Are you guys just friends

chapter 16 dress shipping

~George's pov~

"I don't remember anything that happened last night." George say looking at all of his friends and my brother. "I think we all don't remember what happened last night." They all say at the same time except for Hermione.

She just narrowed her eyes at me. Then we heard alot of laughing coming from the entrance of the great hall. I saw y/n and a random boys back he was running towards the hufflepuff table then Cedric was running closely behind them with cho on his back. Harry scoff.

We all looked at them then they all started clapping and laughing. Cedric and that random boy sat down. Cho and y/n continue to standing up. They continued talking. Good thing a lot more people came into the great hall so they started walking away from the table.

~y/n's pov~

You and cho continued talking to the two boys. But more people started coming in so you and cho just decided to go back to your tables.

"Cho were leaving at 8 by the way." You say as you two walked away from the hufflepuff table. "Ok, I'll met you Hermione and Ginny at the front of the school." She said then we say our goodbyes and walked away.

When you sat down at the table you could seances major tension between everyone.

"Hey Hermione Ginny were meeting cho at the front of the school at 8." You say looking at them. They just nodded there heads. There was a very long moment of silences until colin creevy came up and headed you a book and a envelope. "Thank you." You say in kind of a confused tone. You opened the first envelope to see it was a letter from snape.

Dear miss y/l/n you will start your training after Christmas break. But for now you should try practicing by taking your ring off for 5 minutes a day to get used to everything. This is going to be a very overwhelming difficult and existing process so don't over step it!


You put the paper back in the envelope. "Well are you going to tell use what is says." Ginny asked. "I'll tell you later." You say in a confused tone.

Then you opened the book. It was a book full of pictures that colin took of us and our friend group. You looked at colin he was smiling. You smiled back.

Then turned back to your friends. "Guys you need to look at this." You say sitting the book down everyone immediately started flipping through the pages and started laughing because of all of the memories.

"Thank you colin." They said at the same time. You looked at your watch to see that it was almost 8. "Ok you guys us girls need to go." Ginny says closing the book. You picked up everything and quickly ran to your and Hermione's room.

You placed your your book and the envelope on your bed.

Dress shopping

You 4 walked down to Hogsmeade. They never really had any fancy clothing stores. So we just decided to go to a nice boutique. Onec we stepped inside we were greeted by a woman who seemed to be about 20. And she lead us to a sitting room were there was dresses all around.

She told us to look and try on anything we wanted to. "Ok who's going first." I say as we sat down on the couches that faced a small platform in front of a few full body mirrors.

"I can Cho says." We all stood up and started looking for dress. Then the lady came back and set 4 whine glass full of pumpkin juice down in the table next to the couches. You guys all thank her.

After 20 minutes Cho found one. "Cho you look so beautiful in that dress." You say after taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

"Thank you." She said then went back into the changing room. "Ok let's pick some dress for mione." Ginny says after Cho came out of the dressing room.

"Say mione who's talking you to the ball." I question as we all started looking for dress. "You guys can't tell anyone but I'm going with Viktor Krum." She says we all start looking at her and we all laughed.

"Ok y/n who are you going with." Hermione says in a sing song voice. You moved picked up a blue dress and handed it to Hermione.

"I'm going with Cedric but were only going as friends." You say turning back to the dresses. "But I'm sure he would rather go with Cho." You say with a smile. The all started laughing except for cho she starts to blush.

Hermione went into the dressing room. "Y/n George is out of control. Like he literally yelled at us for saying how cute you looked with Cedrics friend."Ginny says as we waited for Hermione. "I honestly don't know what to say. Like first I catch him snogging Angelina on my birthday. Then he asks her to the dance when he found out someone else asked me to make me jealous." You say a then scoffed.

"Well he's doing this because he fances you." Cho says. Me and Ginny look at her. You started blushing. "There's no way he fances me. Why would anyone fancy me like out of all the girls me." You say picking at your nails. They looked at you like you were crazy.

Then Hermione came out of the dressing room wearing her regular clothes. "Hermione come on we wanted to see the dress." You whined. "You guys will see what I were on the day of the ball." Hermione says. You guys all stood up and started looking for dress for you. They all handed you a dress.

You when into the dressing room you heard the girls talking. You put on a blue dress that Hermione gave to you.

"Hey can someone zip me up." You say as you walked out of the dressing room. The room was empty of people but there jackets. It was too cold outside for them to leave with out there jackets.

You heard voices behind the currents. You held the back of the dress and opened the currents. You saw Fred and George talking to Ginny. Cho was behind Ginny. You stood next to Hermione and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey can you zip me up." You whisper in Hermione's ear. She went behind you moved you hair to the side an zipped up the dress. Then moved to her original spot.

"Wow y/n that dress looks amazing on you." Hermione says. That caused the boys to look up from their conversation with George. Ginny and Cho both turned around.

"I don't know this color dosen't look that good." You say they all nodded in agreement. Before George and Fred could say something Hermione grabbed your hand and entered the room full of dress and closed the current.

You went back into the dressing room. You closed the door you heard more people entered the room. And they were talking you didn't hear any guy voices.

You took off the dress and put it back on the hanger. You took a grayish blue dress and put it on.

You opened the dressing room door. Everyone looked at you. "I like the color but I don't like the top." You say. "Same." They all say in unison you started laughing.

Then you walked over to a dress rack and chose a different dress. They all started talking about how George was looking at you. As you changed into the last dress. "Like come on he is in love with you y/n." Ginny says.

You just laughed and shook you head. You looked at your self in the mirror you looked so pretty in this dress.

"Guys I'm not going to show what I look like until the day of the ball." You say you taking the dress and put it on the hanger. And then put it back in its carrying bag. You put your regular clothes back on and walked out of the dressing room.

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