Are you guys just friends

chapter 17

"That took so long." Ginny says as you pay for your dress.

You guys all say thank you and headed to the school. Not alot of people were at school.

"Hey Ginny what did Fred and George what." You asked adjusting your dress in your arms. "Oh they just wanted to tell me my dress is here." Ginny said to me.

Onec you guys got to school you Hermione and Ginny said goodbye to cho and went to the common room. Fred and George were just sitting on a couches.

"My dress is so heavy." You told Hermione she just laughed. "Well you choosed it." Ginny says wrapping her arm around your shoulders. You guys made you way to your dorm.

Once you got there you hung your dress in your closet. Hermione did the same thing but she put her dress in her closet. Ginny went to go lay on your bed.

She moved your book and envelope. "Hey are you going to tell use what the letter is about.

You told them everything about how you could read and control minds as stuff like that.

"Cool maybe we can use that to our advantage" They said at the same time. You just smirked.

"Guys I'm tired." Ginny says then she takes a blanket out of the blanket pile next to your bed and began to drift off to sleep. Hermione also laid down in her bed. You went to your bed and went under your covers but instead of laying down you started missing around with your ring.

You started taking off the ring. Right when you did. Nothing happened. You just assumed its because they were sleeping. You put your ring back on again.

Then you sat down on the floor in front of you bed and reached under your bed for your yarn boxs. You pulled out some thick blue and red yarn. To make two blankets. For the twins. At this point you had everyone's Christmas gifts excepted for the twins. And you put on some music with your mp3 player and pulled in your head phones.

You turned so that your back was touching the end of your bed. Then you stared working with the navy blue yarn and started making a blanket for George.You hummed very quietly as you worked so that Hermione and Ginny up.

It took you 2 hours to make the first blanket. Once you looked up. You saw Harry, Hermione,Ron,Ginny and the twins sitting around in a circle either reading or talking to each other.

You took out your head phones to hear what they are talking about. "Oh good your done." Hermione says looking at you. Every one stopped what they were doing. "What's going on guys." You say as you rolled the blanket and tied it with a random ribbon.

"We are bored so we decided that we wanted to look at the picture book." Fred say in a sus tone. You narrowed your eyes. "What did you guys do." You say. They all looked around the room. You took off your ring. Closed your eyes and focused on getting into Ron's mind.

Nothing happened.

You put your ring back on and spotted Lucie. But instead of fury being white as snow. Her fury was blue. You slapped your hands over your mouth.

"What did you guys do." You yell then got up to pick Lucie up. They just started laughing. You just rolled your eyes and shook your head as you walked over to your bookshelf and got record. Then you walked over to your and Hermione's desk and put the record on the record player.

"Good thinking y/n we also needed your help with dancing." George says everyone stood up while laughing. "Ok partner up." You say and snap your fingers. You looked at your watch it was only 2 in the afternoon.

Hermione and Harry's parnerd up. Ron and Ginny partnered up and the twins partnered up. "Ok guys let's see how you do with the choreography. So now does anyone have any questions." You say while looking at the partners.

Ron raised his hand. "Umm what's choreography." Ron says Hermione just rolled her eyes. "Ok anyways let's get started."you say ignoring his question.

You observed them. The twins couldn't decide who was going to lead so they kept tripping over each other. Ron kept looking down that caused him to forget the dance a little bit. And harry kept stepping on Hermione's feet. And they were all off beat.

"Ok ok everyone stop." You say they all stopped and looked at you. "Ok first of ron you are doing good but stop looking down. If you keep focusing only on moving your feet your going to forget the arm movements." You say he looked scared for a second.

"Hermione you doing good but I'm going to work with harry."you say walking over to harry. "Twins." They turned to look at you. "Fred you are going to lead." You say and then turned to Hermione and she turned up the record player.

After an hour of harry stepping on your and Hermione's feet we decided to call it a day.

You guys all left your and Hermione's room and went to the common room. You decide to go on your daily walk around the school to see if anyone first years need help because your a perfect.

You ran into Cedric doing his perfect dutys too. "Hey Ced." You say as he walked up at this point you were pretty tired. "You seem down is something wrong." He says as you guys start walking to a window sill and sat down.

"Yeah I'm just tired." You say. "Well why don't you go to sleep." He say rolling his eyes. "I fond out summer filing fances me." You say in a whisper. "Why would anyone fancy me." You say pointing at yourself.

"Girl are you crazy. You are beautiful." He says tuning to you and leaning on the wall. "No." You say. "Yes." He say. You guys kept going back an forth but every time you guys said yes or no it got more aggressive. Your herd footsteps coming toward you two. The foot steps stooped when it was in front of you guys for a second and then continued walking away. You looked over Cedrics shoulder to see two tall red haired guys walking away.

Cedric stood up and grabbed your arm you stood up two and followed him to the first floor prefect bathroom. "Why don't you think your beautiful." Cedric says as he closed the door. You started crying. He ran over to hug you.

( quick authors note. When I was writing those last few paragraphs I was listening to line without a hook bu Ricky Montgomery. And I kind of got a little emotional. Ok anyways back to the story.)

"Summer filing took my virginity over the summer then ignored me once we got to school. Asked another girl which he has snogged up with multiple times. And then I found out he fances me this is to overwhelming." You say letting more tears fall out.

Cedric hugged you even tighter. "Y/n guys are stupid. We do these things to see if you really care about us." Cedric says in a soft voice. By now it was 5 minutes until dinner started.

"Really." You say looking up. He nodded his head. You sniffed then you both pulled away from the hug. You walked over to the mirror and whipped away your tears. Yet eyes were kind of puffy and red but you knew it would go away after a few minutes.

Then you guys walked out of the bathroom and made your way to the great hall. But he stopped you before you could walk in. "Tell George Weasley to stop playing with your emotions." He said under his breath and walked to the hufflepuff table. You walked over to the gryffindor table and sat down in your usual spot. George just looked at you.
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