Are you guys just friends

Chapter 27 Unsure

⚠️ tw: Sexual assault. Abortion⚠️

"How do you feel." George says breaking the silence. You were laying down on his chest.

"Unsure. Like i-" you hesitated for a second. "I feel relieved that we don't have to deal with a child at this age. But I just feel irresponsible. Like I feel like I could have stopped this from happening." You say in a frustrated tone.

"You mean stop our relationship from stating?" He asks sitting up. You sat up with him. "No George I was just saying-" before you could get your sentence out he cut you off.

"Well it seems like you are saying that." You looked down. "George I never want us to end. Why are you saying this" you say looking up to look him in the eye.

"Well it just seems like you do. You have been so distant with me ever since we started dating. It like the only time when i to have you is when we are having sex. And I don't want are whole relationship to depend on sex." He kind of yells.

"That's how our relationship started." You mumbled. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head you got off of him. "That's how our relationship started George because we had sex. The reason why our relationship started was because of sex." You say getting off of the bed.

"Is that really what you think. The only reason why we started dating was because of a meaningless night." He says following out of the bed.

"You think that night was meaningless." You say frowning. "No. That not what I meant." He says realizing his mistake.

"Well it seems like your saying that. You know what I didn't lose my virginity that night. "You say to mad too mad to realize.

"What did you just say." His red was getting red with anger. "I. Didn't. Lose. My. Virginity. To. You." You say glaring at him.

His face looked like a mixture off hurt and anger. "What do you mean you didn't- you lied to me" his voice cracking.

You realized what you were saying. "No. I'm" he was about to walk out the door. "No George don't go." You say running over to him and grabbing his arm. He tried shaking you off of him but you didn't let go.

"George please let me explain." He tried shaking you off again. This time a little bit harder.

"George please. Just listen to me." You yelled as he reached for the door handle but you stopped him "Get off." He yelled pushing you lightly with his arm you were holding.

You backed up a little and tripped over the rug letting go as you fell down. He turned around realizing what he did as you hit the ground with a thud.

He immediately ran to you. "Princess I'm so sorry. I didn't realized how hard I pushed you. I was just mad." He says helping you sit up.

"George I'm sorry I should've let go it wasn't your fault I tripped over the rug." You say as he sat next to you. So you took the chance to tell him the truth.

"George. I lied to you because im scared." He looked confused. "What do you mean scared." He says.

You took a deep breath and bit your lip. "Y/n? What do you mean." He says grabbing the sides of your face. You looked into his eyes.

"During the summer. When we were going into 5th year. My parents invited there old friends and one of the couples had a son. And they were going to spend a week with us." You took a deep breath before continuing.

"And on the first night my parents and their friends went out to the muggle world to get drinks. So it my was just me Jack and Sam. That was his name and he is a few years older than me." You say and George nodded.

"And we got bored so we decided to watch a movie. For some reason something felt off but I just couldn't find out why. Until in the middle of the move he put a blanket over mine and his his legs and moved closer to me." You say trying not to cry. Your heart was beating faster.

"And he put a hand on my thigh and every few seconds he would move his hand up until his hand was under my skirt." George looked like he was about to cry.

You took a in another deep breath. "Then he moved my underwear and stuck his fingers inside me. For what it seemed like an hour. But it was only 5 minutes." You say.

"I thought every thing was going to be ok because we were going to be sleeping in different places of my house and I'll just look the door. But in the middle of the night I woke up to him talking off my skirt. When he realized I was awake he covered my mouth and told me that if I told anyone he would hurt me." You started crying.

George pulled you into a hug. "After that he made me date him until he found out I was p- pregnant." George pulled you in closer. "Y/n I'm sorry this happened to you."

" I told my family but kaleb was the only one that believed me. So he took me to get an abortion before school started. I wasn't ready for a baby and I kind of glad I went through with it because if I didn't I would had a baby." You say and George nodded. "I'm sorry this happened to you. And I'm sorry that I yelled at you." He say.

"It nothing stress about though hes got looked up in muggle jail." You say trying to pull away from the hug.

But he held on to you tighter like you were going to disappear. "It not something to brush off. At least hes in jail because if he wasn't I would already be in azkaban."

You let out a small laugh. "Thank you George." He nodded. "I want to start over." He let go of you.

"What do you mean start over princess." He says putting one hand on your shoulder. "I want to start our relationship over." He raised an eyebrow.

"I know this is confusing but earlier you said the only time we spent together is when were having sex. So I was thinking we can start over." He nodded his head but his eyes still showed that he didn't understand.

"So I was thinking we can go on dates and stuff like that. You know in those cheesy romance movies and late night study things in the library and what ever other couples do." You say and he smiles.

"But just no sex." His smile disappeared. "What. No sex." George say tilting his head. "No sex until let's say April." "April? Really." He says in a joking tone as he tackled you to the ground and puts his head on your chest.

"That's only like what 9 weeks. And I said about April. But I can always make it longer." You say putting one of your arms in his back. He shakes his head no.

"But in the meantime time instead of having sex we can have a song. Like how every couple has. But George can you promise me a thing." He nodded. "No matter how much you want to please don't go with a different girl. And I'll do vice versa." "I promise I won't get with a different girl."

Then the door swung open.

"Good you guys aren't having se-" Ginny says looking at us her face full of shock as she steps into the door. And immediately ran to the bed letting the slam. You and George got up.

"Is this a pregnancy test. Oh George mom is going to be so mad." Ginny says laughing. Then she realized. "Oh its negative. Mom would have killed you if it was positive."

"Ginny I dont think mom would kill me and leave my child fatherless. But I think she would lock me up and throw away the key." You guys started laughing. "At least he can turn a serious topic into a joke sometimes." You thought to your self.

"But what do you want." George asked. "Oh I forgot." Ginny says. "Oh wait can I wear your red sweater." Ginny asks walking over to your dresser. "Yeah you can keep it I got another one when I went shopping." You say.

"Also Ginny before you go please don't tell anyone I mean anyone about this. Not even your family." She nodded and promised she would never tell anyone.

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