. You jumped on Cedrics back. And you guys started walking towards the great hall when you ran into cho. You got off of Cedric's back so that you 4 could talk.

"Cedric do you want to race to the great hall. And see who can run the fastest with one of the girls on our backs." Said Cedric's friend said. Cedric said yes ofc.

Cho got on Cedrics back they were blushing like crazy. You couldn't help but giggle. You got on Cedrics friend's back.

"Ok on the count of 3 you guys start." You say looking at Cedric and Cho. "1... oh your so on." Cho said to us as you counted. "2... oh you wish." Henry Cedric friend said as you continued to count. "3... go." You say and the immediately took of.

You and cho couldn't hold in your laughter. Before you knew it you were at the great hall only a few people were in there. Including your friends. Before you could say anything Cedric and Henry ran to the hufflepuff table. There was only 10 people at the table.

Your friends at the gryffindor table were looking at you. But you didn't notice.Henry got at the hufflepuff table first and spun around once. Which caused you to laugh. You got down and watched Cedric placed cho down. You guys all laughed.

"And the winner is henry." You say we all clapped softly not to bother anyone. Cedric and Henry at down. You and Cho stood next to them.
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