Are you guys just friends

chapter 6. Train Ride

They all turned around they looked terrified. You guys we ran to the freezer and grabbed ice cream you grabbed mint chocolate chip. Ginny grabbed chocolate for herself then grabbed strawberry for Hermione.

While Hermione ran right past Ron and grabbed the spoons. "Omg Ron are you looking at Hermione's ass." You say. Ron stared to blushed. "Nice one y/n" Ginny says and did our hand shake. You grabbed Hermione because she was frozen in place and started walking up the stairs we heard "Omg George are you looking at Y/n's ass" Ron said in a mocking tone.

You turned around to look at Ron and stuck your tongue out at him then ran up the stairs laughing. You went to your room which was Bill's old room and turned off the lights then ran up to Ginny's room.

The whole night was spent spying on the boys and the boys spying on you guys. Some how all of you just ended up in the living room curled under to blankets on the floor watching this sun rise and talking.

5 days later.

You woke up to see Ginny and Hermione sleeping next to you in your bed. You woke them up and told them to get dressed. They both ran out of your room and went to go get dressed.

After you got dressed you heard a knock on the door you opened it and George immediately walked in and closed the door and locked it.

"Why have you been avoiding me." George said as he pinning you to the wall. "I'm not avoiding you I just want to spend time with my friends before Ron and harry take Hermione away for the year." You say trying to get out of his grip so that you could wrap your arms around His neck.

"I don't like being ignored y/n" he said as he stared kissing your neck. "I'm not ignoring you." You say lightly moaning.

"Well it seems like you are." He let's go of you. "Anyways I'm here to get your luggage." He says walking over to it. "I can carry it." You say running over to it. And closing it and locking it.

"What are you hiding." He said grabbing your wrist. You started to kiss him. "No,no answer the question." He says pulling away. "Nothing I'm not hiding anything I just want to be more independent." You say.

He let's go of your wrist and ran his fingers through your hair. "Ok every one we need to go!"molly yelled from downstairs. You gave George a kiss and then grabbed your luggage."Oh yes this is heavy." You say putting down the luggage.

"I told you I'll get your luggage and you go get Lucie. ( Lucie is your cat btw). You walked to the door unlocked it and then walked down stairs. George following behind you.

At platform 9 3/4

"Ok George,Fred and y/n you guys go first. Then Harry and Hermione. Then Ron and Ginny." Mrs.Weasley said as we started to walk to platform 10 and 9. You Fred and George started walking towards the wall. You closed your eyes and moved forward. When you opened them the Hogwarts Express was right there.

Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell all came running toward you guys.

After saying "Hi" you all got on the train. Angelina, Alicia and Katie all went in to the compartment next to the compartment you,Fred,George and Lee were goilng in to.

After a few moments of laughing and joking around Fred and Lee decided to go look for the trolley and you handed them 2 gallons and told them to get you some chocolate frogs and whatever they wanted.

You got a book out and took Lucie out of her cage and then laid your head on George's lap and placed Lucie on your chest and started reading while George stated talking about all the pranks he is going to do this year.

Lee and fred came back they didn't question you and George they just started talking about random stuff. You weren't listening because you were to focused on your book.

"Are you just going to read the whole entire train ride." Fred said trying to take the book out of your hand. "Oh calm down I only have 2 more pages. Then I'll be done." You say taking Lucie off of your chest and sitting up. Then the door slide opened it was Cedric. "Umm hi. Can I talk to y/n really quickly." He said he looked really nervous. "Um ok" you say getting up and handing Lucie to George.

You walked out of the compartment and closed the door once you got into the hallway. "Ok y/n I have something to tell you. I like Cho and I don't know what to do and if she likes me back." He said talking really fast.

"Wow Ced I have never seen you this nervous." You said turning your head to look back at the boys in the compartment. Fred and Lee were laughing and George was looking like he was giving me the death stare. You turned your head back to look at Cedric.

"Ok whatever can you just help me. I know you 2 are pretty close friends." He said scratching his head. "Are you asking me to be your wing man." You say laughing. "Yes so can you help me." He blurted. "Um yeah I can." You say laughing.

"Thank you so much. But make sure you don't tell anyone one. You know how fast rumors spread around hear." He says as he pulls you in to a small hug. "Don't worry I don't kiss and tell." You say kind of laughing.

"Ok I have to go now but we can meet up tomorrow some were to discuss my plan" he says. You just nodd in agreement and then he walked away. You just started to laugh and then you walked back in to the compartment.

"So what did Diggory want."George said in a sarcastic tone. "Oh he just wanted me to cover night duty for him." You said taking Lucie out of George's hands and sitting back down next to George.

"So than why did he hug you."George says trying not to look mad. "Because we are friends." You said whale looking for Lucie's treat. After a few moments of silence you finally said something. "Ok will I'm going to go change in my uniform." You say putting Lucie in to her cage and walking out.

You left your tie. You got on your skirt on and you button up your shirt and walked back to the compartment just as you were about to walk in you heard the boys talking. "Damn man I think diggory is making a move on y/n." Lee said "So I couldn't care less." George says. Damn that hurt. "Then why were you so mad when he hugged her." Fred said. Before George could answer you walked in and went to your bag to grab your tie.

You sat down and tied your tie. "So what are you guys talking about." You say adjusting your tie trying to act clueless. "Nothing." They say at the same time. "Well you guys should change the bathrooms are starting to get full. I heard that the slytherin's are going to ran terror if they have to wait in line." Once you said that all of the boys quickly grabbed there stuff and ran out.

You got up and decided to go look for the golden trio or Ginny. While you were looking for them you ran in to Cho. " Hey Cho. How was your summer." You say. "Oh it was good. How was your summer." She said. "It was good. You look like your in deep thought. I should go." You say looking around. "Oh ok. Thank you bye." She said and the stated walking away.

"Uhh finally. It took me so long to find you to them." You say. You could tell that Ron and Hermione were in the middle of a fight. "Oh hi y/n" harry said looking relieved.

"Wow I am sensing major tension. I'm just going to go." You said as you stared walking our. "No don't leave." Harry said almost shouting. You sat down next to Hermione.

"Ok what is wrong." You say and immediately Hermione and Ron stared yelling at each other. "Ok ok. I think you two need to separate from each other." You yelled over them and grabbed Hermione's arm and we walked out.

You walked with Hermione back to your compartment as she stared explaining what happened. "Ron is saying all I do is read and act like a know it all." She said as we entered. The boys are still not back.

"Your not a know it all you are just smart. Also did he just forget what happened this summer like that was so fun." You say. "Uhhhh I can't stand him some times." Hermione scoffed. "I can't either." You said. And then Fred,George, and Lee walked in. "Can stand who." Fred said sitting down across from me and Hermione. "No one." Hermione said. "I should go back." Hermione said getting up.

"Hermione I think I should go back with you to your compartment. Just in case you know." You said as you grabing your stuff.

At Hagwarts.

The train ride went pretty well Hermione and Ron stopped talking to each other the rest of the train ride. When you arrived to the school all of the memories came back to to you. You put your luggage with every one else and then we went to the carriages and started making its way to the school.

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