Are you guys just friends

chapter 5. crush

6 days before leaving to Hogwarts

You woke up to a loud bang. You opened your eyes to see Fred and George standing in the corner of your room.

"What the hell. You two are creepy." You say throwing a pillow at both of them. They looked at each other and started laughing. "Ok what's going on why are you guys in my room." You say throwing another pillow are them. "Oh nothing breakfast is ready." Fred says throwing a pillow back at you. You throw it back at him again. "You have something on your face." George said laughing.

You quickly jumped out of bed and ran over to the mirror. You saw that they had drawn a mustache and a cat noise and whiskers on your face with your eyeliner. You sucked in a deep breath and turned to them. "Fred and George Weasley I am going to kill you" You say as they started running out of your room.You chased after them.

It didn't take you that long to catch up to them. When you did they were near the stairs. You slapped them on the back of the head. And then you ran back to your room and whipped of the eyeliner. Then you ran back down to eat breakfast.

Later after breakfast

You heard someone walking in and then closing the door. Your were opening your luggage and putting your all the books you need for the year in them. You dropped one of the smaller books on the ground. "Shit" you say as you put the rest of your books your luggage.

Then you felt some one grabs your hips and turn you around. "George Weasley what are you doing, I have to pack." You say as you lean in for a kiss. "So why didn't you do it last night." He said as he began to place his hands on you butt and kissed you.

"Because you were distracting with you silly prank plans." You say taking his hands off your ass and went to the dresser to fold your clothes. "Can I help you with anything." He asked sitting on your bed. "Um you can go get me water and go to Hermione and ask her for the book. She'll know what I'm talking about." You say as you started picking up a red bra and underwear set and putting it at the bottom of you luggage.

"I mean with packing but ok." He says as he walked out of the room with a smirk. You laughed and continue to pack. By the time he was back you were walking out the door to ask molly to shrink you cauldron.

Turns out ron and harry were already there. "Let me guess dear you need me to shrink your cauldron." She laughed then she shrink it. "Thank you."you say. "Oh Arthur is going to make some leftovers from last nights dinner for lunch because me and the twins have to go to diagon alley to find them some dresses robes." She said just as you were about to leave. "Oh ok I'll go tell Ginny and Hermione." You say walking out of the room.

You walked into your room to see a shirtless George in your room. "George what are you doing you are suppose to leave to go to diagon alley with your mom" You say closing the door and picked up his shirt to handing it to him.

"Really. Well I got your water and the book." He says putting on his shirt. "Ok thank you" you say as you warped your arms around his neck and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around your torso. You both pulled away at the same time and then looked into each other's eyes.

Then you heard music coming from upstairs in Ginny's room. You two started swaying back and forth. You guys stayed like that until thr end of the song. Someone started clapping. You turned your head to see Fred clapping. "Ok you 2 love birds i need to take George from you y/n." "Ok have fun you guys" You say as they walked out."

At lunch.

"I wonder why the boys need dressed robes." You say to Ginny and Hermione as you guys sat down. "Yah same" said Ginny says as mr. Weasley set a pile of sandwiches from last nights dinner on the table.

You guys all eat and then you Ginny and Hermione went out side and laided down to listen to the wind sway across the grass and watch the clouds.

"I have something to tell you guys" you say looking at where they were. You sat up to look a them. "Ok, tell us" Hermione said looking up from her book. "I slept with George." You say in a calm voice.

They just looked at you and then started laughing. "Hahaha Gin you owe me 5 gallons. I knew you and George would get together." Said Hermione. "But the thing is me and George aren't dating tho. But it seems like we are. I don't know" you say. "Boys" you guys all sighed at the same time then we layed down.

"Hermione are you and ron dating" Ginny asked propping herself up on her elbows. "No" Hermione said starting to blushing. "Your blushing" you say propping yourself up on your elbows and turning your head to look at her.

"Ok yeah I might like him" she said looking over to us. We all started to laugh. "Ok Ginny now we just need to play mach maker for you and harry." You said looking at Ron and harry as they approach you guys.

"We go fire whiskey."Ron said shaking a half empty bottle. "I'm not drinking" you say laying back down to look back at the sky. "Ok more for us." Ron and Hermione said at the same time. Me and Ginny looked at each and started laughing. Ron and harry gave me and Ginny a confused look. Which made us laugh even harder.

Then the twins came running toward us. They were obviously confused why you and Ginny were on the ground laughing. "Did we miss something also Ron stop taking our supply." Fred said. "No you didn't miss anything." Ginny said as you and Ginny sat up still giggling. "It seems like we did." Said George looking at me with a smirk.

Ginny hits my arm and we starts laughing again. "Are you guys drunk or something." Fred ask. "No they haven't even taken a sip." Ron said taking a sip of fire whiskey. Hermione took the bottle from Ron and took a sip.
Everyone was kind of drunk except for you.

"Um guys molly is coming over here." Once you said that every one stood up and made them self's look like the were sober. "You guys have been out her for hours. Dinner is ready." She says. Then turned back around and went back into the house. We all followed her in side.

After dinner you leaded Ginny and Hermione up to there room they were buzzed. "Ok guys change in to you pj. Then we can do face masks. I'm going down to my room to get my pj's and get the face masks." You said as handing them matching pj pants and black shirts. Then walked out of the room. You went to your room and got your pjs and face masks. Than you ran up to Ginny's room. Once you got there you changed into your pjs that were matching Ginny's and Hermione's.

"Ok guys what are we going to do." Hermione said as we put on our face masks. "I don't know. Maybe we can talk about how y/n lost her virginity to my brother." Ginny said and she stared laughing. "So how was it, when did it happen, did it hurt." Ginny asked.

"Ok Gin are you planning on losing yours this year." You say laughing. "No I just wanted to know how it feels." She says nervously blushing. "Ok well ... it was good. It hurt but I mean I didn't tell him I was a virgin."

"Wait why." Ginny and Hermione said at the same time a a little to loud. "Shhhhhhh." You say. "Ok I didn't want to ruin the mood. Now what was the last question." You say blushing remembering what happened that night. "When did it happen?" Ginny asked. "Um remember that night right after the quidditch world cup when we all got drunk and you you and Ginny went up to bed early we did it that night." You ssy getting up. "Come on we need to wipe off our masks off" They didn't look surprised.

You guys washed off the mask and then we went down to the kitchen to get snacks. When heard the boys talking the.

"I wonder what the girls are doing." Ron said. "Why is that. Is it because you have a crush on-." Before Fred could finish Hermione sneezed. You all ran into your room and closed the door as quietly as possible. You turned on the lights and sat on your bed were Hermione and Ginny were sitting.

Just as you sat down you heard the boys talking while they were going up the stairs. "Wow that was a close one" you say and started laughing they joined in. Then the door opened and all of the boys came in the room. "What are you guys doing in here." You said in between laughs. "Did you guys hear anything by any chance." Ron said looking down. You look at Ginny and Hermione. And then looked back at the boys with a confused face. "No why, were we supposed to hear something" You said in a confused tone. "Um no" they said at the same time. Then closed the door.

"Come on let's go raid the kitchen" You say after a few minutes. You grabbed there arms and got off the bed. You all ran down the stairs to find the boys already there. "Boys." Hermione said in her sing song voice. They all turned around they looked terrified.

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