Are you guys just friends

chapter 22

TW: talks about suicide and abuse.

Valentine's day is approaching fast. So that means the second task is all so coming up. But for some reason harry still doesn't know what to do with the egg. I keep trying to drop little hints. But he just won't get it. Anyways practice with snap has been good so far. But I am really tried almost all the time but it's ok I guess.

Jack has been a pain in the ass. Ever since the ball. He is always telling me that I shouldn't hang out with George because he is violent. But in the 6 years that I have known he that was my first time that I have ever seen him get into a fight with someone that is not his family members.

"What are you writing in there." George says looking up from his homework. You two were in your dorm. "Nothing." You say shutting your diary.

"Oh really." He says reaching over to grab the diary. Somehow he ended up on top of you. "Get off of me." You say dropping the diary on the floor.

The door burst open. It was Jack. "George Weasley get off my sister." George immediately got up and ran out of the room Jack slamming the door behind him.

"Really. What the hell we weren't doing anything." You say getting up. "I dont want you around him hes violent." Jack says back. "Says the guy who just slammed the door on my boyfriend." You took a pillow and threw it at him.

"That's different. I didn't punch him in the face." He says his voice getting a little louder. You picked up your wand and cast a silencing charm. "How is that different. You are such a hypocrite!" You yell.

"Sorry that I am just trying to protect my sister from getting hurt." He yells back. "Why can't you just give him a chance. Why cant you just let me happy." You say.

"Because I don't what you to get hurt. You remember what happened last time you almost killed your self." He says in a softer tone.

"That's because he was abusive. George isn't like that he is nice and loving. He cares about me." You say tears running down your face.

"You said that last time. Look were you ended up. When I found face down in the bathtub I thought you died. Do you know how mom and dad would have reacted if they saw you like that." He says he stared crying.

You ran up to hug him."Do you know how I felt though I lost my sister. And the whole time you were in the hospital I blamed myself. Because I didn't see that you were unhappy." He says. You didn't realize but you two were on the ground crying.

"I wasn't your fault. No one realized it. And I'm here now and I'm never going to leave. I was going through a rough time. But the person that helped me have the courage to leave him was George." He hugged you tighter.

"Even though he didn't know it he really was. So please just give him a chance." You says wiping a tear from you face. He nodded.

"If he really makes you happy. Then I well allow it." You hugged him even tighter. He let out a small laugh. "Thank you. Thank you thank you." You yell.

"You look like a kid on Christmas." He says . You pulled away from the hug and frowned.

Then there was a knock on the door. "Just wanted to make sure you two weren't trying to kill each other " Hermione voice rang out from behind the door.

You stood up and walked over to the dor and opened it. "Yeah we are ok. This butt head just wanted to have a movie night. What to join." You says.

"Sure. Guys there fine. Were having a movie night." Hermione yells.

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