Are you guys just friends

chapter 20

You and Luke were sitting at a table eating chocolate frogs and talking about your favorite muggle music when you saw Hermione talking to ron.

"How dare you, I can take care of myself." She say walking past you. "I doubt it." Ron says in an arrogant tone. "The tea is getting hot." Luke says and laughs. You raised an eyebrow.

"Dont look at me like that remember." He says and takes a piece of chocolate into his mouth. You just laughed and put your head on his shoulder.

"Hes too old." Ron says as they leave the great hall. "I have a feeling they are going to date." Luke says looking at ron and Hermione arguing. You shoved a piece of chocolate in his mouth.

"100% agree with that statement." You say looking over to see a very angry George walking over to you. "Oh no." You say before George before pulled Luke out of the chair and punching him.

"OMG GEORGE STOP." You say trying to pull George off of luke. Luke swung back hitting George some were in the face. Some of the durmstrang boys rushed over to help and somehow ripped George and Luke away from each other.

"What the hell are you thinking." You yelled as you and George walked out of the great hall. Hermione was on the stairs crying.

"You were flirting with him all day." George says running his hand through his hair looking down at you. You let out a frustrated grunt. "George hes gay. I have not been flirting with him I would never do that to you unlike you. Now if you would excuse me I need to go help a friend." You say and run towards Hermione as fast as you can now that your shows were off and in your hands

"Come on Hermione let's go." You say wiping a tear from your face. "Let me guess Weasley as well." Hermione says as you climbed the stairs. You nodded.

Once you reach the room your feet were so tired. "I feel like I'm going to sleep forever." You say taking off your dress and then undoing your hair. Yhen went to the bathroom to wipe off your makeup. Hermione doing the same thing.

"Same." She mumbled throwing some pjs to you once you two went back into the bed room. You put them on and climbed under your covers. The lights turned off and you fell asleep.


"Good morning." Hermione says as you sat up in your bed. You saw your presents at the end of your bed. "Good morning mione do you think everyone else is up."

"I don't know." Hermione says and hands you a gift. You two ended up opening all your girls.

You got a really fancy art set from your mom and dad and much more like a two way mirror from George and some clothes from your some of your family members.

"I wonder how did-" just as you were about to finish your sentence Ginny and harry runs into your room.

"Get up we have been calling you guys forever." Ginny say throwing some clothes at you and Hermione.

"Why." You say getting out of bed. "I'm starving and no one wants to eat with me."Ginny says flopping on your bed.

"What do you mean." You say taking off your pj top. "Will George is crying in his room. And Fred is trying to deal with that. Ron is complaining like always and harry he is being adorable. I mean hes sleeping." Ginny says in an soft voice when she was talking about harry.

Hermione and you chuckled a little. "Wait did you just say George is crying." You say getting up from your bed.

She nodded her had yes. You immediately ran out of the room and to the boys room. You opened the door to see George crying his back on the head board of his bed and holding the blanket you made him.

Whale Fred was next to George trying to calm him down. "Oh thank God your hear. I'm going to go." Fred says and than got off George's bed and ran out the room. Lee following after him and slamming the door shut.

George looked up his eyes blood shot. "Hey George." You say in a sweet tone. He didn't respond so you decided to go set on his bed in front of him.

"I'm sorry y/n I really am. I'm sorry for kissing Angelina on your birthday. I'm sorry for calling you a git. I'm sorry for hitting your friends and ruining your night. I'm sorry for snogging you when you were drunk." You were a bit taken back by the last sentence but he continued.

"I'm sorry that I didn't treat you like how a woman like you is supposed to be treated. He says still crying. "George." You say but he continued. "I'm sorry I'm so sorry i dont deserve you. You did all these things for me. And all I did was break your heart over and over again. I-" He was about to say something but you yelled his name.

"GEORGE." He snapped his head up. Hes eyes meeting yours. "Stop. Just stop. George I wanted to forgive you when you kissed Angelina. I mean it was just a kiss. But I just need to know. I need you to tell me. Are you regretting the night that we slept together." You say holding back tears.

He just looked at you with an unreadable faces. "George I need you to tell m-." As you said that he stared talking. "Yes." Was his answer.

*not me starting to cry anyway back to the story*

You wanted to run away but your legs wouldn't move. A tear ran down your cheek your throat felt tight like you couldn't breathe.

"I'm only saying I regret it because you were drunk. You lost your virginity when you were drunk. I took advantage of you all because I wanted you." He says looking into your eyes.

"George you didn't take advantage of me. I remember everything that happened that night. I was the one to ask you to say with me. And I wanted you just as much as you wanted me." You say cupping you hands to his jaw. He melted under your touch.

You let out a small laugh. "Plus I gave you consent. So I dont get why you keep saying you took advantage of me." You say scanning his face expiration.

"I know but you were still drunk." He says grabbing you wrists. "You were drunk too." You say wiping a falling tear. He nodded his hand.

"I'm sorry." He says looking at your lips. "Stop apologizing. I said I gave you my consent. And if that's not enough than I can give you my consent again fully sober." You say before pressing your lips to his.

He kissed back. You lips moved perfectly together. You got on top of him so that you were straddling him. He leaned back on the head board as you stared grinning your hips.He let out a small grunt and started took off your top and threw it somewhere on his bed.

Just then someone walked into the room you two broke away from the kiss and looked at the door it was Ron you moved so that your chest was touching his and that all Ron could see was the back of your head. And George wrapped his arms around your lower back. "hey George do you what to play wizard che-" He looked up from the ground.

"Omg I'm sorry I will just go find fred." He slammed the door shut.

"We should probably go down there I smelled bacon." You say getting off his lap. And put your shirt back on.

"We will finish this later." He says with a smirk on his face. You picked up a clean shirt off the floor that had your favorite muggle band on it and threw it to George.

"We well but just not to day." You say and then left the room.

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