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STATUS: ONGOING AND ALSO UNDER EDITING "Yeah, that one? That's Marnie McGonagall. Professor McGonagall's great-niece, her parents were killed when she was six. She's a Slytherin. The only Slytherin a long line of Gryffindors. Quidditch captain too. She's scary, watch out for her, though she excels at Potions so that's a plus." "Right, and her?" "Pippa Malfoy. Also, Slytherin, though no one knows why. She's Draco's sister but she was adopted. No one knows what happened to her birth parents. Nothing like the Malfoy's. A real sweetheart, she loves people." "And Ella Quincy, Gryffindor. She's incredibly driven, writes for the Hogwarts paper. She wants to write for the Daily Prophet someday. Get this though, I heard her mum is in the Dark Arts." "Really?" "Could be. No one really knows. People call them the Twisted Witches Trio." ~ the adventures of three Hogwarts witches *I do not own the characters of Harry Potter, only the characters I created for the purpose of the story* *Possible Content/TW warning: mentions of death, periodic violence, and some mature content (including smut). If and when it is mentioned I will put a warning at the start of the chapter* * = NSFW, 18+ only Cover made with Cavana and Unsplash

Adventure / Fantasy
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A Note from Cece!

Hello!! Im cece i am the author of this novel type story LOL. i wanted to make a quick but super important disclaimer and an announcement that i love harry potter and the characters from the world of harry potter.

HOWEVER, i do not support JKR or any of the cast members who have supported her (t*m felton) or made horribly anti-Semitic tweets (sean Biggerstaff) . i absolutely do not condone transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, racism, ant-semetism, xenophobia, ableism, [internalized] misogyny, misogynoir, or any kind of discrimination. any such behavior, comments, or hate will not be tolerated on my profile or in my works.

i myself am a bisexual, Jewish, Neurodivergent woman, and inclusion, positive representation, and creating a safe and inclusive space for my writing are so important to me. my page and novels is a safe space. mental health is something very important to me and will always be advocated for with me. i will always, always stand up for human rights and inclusivity and any bigotry or hate will be immediately reported and blocked.

my direct messages are always open for anyone who wishes to have a conversation, give feedback or suggestions on my writing if something doesn’t look or feel right. it is so important to me to write positive and inclusive and accurate content.

a reminder:

trans women are women

trans men and men

non-binary individuals are valid

support the lgbtq+ community

support the jewish community

black lives matter

asian lives matter

muslim lives matter

indigenous lives matter

this is not a page for debate or “devil’s advocate.” the voices of marginalized communities deserve to be heard and uplifted without being spoken over, disrespected, or ignored. it will not be tolerated.

once again, this page is a safe space and i do not support or condone jkr or any of her bullshit. i have loved harry potter since i was little and have had the pleasure of rediscovering it as someone who is learning and recognizing all the issues it was written with.

it is my goal to write the way i would’ve written the story of harry potter if i had been the one creating it; not riddled with harmful stereotypes, racism, misogyny, anti-semetism, what have you.

with my writing i want to inspire and expand creativity and with this comes writing in ways that are uplifting and positively inclusive.

happy reading!!

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