Are you guys just friends

Chapter 28 underwater

Task 2 was tomorrow and you and Cedric were stuck in the library. "You can go with the bubble headed cham it's not that hard to do." You say looking at him.

"Yeah I know. But I'm just worried." He says looking at you. "There's nothing to worry about." You putting your hand on his arm. He nodded before looking back down at the book.

"Hey. Everything is going to be ok. Nothing bad is going to happen." He looked at your eyes.

"Then why are your eyes orange that only happens when your nervous." You rolled your eyes. "That's because I'm nervous that your nervous. Dummy." You hit the back of his head lightly.

"Whatever. I'm going to try and get some sleep see you tomorrow." He says getting up. "See Yah." You say closing the book. You walked over to a book shelf and put it back.

"Why were you looking at him like that." George whispers into your ear you jumped slightly and turned around. "Friends can't look at each other." You say sarcastically. He smirked and placed a kiss on your forehead.

"Miss y/l/n Dumbledore needs to see you in his office." Professor moody says. You nodded and walked away with him out of the library.

After a few minutes of walking you made it to Dumbledore's office. When you walked in you saw Ron Hermione and Flours sister.

"Ah good you're here y/n." Dumbledore says with a smile. There's was other professor's there, they looked worried.

"You're probably wondering why I called you here." We all nodded and laughed nervously. "Well as you know tomorrow is the second task." You guys nodded.

"And you know that our Champions have to loose something important to them. "You guys all nodded before everything went blank.

*George's pov. The next morning*

"Where's y/n shes supposed to help us with the bets." Fred says as we got into the boat.

"Yeah and she was supposed to meet us for breakfast also Ron and Hermione." I say as the boat started talking us to the platform. We were one of the last people.

"I'm sure there fine. They are helping harry maybe." Fred says as we got on to the platform were the Champions were.

We pushed our way to the front. Once we got there we were met by worried looking professors.

Now I'm getting nervous. What if something bad happens. WHAT IF SHE DOWN THERE. FUCK.

I was to caught up in my thoughts to even hear Dumbledore or anyone talk.

"George. George. GEORGE." Fred called braking me from my thoughts. "What." "Stop shes going to be ok." I looked at Fred and gave him a short side hug.

*20 minutes later*

"Fleur has been removed from this task." Dumbledore's voice rang out. I let out a small breath. A lot of people groaned as they say Fleur coming up from the water.

She looked paler than usual and her eyes were wide. "Gabrielle is 'till down there I 'ave to go 'ack." Fleur screamed out trying to take off the blanket that was wrapped around her.

"I'm sorry miss delacour but you can't you've already been removed from this task." Dumbledore say stopping her from going back into the water.

*1 hour later*

Every one was starting to get uneasy. "They've been down there for an hour." I say. Then finally a person was coming up.

*y/n pov*

You took a deep breath as you emerged from the water. You felt someone wrapped there arm around your waist as you moved your hair out of your face.

"Everything is ok you were apart of the task. You need to swim" you nodded your head before swimming. Your body parts felt heavy. Like you couldn't barley moved but you did.

Once you got to the platform some people helped pulled Cedric and you up. Immediately you felt cold and people wrapped blankets around you. But you didn't care your eyes were only looking for George.

Finally you found his red hair. He ran over to you and pulled you in a hug. You saw Cho run up to Cedric.

Once you pulled away Madam Pomfrey came over to you and gave you a potion and made you drink it. You immediately felt warm surround your body.

Around 20 minutes later Hermione, Victor, Ron Harry and Gabrielle all came up. After ron and harry were attacked by Fleurs kisses you and Hermione gave them hugs.

Cedric and Harry came in first place. Victor came in second and Fleur came in last.

"Even though I was under that lake for hours. I feel like sleep forever." You say as you walked towards the boat. Hermione, Ron, and Harry agreed.


"Finally solid ground." Hermione says getting out of the boat. "Hey do you guys want to go to Hagrid's." Harry asked. "Nope like I said I'm going to go sleep forever." You say before wrapping your arms around George's waist for extra warmth.

A/N: Sorry that this took a long time I have been having a lot of writers block. But I did get a new charger like a day ago. Ok well it's time to watch spider man my loves. Also why does it sound like an 11 year old wrote this chapter I need to get my grammar in check.

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