Are you guys just friends

chapter 2. The Quidditch World Cup

The next morning

The next morning you woke up at 5 am and got dressed. You put on a green top to represent you were going for the Irish and just a regular pair of jeans.

Then you walked downstairs to find a half-awake George eating eggs. Once he saw you he jumped up from where he was sitting and ran over to and gave you a big hug.

"Wow, George I didn't know you missed me that much," you say in a sarcastic tone. "Well I mean I haven't seen you in 2 months," he said letting go of you. " touche," you said.

Hermione, Fred, and Genny walked into the kitchen and hugged you. Well, it was more of a group hug. Anyways. "Hey y/n, Hermione when did you guys get here," Fred said. "I got here last night," you said. "I got her this morning," said Hermione. "Oh," said Fred and George at the same time. I quietly giggled to myself so that no one could hear. I loved it when the twins talked at the same time. I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 6:30.

"Come y/n let's go wake up Ron and Harry." Said Hermione noticing that I was looking at my watch.

A/n: btw I'm not going to copy a word from a word in the book.

Time skip 40 minutes later

20 minutes later you guys were out the door. Not even 30 minutes of walking Ron and Harry already started asking questions. They obviously forgot what today is.

You heard a familiar voice was coming from Mr. Weasley's friend. I knew him he's friends with my mom.

"Sorry that we are late some of us had a bit of a sleepy start." Said Mr. Weasley turning his head to look at Ron and Harry. Before you and the twins could start taking a boy fell from the trees and landed on the ground feet first. Then he started smiling. You knew that smile anywhere.

"Cedric Diggory were have you been," you say running to him to hug him. "I've been busy," he said as we both started laughing. You turned around to face your other friends and they were all talking to Cedric's dad except for the twins George was giving me and Cedric the "I'm jealous look" and Fred was whispering something into George's ear. You just shrugged it off and we all started walking again.

An hour later you guys arrived at an old boot and grabbed hold of either the boot or hands I was holding Cedric's hand and touched the portkey. You guys teleported to a place full of people and a tent. I landed on my feet so did Cedric, Mr. Weasley and Cedric's dad. You guys said goodbye to Cedric and his dad after everyone was ready.

Once we got to the tent Ron immediately went to the kitchen to start eating. "Get out of the kitchen Ron we are all hangry." Said, Arthur. "Yeah out of the kitchen Ron." Said the twins at the same time placing their feet on the table. "Feet of the table." Said, Arthur. "Feet of the table." Said the twins taking their feet off the table and putting their feet back on the table.

You, Ginny and Hermione burst out into laughter and walked into the living room. You 3 started talking about random things. And heard a little bit of Fred and George's conversation. "I'll say she has gotten prettier over the summer." Said George to Fred. And that's all you heard before Ginny and Hermione pulled you out of the room and into the girl's room. Which had 1 bunk bed and 1 twins size bed.

Time skip 3 hours
Nothing happened during the game except for George pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead. Which made me give him a confused look. But you just shrugged it off and started walking back to the tent.

We were all dancing and then we started singing about how much Ron fancies Viktor Krum. Just then we heard a loud bang. "Looks like the Irish are celebrating." Said, George. "That's not the Irish we need to go," said Arthur. You all grabbed your wands and started to run out of the tent. "Fred George, you are in charge of Ginny. Stay together and get to the portkey. We all started running. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cedric fighting off a death eater and you ran over to help him. " Stupify " you yelled and the death eater went flying. Then you took Cedric's arm and you two started running to the portkey.

You and Cedric got to the portkey and Cedric ran off to find his dad. Before I could even say no the portkey took you back to the burrow. "Wait where's Ron, Harry, and Hermione. I need to go back." You said touching the portkey again. You appear right next to harry. "OMG, harry are you ok." You yelled just then Hermione and Ron ran over to you. The next thing you guys know 5 people surrounded the 4 of you. "Stop that's my son," said Arthur. "They were found at the scene of the crime." Said one of the guys looking up at the sky.

You think my kids did this" said Arthur. They all lowered their wands. Arthur pulled us into a hug and we made our way back to the portkey.

Once we walked into the burrow I was met with a slightly crying George and worried Fred and Ginny and molly. I pulled George into a hug. "I thought you died," said George's voice shaking. "Hey hey I'm ok. I was right next to harry and there weren't any death eaters when I got there." You say trying to keep him calm.


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