Are you guys just friends

chapter 25 f up

You woke to someone slamming the door. "What the hell." You say trying to set up but couldn't because George was on top of you.

"Sorry. It just stupid Ron. Hes drunk and he didn't what to go to sleep in his own room. Are you two dressed." She says as George started to wake up.

You started running your fingers through his hair. "Yeah why." You asked rubbing his back to help him go back to sleep.

"Because ron is sleeping in here." Then with a thud Ron fell to the floor. "What was that." George says hes voice extra deep for just being waking up.

"Great ron. Not only did you wake up y/n you woke up your brother as well." Hermione says before walking over to her bed. Ron getting up from the floor to follow her.

"Sorry." He slurs before getting a blanket from the her bed and laying back down on the floor.

"Why is ron in here." George mumbles getting off of you. "Drunk." You whisper stretching. He pulled you closer to him before falling back to sleep.

* 3 weeks later*

"Y/n do we have to go to hogsmeade." Hermione yelled from the bathroom. "Why." You yelled back sitting up from your bed. For the last few days you have been feeling weird like you didn't know how to explain it but you were just feeling weird.

"We ran out of tampons." She says opening the bathroom door. "Ooo my period. That's why I'm feeling weird its supposed to come up soon." You thought to yourself as you got up from your bed.

"Ok let's go. But we have to make it back before 12 because I have to help Cedric find a way for him to breathe under water." You say linking arms with Hermione as you walked down the stairs.

"Has harry figured out the egg yet?" "Yeah. Umm Cedric actually told him yesterday. So that only leaves us two days to find something." She says rolling her eyes.

"Yeah but he wouldn't have told you if it wasn't for me." You say as you guys walked out of the common room passing the twins.

"Were are you guys going." George says stopping you two he looked liked he was going to faint. Hermione seemed to get embarrassed. She didn't really liked talking about her lady "problems" as she like to call them.

"To get tampons." You say and she hits your arm. George looked much better after hearing that. You frowned and reached up to touch his forehead. "George you feeling alright. You look like your going to faint."

"Just peachy." He says he never used that word before or talked to you without calling you princess.

"Ok well me and Hermione should get going." You say unlinking your arms and walking over to George to kiss him on the cheek. Then you walked back to Hermione.

"Was he acting weird?" You questioned once you were far enough from the twins. "I guess so." She says.


*George's pov*

"Fred I fucked up." I whispered into his ear as he was talking to Angelina. The were talking about something when I realized it.

"Ok Fred I need to go but yes I would loved to go on a date with you." She says before walking away.

"What did you do George." He says turning around to look at me. "Shhhhh. Keep your voice down." I say.

"I did something bad and I don't know if I should tell y/n." Fred raised an eyebrow. "Did you cheat on her." He kind of yelled.

"Keep your voice down. And no I would never I love her with all my heart." I say kind of offended.

"Then what did you do." He says.


A/n: hahahaha sorry to leave y'all on a cliff hanger.

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