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Chapter 13:

I woke up in a dorm I didn't recognize. I looked around and rubbed my eyes.

"Morning'" I heard a voice say

"Malfoy?" I asked tiredly

"Precisely" he said

I rubbed my eyes some more and took and deep breath then exhaled.

"What happened?" I said looking at my bandages

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me, when I looked up he wasn't wearing a shirt and I quickly looked back down.

"You don't remember?" He asked

"Not much.." I said honestly

He took a moment to fill me in on what happened the night before. And on what happened after we fell asleep.

"The nurse came back about an hour after you'd fallen asleep and said you were free to go, but you were dead asleep so I picked you up and carried you to your dorm. Pansy wouldn't answer the door though, I'm assuming she was asleep. So I brought you here, I slept on that couch over there though"

I looked over to the couch to see folded up blankets. Then I looked back at him.

"Thank you"

"Don't mention it, now shoo." He said

I gave him a dirty and look and went to stand up, but felt nauseous

"Whoa-" Malfoy said "careful"

I took a minute and stood up again. Then walked to his door and turned the knob.

"I'll walk you to the nurse, she wanted me to bring you by to check your bandages." He said

I waited for him to get ready which took what seemed like forever. Once he came out he walked me to the nurse and waited for me to get finished. Then he took me to the library.

Dumbledore entered the library and walked over to Malfoy and I.

"Silly of you to get yourself in this situation Winter" he said

What does he mean get myself into this situation?

"It's not my fault all of this happened, Malfoy is the cause of it all" I said bluntly

"Putting blame on me?" Malfoy said

"Yeah! You had to run your stupid ferret mouth and say something you shouldn't have"

"I apologized!"

"Okay and?"

"You said you forgive me."

"Apology revoked." I said and stood up

"Winter wait! I stayed with you, I didn't have to. I helped you. I made sure you were safe through the night"

"Key phrase 'you didn't have to' I don't need your pity, Malfoy" I said coldly

"You're just like the rest of em'"

"Like the rest of who?!"

"Every other stupid girl at this school! You all think you're so perfect"

"Now students, calm down.." Dumbledore said calmly (see what I did there...)

"No! I won't! He had to go and mention stuff that not many know about, always sticking his stupid nose in others business!"

"Just when I start to think we could be friends you always change it up, you truly are the stereotypical Slytherin"

"As if your any better! Your a de-" I stopped.

"What was that?" Dumbledore asked

"He's a dick. A stupid dickish little boy." I said and stormed off

Malfoy got up to follow after me but I ran.

I ran straight to Fred and George's dorm and slammed myself in.

The boys never had the door locked, not if it was daytime.


"Bloody hell?!" I heard George yell out

"It's just me!" I said

"Mate? What're you doing here?" Fred asked

"Getting away from Malfoy I said"

"Did he do something?" Fred asked, suddenly enraged

I quickly went through the story of what happened the night before and today. Leaving the part of Malfoy being a death eater out.

"I'll kill him" Fred said and started storming to the door

"No! Freddie wait-" I said stopping in front of him and placing my hands on his chest "he's not worth it"

"I hate that every time you two have an encounter something bad always happens, he's no good to be around" Fred said looking me in the eyes

"I know that Freddie...but I have no choice" I said, cupping his face to calm him down "if I didn't have to I wouldn't, you know that"

"I know...I still hate it" he said

"I know you do mate, but everything will be ok. I'll just be around him when I absolutely have to"


"I solemnly swear." I smiled

Fred and I looked into each others eyes, and for the first time...I felt something. I enjoyed being around Fred, he always made me happy.

Fred started to lean down, and I got scared again. But before he could make contact with my lips, and before I could run away, a loud cough was heard from the other side of the dorm.

"I'm just gonna.." George said

"Sorry!" I said "I'm gonna go, I'll see y'all later"

I smiled and left the dorm. I decided I'd go take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Washing away the memory of ever being in Draco Malfoy's arms. Little did I know, I'd be in them again soon enough.
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