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Chapter 10:

Malfoy and I walked over to the party and walked up to the adults.

"Hi, we're here to help pass out cookies" I said

"Ah, Winter and Malfoy! Snape told us all about you"

Malfoy and I looked at eachother

"He did, did he" Malfoy said

"Yep! I'm Sarah and this is my husband Paul. Our son attends Hogwarts!" Sarah said

Oh. Who's her son?

"I reckon you don't know my son. Our boy is a Hufflepuff!" Paul said happily

"I suppose not..." I said "can we start? I don't mean to sound rude, you two seem like great people I just..don't wanna spend too much time here"

I smiled. Why? Because Sarah looked heartbroken. Malfoy was holding back laughter and Paul look enraged.

Stay honest. Keep yourself humble.

"I- of course dear. Let's begin"

We got our places and we started to hand out cookies as guests arrived. Little kids were coming and going. Making conversation. I remember this one conversation in particular and oh how I hate it.

"You're really pretty!" One of the little girls said

"Thank you" I said

"Am I pretty?" She asked

"Of course you are" I said, why was a little girl asking this question.

"That's good to know...this one boy in my class said I was ugly and that I would never be pretty"

"Does that kid have a name?" I asked

"Yeah..." she said she whispered the name in my ear.

After talking some more the girl ran off and we passed some more cookies out. Then a little boy came up.

"Hey my friend said you have huge boobs" the little kid said

"I- excuse me?"

"I said..'my friend said you have huge boobs"

This kid is like 5.

"That's no way to talk to a lady" Malfoy cut in "but then again...I wouldn't consider Winter here a lady"

Fucking prick.

"That's funny!!! She's not a lady! She's not a lady!" The kid said aloud over and over.

Lots of kids began crowding the area and chanting along with the kid.

Am I about to cry because a bunch of kids are saying I'm not a lady? Yes. Am I gonna react? No.

"Take some cookies and get out of here" I said, my voice cracking.

"Hey guys that's not nice!!" The little girl from earlier chimed in

"Shut it." The boy said and shoved her

"Hey play nice!" I said

"Alright that's enough" Malfoy chimed in

"You started it!" The boy exclaimed

"Never put your hands on a woman" Malfoy said

A very awkward silence swept across all the children

"All right all right" Sarah said, coming up "parties over"

All of the kids muttered and groaned and went into the house for what I was assuming a "pick up" type of thing. I saw all sorts of different parents and kids leaving.

Malfoy and I cleaned up the mess and went to say our goodbyes to Sarah and Paul.

"You two make a really cute couple" Sarah said

Excuse me?

"I- we're not-" Malfoy began

"There's nothing like that" I began

Malfoy and I looked at eachother.

"Ahh puppy love" Sarah said

"Make sure you treat her right" Paul said

Paul and Sarah walked into the house and shut the doors.

Me and Malfoy? Disgusting.
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