Are you guys just friends

chapter 26 pregnant?

"pregnant, PREGNANT GEORGE WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU GOT HER PREGNANT. How." Fred's voice bombed through the empty hallway.

"Fred I'm pretty sure you know how a baby is made. Also I said I think I got her pregnant I dont know she hasn't really talked to me that much." I say. Just then I heard her beautiful voice.

"We're are you two going." I asked before they passed us. "To get tampons." Once she said that I finally felt like I could breathe.

"George are your feeling alright. you look like your going to faint." She says. "Just peachy." I say that is the only thing that came to mind.

"Ok well me and Hermione should get going." My princess says before kissing me on the cheek. Then she walked away.

~your pov~

"God. I am starving." You say adjust the bags in your hand. Originally you and Hermione were planning on just getting tampons. But then you guys saw a cloth store and then you guys came across the lingerie part of the store.

And you found a set that you thought George would like so you ended up buying new clothes.

"Me too." Hermione says then leads you to the three broomsticks. Once you guys got settled down you guys decide to get fries with the rest of the money you guys had.

"Y/n when was the last time you had your period. Because I checked the calendar and it says you are late." Hermione says your blood ran cold.


You looked into her eyes. "Hey don't panic. I picked up a pregnancy test while you weren't looking. Don't worry every thing us going to be ok." She says reaching over grabbing you hand in a comforting way.

"Thank you." You mouthed as the water set down your fries. "I'm nervous now." You say before eating. "Everything is going to be ok. And if you end up pergent I can help you and George make a decision for how you want to deal with it." She says before eating.

After you guys were doing eating you two made your way back to school. You felt like throwing up you were to nervous you wanted to run away but your legs wouldn't let you go anywhere.

"Everything is going to be ok y/n." Hermione says grabbing your arm to help you move inside your room.

"You keep saying that. What if I'm pregnant. I can't handle a baby. I don't even have a job. What if George doesn't what to be apart of the baby's life. I'm not even out of school how am I going to do this. God I'm so stupid. In so irresponsible." You say passing back and forth in your room.

"Y/n these are all what if's. I'm sure that George will still be in your life. And he can find a job until you recover. And your not stupid or irresponsible this happens to even the smartest people." She says in a calm tone pulling out the test.

"Do you want me to go in with you." She says handing you the test and walking you to the bathroom. "No. I got myself into this." You say before giving her a hug.

"Ok y/n. You have to pee on this side and then wait 5 minutes." She says pointing a side with a cover over it. "Oh and make sure you take off the cover first. I'll be sitting out side the door if you need me." You nodded and closed the door.

You took a took a deep breath before pulling down your pants and underwear. Then you peed on the side were Hermione told you to.

"Did you do it yet." Hermione yelled from outside of the door. "Yeah I did." You yelled back fighting back tears. You didn't what to see if it was positive or negative until the 5 minute were up so you turned it over. And washed your hands.

"Ok I set a timer." She yells. You didn't respond you just sat down you legs prest up agents your chest and your back against the door.

"How many more minutes." You say putting your head down. "4 minutes and 20 seconds" she says back.

"How many more minutes." You say looking up. "3 minutes." She says. "Why is this taking so long." You thought. "It's to quiet talk to me Hermione." You yelled even you could here the nervousness in your voice.

"What do what me to talk about." She says. "Anything." You yelled getting up. "Well if you have a baby it's go-." "No, not about the fetus that might be growing in me. Anything except for the fetus." You interrupt her.

"You said anything. Ok you know what I'm going to play music." She says from the other side of the door. After a few second you heard a song playing. The same song that was in the movie you guys watched a few weeks ago.

You started to hum to the song. Once the song stoped you told Hermione to play it again. But she didn't. "Its time." She said after you yelled for her to play it again.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath as you picked the test up. "This is going to determines what happens." You thought to yourself.

A/n hey my loves sorry to leave you on another cliff hanger but I... jk I'm not going to do that but I just want yall to take a deep breath before moving on Ok.

You turned the test over. "Y/n what does it say." Hermione yelled. "I don't know I didn't look can you go get George." You say turning the test back around before opening your eyes. You stuck the test into your back pocket and walked out of the room.

Hermione was already gone so you sat down on your bed. It didn't take long to here a pair of feet running up the stairs.

"Princess." George says opening the door. "Babe" you say and gestures to set on the bed.

He quickly rushed over and sat down. You put one of you legs on his lap once he got constable. Lucie also jumped up on the bed and sat next to you.

"Are you ok. Hermione said it was important and that you need me." He says leaning on one hand and stoking you leg with the other hand.

"I think I'm ok but we should look at this at the same time." You say looking into his eyes while pulling out the test.

He immediately grabbed it from your hand and looked at it before looking back at you with an unreadable face. "So much for looking at it together." You chuckled awkwardly.

He leand over and gave you a hug like he was never going to let you go. "Shit." You thought. "George what does it say." You asked trying to pull away. He held on tighter.

"George please tell me what it say. Please." He let go and gave you the test. "NEGATIVE" the stick showed one line negative.

You looked up at George. He looked relieved. You were relieved.
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