Are you guys just friends

chapter 19

Everyone broke apart and started finding things to do. You and Cedric headed to a storage closet to get the boxes.

Once you guys got there you unlocked the door and walked in. "Is it just me or is this place kind of creepy." You say as you grabbed a box that was labeled A group.

"Yah I was thinking the same thing." Cedric says as he grabbed a box that had the same label. You two laughing and walked out of the closest. You put the clipboard in the box and started walking back to the great hall.

"How did you know." You say looking up at him. "Know what." Cedric says looking straight ahead he was looking at Cho. Once she saw us she ran up to us. She looked do nervous. "Hey guys." She says. Before we could say anything she blurted out "Cedric would you what to go on a date with me." Your eyes widened and then you smiled.

"Yes, Yes Cho I would love to." He said. She let out a smile and kissed his cheek and ran away. Your mouth dropped open. "All that hard work for nothing." Cedric says and started sharing his head. You looked around to see the twins looking at you and Cedric. You just raised your eyebrows and closed your mouth.

"I- all of that hard work for what." You say walking in to the great hall. "I have something to tell you." Cedric says stopping in his tracks.

"Go on." You raised an eyebrow. "Me and chohave been going out since Halloween." Your mouth dropped. "Why didn't you tell me." You say looking looking around the great hall.

"Because you seemed lonely and I just wanted to be a good friend by hanging out with you since this year is kind of wanky you know." He says with a smile.

"Will thank you for that but it would have made me happier if you told me earlier." You and started walking towards your group.

"What is she going to do she's not here." Pansly says as she leans back in her chair. The others were signaling for her to stop talking.

"Like guys we don't need to listen to that filthy mood blood." She says looking at her nails. At this point the others gave up.

You tilt you head to the side as you raise your one of your eyebrow. "Who does y/n think she is like she is so bossy also she a home wrecker like it's just so messed up that she trying to take draco away from me." Pansy finally looks form her nails.

"I wasn't aware that you were with draco." You says looking at that back of her head. She turned around so fast. "5 points from slytherin and detention with professor moody when classes are back in session. And btw Pansy dont be mad at because draco actually likes someone that kisses his ass 24/7 also draco is to young for me." You say staring so intensely at her.

"But I-" Pansy tried saying something but you intruded her. "Do you want me to give you another detention. No didn't think so. But the next time you want to talk shit about someone make sure they aren't around." You says though gritted teeth.


"Ok guys we are done. So go get ready for tonight." You say as you all grouped up from setting the tables. They all started walking away to leave the great hall and so did you.

Cedric went to go find Cho so you had to walk back the common room alone. Once you got into the door you were met with commotion. There was girls running around everywhere.

You rushed up to your dorm. Ginny, Hermione, Angelina, and Kate were there. "Hey guys." You say going into the bathroom to fix your hair.

"Girl hurry the ball starts in 6 hours and we want to take photos and give gifts to each other since me and kate won't be here over the break." Angelina says.

"We still have 6 hours Ange." You say putting your hair in a low neat not but making sure to leave a few strands of hair out.

"Not everyone is ready tho." Hermione says putting some mascara on Angelina. You just rolled your eyes and smiled.

"Can someone change this record we have been listening to the same song for an hour." Ginny says as kate helps her with her hair.

"Sure." You say walking out of the bathroom. You grabbed a random record and took off the other record before putting the other one on.

Hey lover started to play. "Ooo this song is so good." Ginny says and started humming the song.

We all started laughing as we started to dance.


"Guys look." You say pointing out side to the sun set. Every one ran over to the windows. "What are we looking at." Kate says brushing her hair.

"The sun set." Ginny says. "Wow." We all say as the sky turned a pink color.

"Wait what are we doing we need to go the ball is about to start." Angelina says.

"Ok me and Hermione need to get dressed we will meet you guys down there Ok." You says going to your closet. And Hermione rushed to the bathroom dress in hand

Y/d/c looked so beautiful on you it was flowy and it was kind of puffy but it was perfect.

"Hermione come on the dance starts in 20." You say looking into the mirror that's on your desk.

"Just go I'll be down in a few." Hermione says. You could hear her looking for something.

"Are you Ok. I can stay if you need me to." You walked to the bathroom door. "No I'm fine just go." She says in a calm tone. You said ok then put on your shoes and walked out of the room.



he hallways were decorated with fake snow. You looked out the window as you walked to the great hall to see it was snowing.

As you were heading to the main states to the dance. You could hear talking and laughing. You pecked you head around the corner to see a few people entering the hall or talking in small groups.

Finally you went around the corner to reveal your self. Cedric and Cho and his friends were all waiting for you. You walked down the stairs.

"Hey guys." You say as you approached the group. Every one of his friends were looking at you except for Cedric. He only had eyes for cho.

"Champions and there dates line up please." McGonagall says as she moved the rest of the people into the great hall. You and Cedric link arms.

Then Hermione walked down she was beautiful. HThen Hermione walked down she was beautifuer dress was nice blue color.Victor was wating at the bottom of the stairs.

And the lined up behind you and Cedric. Then the music started playing and the doors opened. All eyes were on the Champions.

*2 hours later*

"This is so fun you yelled to Cedrics friends and Hermione and Victor as you were dancing in a group with them. While cho and Cedric went to go to dance with chos friends.

You notice George,ron,and harry were just sitting down looking at everyone. "I'm going to get some punch." Luke says.

"We can go get some." Victor says to Hermione and you. You guys all agree and walked of the dance floor and started walking towards the food table.

Before Victor walked to the table he gave Hermione a kiss on her hand. Hermione smiled as you spun her around so that you and her were facing harry Ron and George. "I got to say he's a charmer." You say so that only Hermione could hear.

"Hot isnt it." "Victor and Luke gone to go and get drinks."Hermione says. "Would you care to join us?"you finished.

Harry was about to answer but Ron spoke over him. "No we'd not care to join you and Victor." "Or you and Luke." George mumbled then got up and walked over to the table with Lee and Fred.

You just raised an eyebrow than rolled your eyes. "What's got your wand in a knot?" Hermione asks and harry shrugs.

"You're fraternizing with the enemy." Ron explains." Ron weren't you the one asking for his autograph." You say before Hermione could say it.

"The whole point of this tournament is international magical cooperation. To make friends." Hermione says her voice cracking a little. You could see a tear falling down her cheek.

Ron said something that you didn't hear because Cedric came up to you and told you he was going to bed. You just nodded and waved goodbye.

Then Hermione grabbed your arm and pulled you away to meet back with Luke and Victor.
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