Are you guys just friends

chapter 21

TW: underage drinking smoking and smut

*6 days later new year's eve*

"Come on Hermione the party is about to start." You say fixing your skirt. The gryffindors were throwing a party before the first years come back and kind of ruin the partys by try but falling to get drunk.

"Ok I'm coming. I'm just placing condoms in here just in case you and George decide to you know and you need protection." Hermione finally came out of the bathroom.

"Hermione for the last time me and George agreed that when we are boyfriend and girlfriend that's when we can have drunk." You hesitated a little bit. "Drunk well you know." Hermione raised an eyebrow before speaking.

"please dont get mad at me but....are you sure you ready for sex. Like I mean you cant say the word." She says grabbing your shoulders and looking you in the eyes.

"Yes I'm ready for sex. But it just kind weird saying the world. Because up until this year I never actually thought about it that much." She nods and than grabs your hand and pulls you out of your room and down the stairs.

"He babe." George says talking your hand once you guys got to the bottom of the stairs.

The room smelt of weed and alcohol. "How much have you had to drink." You say taking his cup and then take a sip.

"Its water. I dont really want to get drunk tonight." He says talking the cup back. You nodded your head and reached up to kiss him.

"Come on people are playing games on the couches." He says after the kiss and grabbed your hand and leading you to the red couches.

He sat down and you sat down on his lap. "Hey want to try some." George says to Fred handling him the joint. Fred took a few hits before passing it to Kate.

"Hey kate can I try some." You say watching her take her second hit. "Are you sure you want to try some." George whispers in your ear. You nodded as Kate passed it to you.

"George your acting like I haven't smoked before." You say before hitting it and passing it back to George.

"Y/n come dance with me and Ron." Hermione yelled over the music and grabbing your hand and pulling you off George's lap.

You Hermione and George Ron Fred Lee Harry Ginny and kate spent the night dancing with the other griffindors. Finally the party was over and Hermione went to go sleep in Ron and Harry's room.

Whale George followed you up to your room. Usually George would be trashed after leaving a party but he was fully sober. You drunk a shot of fire whiskey but as you were going to get another shot but he stopped you.

"What are you planning." You whisper as you guys walked to your dorm. "You'll see." He whispered back.

You raised and eyebrow then took your key out of your shoe and unlocked your door.

Once you stepped in he grabbed your hips and turned you around and start kissing you. Some how you closed the door and locked it still kissing George.

"So this is what you were planning." You say pulling away from the kiss. He took off he jacket and shirt. "Yeah." He says walking over to you. You sat down on your bed and he looked down at you and cupped your face and kissed you.

You laided down and he followed. Then ran your fingers through his hair. "I love it when you do that." He says in between kisses. Then took off your shirt.

He moved down to your neck and stared kissing you going farther and farther until he reached your skirt. He sat up and reached for your skirt but then stopped.

"Are you sure you want to." He says looking into your eyes. You nodded. "Use your words y/n. I need to hear say it." He says.

"Yes George I want to." Once you say that he pulled down your skirt and underwear at the same time. He stared kissing your inner thighs getting closer to your sensitive spot. You let out a moan.

But then he stopped. "Come on George." You say. "I need to see if I have a condom." He says getting up and looking in his pocket and pulled one out. You rolled your eyes as he took off his pants.

"Now you are just teasing me come on." You say getting off the bed and walking over to him.

You grabbed the condom You took of his underwear to reveal his dick. You didn't realize it but it was big. He smirked as he saw your face. You got on your knees.

"It my turn now." You say licking his tip a little. He let out a moan as you continued.

He grabbed your hair and put it in a ponytail as he pushed your head causing you to open your mouth. He let out a moan as you stared bobbing your head talking him farther and farther trying to not gag.

He started thrusting to the pace that he wanted you to go. As he let more and more moans and groans getting louder every time he thrusts.You could feel tears from as he kept hitting the back of your throat. He covered one hand over hes mouth as he was getting close.

"I what you to swallow all of it when I come got it." He says as he coming in your mouth. You swallowed. And he removed from you mouth.

"Good girl." He says wiping a tear from your face. Then took his wand off of the floor a mumbled a muffliato charm.

He helped you get up and sat you down in your desk chair. He got on his knees in front of you and spread your legs open. He reached to your clit.

"Its my turn now." He said rubbing your clit in circles. You learn out a moan. He looked into your eyes and then inserted two finger inside of you. You let out a louder moan as his fingers moved in and out of you.

You ran your fingers through his hair. As he's head moves closer to your clit stoped rubbing it and started licking.

"Yes keep doing that. I'm about to come." You say as he began to move faster. You clenched your walls against his fingers and came.

You two got up and took a shower. You put on his shirt and some sweat pants. Whale he put some of his sweat pants he left over and took your hair tie and put his hair up into a tiny ponytail and got under the covers. And drifted off to sleep with you in his arms.

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