Are you guys just friends

chapter 23 valentine's day pt1

*this one is a long one. But at least there smut.*

"Ron stop hogging the popcorn." Ginny says reaching over harry to grab the popcorn bag.

"Shhhh." You and jack says at the same time.

The movie was starting to just get good. "These dogs are crazy like why can't they leave the bird alone."George says wrapping his arm around you.

"Its because the bird is rare. And the owner of the dogs want the bird for his collection." Jack says taking George arm off of your shoulders. You frowned and he gave you a smile.

"I will never understand muggle movies sometimes." Ron says throwing popcorn at the projector screen.

"Hey dont throw things at that it took forever for me to set it up." You say eating some popcorn. Hermione sat up from the floor.

"Its because you are dumb witted." She says. Ron try's to say something but then everyone threw popcorn at him.

By the end of the movie every one was talking and laughing.

"Shit I need to go. If I'm late to dinner again karkarott is going to kill me." Jack says getting up and running out.

"Speaking of dinner we should go." Hermione says getting up and looking out the window.

"Can we watch another movie after dinner." Ginny says as you guys walked to the great hall.

"I would love to. But I have to di rounds tonight since I missed my round on the night of the ball." You say spinning the young red head girl.



"Hey do you have an extra pieces of pie. We ran out." Fleur sister says trying her best not to speak french.

"Yes." You nodded your head and handed her a piece of pie. She smiled and walked away.

"Since when do you share your food" George says. "Since I went to France last year and Jack didn't know what to get from the menu. " You say reaching over to grab some of George icecream he slapped you hand away.

You frowned at him and grabbed a lolli off of the table.


"Happy valentine's day." Hermione says trying to handing you roses. "Hermione you know I'm allergic to roses." You say but then took a closer look at them.

You smiled and ran to give her a hug. "You are clever Hermione." She smiled and hugged back.

"Chocolate roses. I thought that since your allergic I'll just give you chocolate. Now get dressed." She says and leads you to the dresser.

"I leave you to it." She says before leaving the room. You grabbed some clothes and rushed to the bathroom.

Instead of wearing uniforms today. The students of Hogwarts got to dress up and. Just to add, they only had one class then the upper class got to go to hogsmates.


"Babe, come on we have a brunch reservation and the others are waiting for you." George says knocking on the bathroom door.

You were fixing your makeup because a first year triped and spilled water on you after class.

"I'm coming George just wait. Also we still have 40 minutes. And dont rushe me its rude." You say in a flirty tone as you walked out of the bathroom.

He walked towards you and wrapped his arms around you waist pulling you closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned in.

But just as your lips were about to touch you pulled away and went to your closet. "Got to put my shoes on."

"Come on y/n dont tease me like that." The red headed griffindor said. "Don't rush me." You says putting on your shoes.

"Well you too stop snogging we need to leave if we are going to make it in time." Fred yelled banging on the door.

You quickly ran over to the door. "Well you stop."You notice your friend group stating with Fred."Also for you information we weren't weren't snogging why do you guys always think that."

"Its because every time you guys are alone you guys always snog. Like I literally caught you guys doing it in a broom closet." Harry says crossing his arms.

"Whatever. We need to leave before someone takes our table." George says holding your hand.

"Hi we have a reservation." Fred said to a lady the looked around a year old to you Fred lee and George.

"Yep right this way." She led you guys to a table. You sat next to George who on right of Fred who was next to lee who was next to Ginny who was next to harry who was next to Hermione who was next to Ron.

"My my you guys have a lot of people. Hi my name is debby and I well be your waitress for this morning what drinks can I get for yall." She says in a southern accent but keeping her eyes on George.

You scooted closer to George. He was looking at the menu but he still wrapped an arm around you.

"I just take a water." You say smiling sweetly at her. She wrote it down. "I'll have the same." Eeveryone says at the same time.

"Sorry we do this all the time. But for now I think well all take a water." George says.

"Ok. Just tell me when you guys are ready to eat." She says still looking at George. You were getting jealous you didn't know why but you were.

"George do you remember earlier today you called me babe. What was that about."you whispered in his ear as debby sat down the waters.

He blushed. "It was nothing." The boy said. You rolled your eyes as they turned pink.

"I'm still not used to the whole meda- whatever that thing is called yet." Lee says grabbing Fred's hand.

"Ok has anyone found out what they want to eat." Debby says as you were about to open you mouth to say something.

We all nodded and she stared with Ginny Harry Hermione and Ron. Once she was done with them she moved onto the rest.

"I will have a burger and fries." George says putting a hand on your thigh moving his fingers in small circles."And I will have nacho fries." Debby nodded and walked away.

After around an hour you guys were ready to go.

"I'm ready to go and get out of this cold." You say hugging George. "Well I mean you are wearing leggings." Fred says wrapping his arm around lee.

"Wait so are you and lee dating." Ron says to Fred.

"Yes they been dating for a month." Hermione says in a joking tone." Ron we promised to be each other valentine's since we are both single." Lee says. Right before George leaned down to whisper something into your ear.

"I can't wait till we get back. I can't wait to see that outfit on the floor. I can't wait to hear you moan my name over and over again." You smirked and blushed your eyes turning a pink color again.


"Finally were here." Hermione says as we enter the common room. There was music playing and people dancing.

"I guess were having a party." Hermione says grabbing a cup. George grabbed your hand and pulled you up the stairs to your room once every one was distracted.

Once the door closed George slammed his lips onto yours. "You been teasing me all day." He says braking away from the kiss to look the door and cast a silencing charm.

He then returned to kiss you on your neck. You let out a small moan. He stared walking towards the bed. Once your legs touched the back of the bed you laided down George following you.

He stared talking off your skirt. He broke away from the kiss to take off his pants and shirt. "Take off your shirt." He says looking into your eyes.

You took off your shirt as quickly as possible. "Eager are we." George says. "Shut up" you say kissing his neck.

He let out small moans and whimpers which made you want him more.

"George I need you." You say reaching down to pull of his underwear. His length hovering over your heat.

He reached down to pull your underwear down. And immediately pushed into you. You let out a moan. "I love hearing you moan." He says thrusting in and out of you faster.

You moaned at his words and arched your back. You could feel yourself getting closer. "Wait stop." You say he stopped.

"Why are you Ok, did I hurt you." You only smirked and flipped him over and started ridding him. He let out more and more moans as you continued. You nodded that this time it felt different. But you couldn't find out why.

"God George." You moaned as you too came at the same time.

You collapse onto the bed. "Round 2." George says with a smirk. "Hell yeah."

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