Are you guys just friends

Chapter 8 professor moody's class

The next morning

You woke up thanks to Hermione's alarm. Uhh that girl is so helpful but you just can't stand her alarm it is annoying and its only the first day. "Y/n come on get up." Hermione said literal dragging you out of bed. "Ok I'm up." You say as you hit the floor damn.

You got up from the floor and got dressed in you black leather skirt. And your white button up shirt and put on your tie and tucked the shirt in.Then you put on your Dr.Martens on which made you look a little taller. Then you put your long hair in a half up half down look. "Hermione don't you think I should trim my hair." You say turning to her while finishing your hair.

"Umm no you should dye your hair." Hermione said handing you your books. "I'm starving." you say as you grabbed a backpack and walked out of you dorm.

You two walked out of your common room and made your way to the great hall. Then you got stopped by a boy just as you and Hermione walked out of the main door. "Hey y/n do you need help with your books." A boy that you have never seen before asked.

"Umm no I got it's only 4 book. But thank you for asking." You say and when back to your conversation with Hermione and walking down the stairs. Then at the bottom of the stairs another boy came up to you."Hey y/n how is your day so far." The boy said. "It good I guess." You say putting your last book in your bag. And started walking again.

As you and Hermione were about to turn in to the hallway of the great hall two boys approached you. "Hey y/n we were wondering if you would go out with one of us." One of the boys said. At this point you were irritated and you could tell Hermione was too. "Give me 3 good reasons why I should go out with you. You have 5 seconds." You say in a nice voice holding up 5 fingers. They just stayed quiet and walked away.

Once you sat down at the Gryffindor table you rested your chin in you hand and just thought back about what just happened. "Hey, what wrong with y/n." Fred said as him and George sat down across from me and Hermione. "4 guys just tried asking y/n on a date." Hermione giggled. "Hermione I don't want to talk about it." You say rolling your eyes. "All I wanted to do was to eat breakfast." You say licking cream cheese off of your finger. George just gave you the that was hot look. You blushed.

"Hey Hermione do you have a study period before lunch." You say turning to look a Hermione. "Yes a few people do. But I heard it's being run by snape." Hermione said but before you could answer Cedric grabbed your arm. And the next thing you knew you were running out of the great hall with him.

And then you guys turned in to an empty hallway. "What the hell Cedric. You can't just do that." You say. "I know but I just need someone to rant to. I what to put my name in the goblet to impress cho but I don't think it will work." He said and he stared pacing back and forth. You sat down. " ced look just if you want to put your name in the goblet you can." You say and then you stared laughing.

"I know but I'm freaking out." He says. You stood you and walked in front of him and slapped him. "Ced you need to calm down we are going to walk into the great hall and you can decide if you what to put your name.

So now if you will excuse me I'm going to go back and eat my breakfast. You say and then you pat him on the shoulder and walked away. Once you walked into the great hall the table with all your friends was looking at you.

"Y/n what was that all about." Hermione whispered to you." I'll tell you later." You say just as Cedric walked in his right side of his face where you slapped him was kind of red. Damn.

After breakfast

After breakfast you walked with the twins and Lee to DADA with professor moody. "I have a bad feeling about him" you say to George. You and George sat in down next to each other in the back and Fred and Lee sat down I'm front of us. Then professor moody walked in. You tense up. Then George put his hand on your thigh. That made you calm down a little bit.

"Who can tell me the 3 unforgivable curses." He says than he unscrews a lid which contained a weird looking spider. Then he called on a random ravenclaw boy . "The Imperius curse." He says. "And what does it do." Professor moody says pointing to George. "It allows you to control anyone." He says squeezing my thigh a little bit. Then professor did the cures. I was all shits and giggles until he suggested to throw the spider out of the window or drown it. Every one got quite.

"Who can tell me the next curse." He say. You raise your hand because you remember Arthur wesley talking about it. "The Cruciatus curse." You say. Then he did the cures on the spider.

You looked down at George's hand to distract you until someone finally yelled for him to stop. "Who can tell me the last curse." He says. "No one. The last curse is the killing curses." He said you new what was about to happen you grabbed on to George's arm. Then professor moody said it. "Avada Kedavra." The spider died.

Finally class ended. You immediately put your books in your bag. And walked out of the room. Then walked to your art class. Fred and George didn't follow you because they had Quidditch well since quidditch was called they went to the felled.

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