the arranged marriage


"i think i'm falling in love with you" ---------------- a draco malfoy fan fiction. ---------------- after the war, all seventh years are forced into marrying their supposed soulmate whom they have to marry and be expecting in two years. fallon zabini, the family reject in hufflepuff is forced into marrying her brothers bestfriend, draco malfoy, former deatheater and the slytherin prince. ---------------------- THIS IS SMUT!! mentions of rape, assault, sh, ed and violence.

Erotica / Romance
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hey guys!! so this is my second story and i will be starting it very soon!! i want to prepare chapters in advance incase i get busy so i still have content. it would mean the world to me if you followed me and read my other book "Draco's whore'. it was my first ever book and i really hope you enjoy it if you read it. anyways i will see you when i update this story!!
in this story there is themes such as rape, assault and violence if you do not want to read about this or are sensitive to the subject please do not read my story!!!
there is also smut!!
so this story is for 16+ only!!
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