Are you guys just friends

chapter 24 valentine's day pt2

smut warning*

"Round 2." George says with a smirk. "Hell yeah." You say and he stands up.

You moved your head to the side as he reaches his hand towards you. "What are you doing." You say grabbing his hand and getting out of bed.

He looked over to your desk. And started walking towards it. You following behind.

He turned around and grabbed you by the hips to bring you in front of him. Then he bend you over the desk and got behind you.

"You ready." He whispers into your ear. You nodded and he slides into you. You let out a moan as he stared thrusting.

He grabs your hips as he thrusts and throws his head back letting out a moan.

Every time he thrusts into you he goes deeper and deeper. "George... pull my-oh fuck." You moan as he pulled out and slams back into you.

"What do.. you want me to do princess." He moans as his thrusts becomes sloppy. "Pull my hair." You say scratching your desk a little. He stared pulling your hair as you clench around him.

"Oh fuck." He gasps pulling your hair a little bit harder. "George, I'm going to c-come." He lets out a grunt as he came but continued to thrusts into increasing his pace until you come.

You knees buckled and you collapsed onto the ground. He bend down to see if you were ok.

"Are you ok." You nodded. "Yeah I'm ok. Just standing for a long time." You rolled your eyes when you saw that he was hard again. "Did you just roll your eyes at me." You nodded and he stood up. Your eyes turning yellow in excitement.

He grabs your jaw and made you look up at him. "Some one is excited." He said before opening your mouth and putting his dick in. He let out a moan as he thrusts into your mouth touching the back of your throat.

(Wap starts playing)

"God princess. I'm not going to last any longer." He says throwing his head back as you gagged when his tip touched the back of your throat over and over again. Until finally you felt warm liquid in your mouth.

"Swallow it." He pulls out. You shook your head no. He grabbed your jaw with one hand and made you look up at him. "Swallow it." You swallowed it and opened your mouth.

"Good princess. But the next time you do that you well be pushed." He says pulling you up and then kisses you. "I guess I should do that more." You say spinning around to go to the bathroom struggling to walk.


When you got out of the shower and getting dressed you brushed your teeth your throat still hurting from your recent activites. And put your hair up in a ponytail.

When you got out, George and his clothes were gone. So you assumed he went to the party. But then you notice the candles were lit and there was a box on your bed surrounded by sunflowers.

"Finally you're done." He says from behind you. "I thought you left." You say turning to face him. He shock he's head no and wrapped his arms around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He looked down at your lips and kissed you. Instead of his kiss being rough like it usually was. If was full of love, passion, and hunger.

"I'm so glad that your my girlfriend." He says after pulling his lips away from yours. You raised an eyebrow. "So were boyfriend and girlfriend now. Is that why you been called me all these pet names." You say. He nods his head and you cupped his jaw in your hands and kisses him.


After a few minutes of making out you pulled away and looked towards the bed. "What is that on the bed." He rushed over to the bed and grabbed the box.

"Turne around and close your eyes." "What." You says raising your eyebrows. "Do you trust me." You nodded your head yeah.

"Then turn around and close your eyes." You follow his instructions. When you heard him opening the box. He pulled out a pink vibra-

(Hahhaha I'm just kidding.)

He pulled out a necklace and closed the box. Then walked towards you. "What's talking so long." You say crossing your arms. But then you felt his hands by your neck and buckled the necklace then tickled you.

You let out a laugh and opened your eyes and saw a glint in the bathroom mirror. Your eyes opened in shock as you saw the necklace. "Its to show everyone that you are mine." He says walking up to you.

"George I love it." You say but your eyes turned blue. "He what is wrong." He says spinning you around.

"I didn't get you anything." You say looking into his eyes. "I thought we weren't going to give each other gift I'm sorry." You say looking down.

"look at me." He says grabbing your cheek softly making you look at him. "Its ok princess. You didn't need to get me anything." He says looking you in the eyes.

"But still I should have." You say finally making eye contact with him. "You didn't know. Pulse I think the sex we just had was a gift." He says before kissing your you you let out a giggle before kissing him back.

"George I'm kind of tired and it staring to get harder to stand. Want to take a nap?" You say. "Whatever you want to do." He says before picking you up bridal style and walking over to your bed which was now clean.

"You even cleaned the bed." You say before giving him a kiss on the cheek. He set you down and you climb under the covers. George following you.

You laided your head on his chest and he traceing the hickeys that he gave you as you drifted off to sleep listening to his heart beat.

"Princesses." He say braking the silence. "Mmm." You say keeping your eyes closed. "The next time we have sex. I will be sure to give you more than 3." He says rubbing your arm you opened your eyes.

"I'm sure you will. But if you give me more than 3 that means I can give you more." You say closing your eyes again.

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