Are you guys just friends

chapter 4. why didn't you tell me

"Hey Y/n I honestly don't feel like running do you just want to walk" Ginny asked. "Yes thank you "you say.

"Wait gin look the tent is still up. Let's go see of anyone in there" You and Ginny walked in to the tent. Only to see harry and ron fast asleep. "Gin let's wake them up. But when we do we have to run." You whisper.

Then you and Ginny unscrewed your water bottle lids and poured your ice cold water on them. Then you and Ginny ran out of the tent and up the hill.

Once you two got to the hill you notice that the boys were just getting out of the tent. You pretend to be dancing for Ginny just as the boys come up to you guys.

"Hey guys" ginny said as they got closer to us. "Hey why are you guys wet" you asked trying to not sound out of breath. "Some one splash water on us" harry says.

"Wait why are your water bottles half empty" Harry asked picking up the water. The next thing you know you were running with Genny into the burrow. You two were soaking wet because ron and harry.

You, Ginny,Ron,and Harry all ran into the burrow laughing so hard you were on the verge of peeing.

"I mean you have to admit me and Genny got you guys good." I say as we walked into the living room. "Oh dear what happened you 4 are soaking wet." Molly said as she was coming out of the kitchen with the twins following closed behind her.

"A prank" You guys all say in unison. "Ok ok you 4 go upstairs and get change into something dry." Molly said. You all ran up stairs.

Once you closed the door to my room you realized that the bed was made. Aw how nice of George. You took off your jacket and sports bra befor the door opened.

You immediately covered your bear chest with the jacket and turned around. It was George he closed the door. "George I'm changing." You whispered "Its not like I haven't seen you before" he says laughing. "True" You say walking to the dresser.

-Georges POV-

I woke up to see y/n running out of the room. I quickly got up and dressed and made the bed. As I walked out of the room I heard someone clearing their throat. I turned around to see my twin brother with a smirk on his face. He just started laughing and pulled me into our room by my shirt.

"Did you sleep with y/n last night" he said once he closed the door to our room. "Yes" I said. "While she was drunk out of her mind " he said trying his hardest not to yell. "She gave me consent." I say sitting down on my bed.

"You know she's is a virgin well was a virgin. You took her virginity last night while she was drunk out of her mind." Fred said. "Oh god she didn't say anything about being a virgin I thought she already lost it." I say looking down. "If I knew she was a virgin I would have done something more special."

"Boys, Hermione, breakfast is really. "Whatever I'll just talk to her when she gets back."I say as we left our room.

-y/n POV-

"So why didn't you tell me?" He asked. "Tell you what" i said. "Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin. If you would have told me I would have done something special."

"I don't know I just didn't want to ruin the mood." I said while I put on my new bra and a yellow blouse on. "Will..... did..... you, you know like it" he said his voice trailing off.

"Well yeah it felt good but I wasn't sure what to do" you say putting on a black leather skirt on. "Well that's normal for people's first time." He said kind of laughing. You just give him the I'm jealous look because you know he has been with other girls. He went over to were you were and grabbed you by the hips and started kissing you. You pulled away wrapped your arms around his neck and then you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his torso. He caught you then started kissing you again. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Y/n come on breakfast is ready" Ginny said and George put me down. "Ok gin I'll be down in a minute." You said looking into George eyes. "Georgie your eyes are so pretty." You said then walked out of the room.

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