Are you guys just friends

chapter 7 Triwizard Tournament

Once we got off the carriages we all passed the first years as professor McGonagall took them to a different way.

We made our way to the gryffindor table and sat down. You sat with Hermione on your right and Ron and harry on the left side of you and then Fred, George and Lee across from you. Then Fred and George made a bet on how many gryffindors there are going to be this year. Fred guest 30 George guest 20. You guest 28.

After the sorting. "Ok fred and George pay up." You say reaching your hand across the table. "How did you know." Fred said placing money into your hand. "Idk." You say just as Dumbledore got up to do his famous speech. Only this time it was different.

"This year we will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament. There will be two other wizardry schools will be joining us. This will be a good opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. So now let me introduce to you the ladies of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic." He said Just then beautiful girls iCn blue dress walked into the great hall. All of the boys includeding George and some girls started to swoon over them.

But you couldn't blame them them they are pretty. "Ok ok settle down." Dumbledore said. Every one quickly settled down and all of the girls in blue sat down at the ravenclaw table. "Now that everyone one is settle let me now introduce to you the boys from Durmstrang Institute." He said. Then boys that were carrying torches walked in. One of them cott your eye you knew him. 2

He looked at you he had the same face expiration as you. "Y/n who are you starting at." Fred said in a sing song voice. That caused you to break eye contact with the boy. "No one." You say looking down at your enmity plate. All the boys sat down at the slytherin table.

"Ok everyone before we start eating the ministry would like to say something." Dumbledore said walking to the side for someone to take his place. "In the past people have died no one under the age of 17 can't compete in the tournament." He said then commotion immediately started."That's rubbish" the twins yelled. "SILENCE let him continue." Dumbledore yelled holding his wand to his throat making him sound louder. The ministry person cleared his throat and started talking again.

"As I was saying you will have a week to put your name in the goblet starting tomorrow. 1 person from each school will be chosen to be in the competition through the help of the goblet. Your schedules will look different and that is because the teachers will be helping with the tournament." The guy said and then walked away. "Ok so now that we have that all covered let the fest begin." Then he waved his wand and food began to appear.

Just as you were talking you first few bites of food you felt someone looking at you. "Hey y/n it seems like you're already attracting the other school schools." Lee says pointing his finger at the slytherin table and at a group of boys. You ,Hermione ,Ron ,Harry, Fred and George look at him. They immediately turned to Viktor krum who was talking to draco. Then we all turned back to our food.

"Y/n why are they staring at you." George said in his annoyed voice. "I don't know." You say taking a sip of pumpkin juice. They all looked at you. "What." You say everyone burst into laughter. Which caused some of the surrounding tables to look at you guys then turned back to there conversations.

After dinner

You and the twins and Hermione, Ron and Harry walked behind all of the first years. Then you felt someone grab your wrist which caused you to stop walking. You turned around to see the same boy that made eye contact with you. "Jack?" You said let go of his grip. "Y/n nice to see you again." He said pulling you into a hug. It was your older by 1 minute brother. "Omg you look so different." You say grabbing his cheeks to squeeze them.

"Oh your acting like you haven't seen me all summer." He says. "I haven't you been with your girlfriend. Also every time I came back for dance you were fast asleep." You say rolling your eyes.

"Ok well you should go get some sleep." You say. You two hugged each other and walked off in different directions.

The minute you walked in you heard all of the first years wows as they looked around the room. You giggled to your self remembering the first time you saw the common room.

You went up to the girls dormitory's to check the list to see who your roommate is and where your room is. Your roommate is Hermione and your in room 20.

That's weird why my roommate isn't in my year. You thought as you walked into the room. Hermione was already unpacking on the left side of the room.

"Hey mione what are you doing here." You say grabbing your luggage and setting it on your bed. "Oh they ran out of rooms for my year because we have a lot more first year girls this year." Hermione said closing her luggage and putting it in her closet. "Oh will I'm happy that I get a roommate that I know." you say taking your clothes out and placing your neatly folded clothes in to the dresser next to Hermione's.

After 20 minutes of unpacking you and Hermione decided to go to the common room to get your schedules from McGonagall. You compared it to fred and George and Lee's. "I have professor Moody's class after breakfast. and then I have an art class Then I have McGonagall. Then an 1 hour study period in the great hall the a free period before lunch.

Then I have potions with snape and that's it but that is just on mondays Wednesday and Friday." Fred,George and Lee all have the same. Then after a few more minutes of comparing schedules a prefix came in and told us lights in 10 minutes. Every one in the common room stood up and went there dooms.

As we all went up the stairs I heard a knock on the common room door. Every one just kept walking up to there rooms.

You opened the door. "Jack. What are you doing here." You say letting him in the common room. "I putting my name in the goblet." He says. "Dude how we are twins and we are only 16." You say laughing."I know and I'll figure out a way." He says checking his wrist.

"Oh come on that's not fair why did dad let you get the family watch." You say rolling your eyes. "It's because I'm the first born boy of the family." He says looking down at you. "That his kind of sexist." You say and then you stick out your tong. "Ok will my professor only gave me 10 minutes to talk to you I got to go." He says hugging you and then softly punching you're arm. You did the same thing and then he turned a left.

Then you walked up stairs and got to your room and changed into your pjs and then sat on your bed under the covers. You and Hermione just talked about random stuff until you fell asleep.

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