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Chapter 9:

I was running late to Snapes class. Not that I cared I mean I don't have to follow up with what Malfoy tells me to do. But, I still hate being late.

I ran in the room at 1:35.

"You're late" Malfoy said, first thing.

"Five minutes Malfoy."

"If you weren't too busy sucking Weasleys face off you would have been on time"

"Fred-? Come on. Seriously?" I asked "there's nothing like that between Fred and I"

"Oh yeah? So what was that kiss in the Great Hall?"

"I- how is that any of your business" I said

"Just a question Winter. The only reason you'd be defending that is if there's something going on between you two." Malfoy said.

I angrily huffed and sat down. Malfoy could be such a jerk. Like it doesn't cost money to be nice. Such a prick.


We sat in complete silence until Snape came in at exactly 1:59. Snape worthy move I suppose.

"For your community service today you two will be handing out cookies at a children's birthday. In the muggle world. No magic whatsoever. This portkey will take you to where you need to be" Snape said and Malfoy and I glanced at each other.

We got up and I was hesitant to touch the portkey. Malfoy and I both had to touch the portkey at the same time. Which means we would have to contact eachother.


I glared at Malfoy. This was his fault. Stupid, stupid ferret.

Malfoy was being to hesitant as well so I just ended up grabbing his hand then onto the portkey. Then there we were, in the muggle world.

We hit the ground with a thud. I landed on my bottom but Malfoy landed in his feet. I'm sure it was just luck.

"Ow-" I muttered and Malfoy looked at me.

"You should see yourself right now" he said and laughed.

I quickly got up and looked around. I saw where the party would be at just across the street. I assumed they'd know who we were assuming Snape told them about our community service.

Some muggles know about Hogwarts right?

Or is this us volunteering.

Either way, it would suck. Because I have to work with Malfoy.

This should be just great.

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