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Chapter 11:

Malfoy and I walked across the street again and pulled out the Portkey.

"That was...fun-" I said

"Yeah. I guess" Malfoy replied

We took the Portkey and went back to Hogwarts.


I hit the ground with a hard thud. Scraping my arms and legs up.

"Ow- shit."

"Are you ok?" Malfoy asked

"I- yeah"

"Let me help you up" Malfoy said

He extended his hand out to me and I shoved it away.

"I don't need your help" I said

Look I get that it wasn't needed. And he was just trying to be nice. But, I'm petty. Very, very petty. No shame, but a little shame.

"I was just being polite Winter jeez"

"Oh that's new" I said

"If you don't want my help fine, I'll go then"

"Goodbye" I said in a lovey dovey tone, purposely pissing him off.

"Bitch" he said and started to walk away

Excuse the fuck out of me.

"What did you just say?" I asked

"Let's not repeat the first day of school."

"No- what did you say?" I asked again

"Nothing Winter, drop it"

"God you're so annoying!" I bursted

He turned around suddenly

"I'm annoying? Really" he said angrily walking toward me "oh look at me I'm Victoria Winter and I have oh so many friends and I'm so perfect in all of my classes" he went on "I wear the prettiest of clothes and I have the nicest smile I'm soooo perfect"

"I never said I was perfect" I retorted

"That's just it! You act like you are but your not. You're a sad lonely little girl! I've seen it. The way you shy away from the group you hang out with, the bags under your eyes from not sleeping a full night. I see it all Winter"

Safe to say he wasn't wrong. But I wasn't going to admit that.

"You don't know anything! And you're one to talk" I began "I'm Draco Malfoy and I'm just the coolest person ever. I'm a dick to everyone I encounter because I'm jealous of the chosen one and I treat everyone like their nothing even though the friends I have would be there for me no matter what. I'm just a sad little boy with no one to talk to" I said very angrily

He stared at me fuming. I looked right into his gray-blue eyes. He wasn't fooling me. And even if I hated him I understood him.

"You know what Winter" Malfoy said

"What?" I rolled my eyes

"You're not fooling anyone, we all know you're mother abused you after your father died."

I- what? How did he- how did they-

I looked down at my arms. I have scars, from where my mother would cut me. I always told people that I was scratched by a cat.

My eyes filled with tears at the memories of my last trauma.

"That's not fair to point out" I said not making eye contact with Malfoy

"Oh, we're playing fair?"

"Fuck off" I said shoving past him

I didn't stop going. I went straight forward.

"Winter! I didn't mean it-" I heard him call out but I didn't listen.

I kept going. I walked until I couldn't feel my legs. I walked until it started raining. I walked until I realized I was lost in the forbidden forest.
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