Are you guys just friends

Chapter 3:first time

A/n: this chapter contains underage drinking and a smut.)

"I think we should give George and y/n some time to talk. George, y/n go to the greenhouse and talk" said molly rushing the rest of the kids on the house.

"Ok," said George releasing you from the hug and grab you by the arm so gently it was like you were glass the would break at the slightest touch.

-George's pov-
In the greenhouse.

I started hugging her again.

" How could you do that we were scared!" I yelled

"I- look George I couldn't just leave them behind. You guys are the closest I have to a real family!" She yelled. God, she is so hot when she's mad. Wait I need to stop she's just a friend. A really hot friend. Ok I need to stop.

-You're pov-

"Im like the disappointment of my family. Like my mom and dad and brother are perfect. They don't have to deal with-" you were cut off by George telling you not to cry. "Hey, hey look I'm sorry for yelling at you I just. It's just if you left this world I would be heartbroken we have been best friends since first year. I don't know what I could do without you" he says. You could tell he wa about to cry.

"Hey look today has probably been the worst day of our lives. So I have a plan. Why don't we get everyone together and we set up a tent in front of the greenhouse and play games drink some fire whisky and butter beers?" You ask him.

"Ok sounds good l will make the tent and grab some fire whisky and butter beers. And you go tell the others" he says looking much happier.

"Ok dears I'm going off to bed," says Molly after cleaning up the kitchen. "Don't stay up too late kids" Arthur says following molly up the stairs.

"We won't" you all say in unison. once you guys heard there door closed and the bed creak. You guys all ran up to Ginny's room to get ready well all of the girls ran to her room.

20 minutes later

"Hey do you guys want to go on a run with me tomorrow morning." You whispered as you walked down to the tent. "Yes I would." Ginny said as we entered the tent. "Ok I'll meet you at 8 ok" Ginny nodded in agreement just as the boys walked in.
"God what took you guys so long." You say as you grabbed a shot glass out of George's hand accidentally brushed your fingertips agents he hand. Not realizing it was a big deal. Suddenly George drops one of the shot glass. "Omg are you ok." You asked talking the rest of the shot glass out of he's hand and placing it them on the ground next to Ginny.

"Dang those are the only shot glass we had" fred says with a smirk on his face.

We all laughed. "Looks like someone is going to drink butterbeer." You said after taking a shot of fire whiskey.

Sooner every one was drunk on fire whiskey well except for George who was drinking his 3rd butterbeer.

"Ok ok every one. We need to let George get at least one shot." You slured taking the bottle of fire whiskey from Ginny and pouring some into your shot glass and sat in his lap. Then gave it to him. "Thank you" he says.

"Ok me and Ginny are going off to bed." Hermione yelled over the chatter. "Ok"You said before the hiccups came and poured another shot to drink. " Ok I think you had enough to drink." George said as he took the shot glass out of your hand. "I'm going to take y/n to bed." He said picking you up bridal style and Fred wolf whistled. "Not like that Fred." Then he left the tent and went to the house.

"George I think I'm going to throw up." You slured in between hiccups. "Ok I'm going to bring you to the bathroom." He said speed walking to the bathroom.

After 20 minutes of waiting in the bathroom he took you back to the room and helped you find some pj.

"Ok y/n I'm going to go to my room." He said walking out of the door. "No don't leave" you say grabbing his wrist. "Y/n its late and I'm kind of -" you cut him of by grabbing his face and kissed him. He kissed back.

You pulled away and laughed, then walked to the door and closed it all the way and locked it.

Then you walked over to George and pushed him on to the bed. Then you got on top of him and started to straddle him and kissed him again. You both broke away at the same time he started to take your shirt off and you took off his shirt. Then you stood up and took off you skirt leaving you in your bra and underwear. He stood up and took off his pants. He just looked at you. He looked so happy then he stared kissing your neck.

"If you leave any hickeys I will kill you." You says then you pushed him back on the bed again. He landed on his butt, then he wrapps his arms around your waist then pulled you on his lap and then flipped you so that he was on top of you. "Hey, are you sure you want to do this." He asks worried in his eyes. Oh god his eyes. You nodded. He took his hands and took off his underwear and then he took of yours. He placed a condom on. and he slowly entered you. You started moning half in pain and pleasure. You wrapped your arms around George's neck and you started running you fingers through his hair as he went in and out of you. You started moning

"Not so loud y/n" he said trying not to yell. You cover your mouths to muffle the mones. "Y/n. I think I'm about to cum talk to me." He says " George this feels so good. You said in between mones. "fuck. Your so hot" he says as your legs stiffened and you let go seconds after he did.

He pulled out of you and took off the condom and got off of you. He looked over to you as you were still panting. You didn't say anything in stead you moved onto your side to look at him. And you started to cuddle him. You placed you head on his chest and he put his hands on your back. And fell asleep.

The next morning

You woke up and changed into your running clothes which was just black leggings and a sports bra. And a grey jacket. And black running shoes.

After you got dressed and put your hair in a ponytail. You were ready to go and it was already 7:50. You unlocked the door. You started to walk out of the room but then you turned around to look back at George. You slowly walked over to his side and kissed him on his cheek and then ran out of the door slowly closing it. You turned around to see Ginny walking down the stairs.

"Come on Ginny let's go," you say as you grabbed her hand and started to walk downstairs to the kitchen.
"What are you two going," molly said in a surprised tone to see us awake this early. "Ginny and I are going on a run," you say
while putting ice and water into 2 water bottle. "Oh ok dear be careful you two." She said as we were walking out. "We will," we said At the same time then we laugh and closed the door.


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